Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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District Court Ruling Boosts EPA Efforts To Limit CWA Determinations

A federal district court's dismissal of litigation seeking to force EPA to promulgate water quality criteria for Washington state strengthens EPA's rationale in a proposed rule to limit the types of agency communication that qualify as a formal "determination" that a state's existing water quality rules do not meet Clean Water Act (CWA) standards -- finding the agency's authority to preemptively promulgate criteria is discretionary and rests solely with the administrator.

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Administration Touts Climate Policies At UN Summit, Court To Hear Engine Air Rule Suit

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will join President Obama and other administration officials in New York City for the United Nations' (UN) climate summit this week, where they are likely to tout Obama's various climate policies that include EPA's greenhouse gas (GHG) rules for utilities. Meanwhile, a federal appeals court will hear arguments in a suit over an EPA air rule for combustion engines.

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EPA Weighs Stricter VOC Rules For Drilling

EPA could tighten its volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions standards for the oil and gas drilling sector in an attempt to secure co-benefit reductions of the greenhouse gas methane.

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EPA Urged To Drop Under-Construction Nuclear From ESPS's GHG Targets

Georgia regulators are formally asking EPA to ease the state's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets by exempting electricity generation from the state's under-construction nuclear units from the agency's calculations, a move that would set a precedent for two other states -- Tennessee and South Carolina -- with nuclear units under development.

EPA Withdraws From Farm Dust Lawsuit, Leaving Advocates To Fight Case

EPA is dropping its closely watched appeal of a decision that barred the agency from requiring Clean Water Act (CWA) permits for concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) that produce airborne pollutants like feathers and dander, leaving environmentalist intervenors to fight the case and try and get a ruling on the merits.
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EPA, DOD Seek NAS Input On Using New Toxicity Data To Assess Chemicals

EPA and the Department of Defense (DOD) are seeking the National Academy of Sciences' (NAS) input on the use of new toxicity testing approaches, with the goal of advising EPA on how to best use the data produced from the methods and guiding DOD on how to use EPA's newer toxics screening methods to protect its personnel.

Industry Wins Preferred 4th Circuit Venue For EPA Cooling Water Rule Suit

EPA Rejection Of SRF Funds For Bridge Project Lauded As 'Precedential'

House Panel Finds Little Data On Results Of Public-Private Water Projects