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Inside Cal/EPA - 03/24/2017

  • California Senators Urge AG To Block EPA Rejection Of Air Act Waivers

    A group of leading California Democratic senators is urging Attorney General (AG) Xavier Becerra (D) to take action to block U.S. EPA from revoking or rejecting California's Clean Air Act waivers to enforce mobile source emission standards that are stricter than federal rules, amid fears that the Trump administration could target the state's authority.

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  • Citing Monopoly Fears, Experts Urge ARB To Veto Parts Of VW EV Strategy

    Policy experts and state lawmakers are urging California air board officials to review parts of a recently unveiled plan by Volkswagen to spend $200 million in the state over the next two years to deploy electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and market the vehicles as part of its diesel emission cheating settlement with regulators, arguing the auto company could monopolize the market and reap undeserved profits without proper oversight.

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  • Plan To 'Gut' Bill Blocking Aliso Canyon Reopening Delays Panel Vote

    A controversial bill that would block state regulators from allowing the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility to reopen hit a wall this week when the Senate energy committee proposed amendments that critics say would "gut" the measure, prompting the bill's author to reject the amendments and the legislation being pulled from the panel's March 21 agenda.

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  • Industry, WRCB Clash Over Shelving Hex-Chrome MCL During Legal Remedy

    Manufacturers and state water board officials are clashing over whether the state should temporarily invalidate its drinking water maximum contaminant level (MCL) standard for hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) while the board conducts an economic feasibility analysis likely to be required in a forthcoming ruling by a superior court.

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  • Biofuel Sector Sees ARB Plan To Credit Jet Fuel In LCFS Boosting Production

    Biofuel industry representatives are lauding a California air board staff proposal to allow alternative jet fuel to generate credit under the state's low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS), saying it likely will bolster production of not only cleaner jet fuels but other alternative biofuels for the transportation sector that are made by the same companies.

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  • Governor Names New WRCB Member; Longtime Executive Director Retiring

    Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has appointed Joaquin Esquivel, a Natural Resources Agency executive and former staffer for retired Sen. Barbara Boxer (D), to replace Frances Spivy-Weber on the state water board, while also reappointing current board member Tam Doduc to a new term.

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  • Court Backs ARB Inclusion Of High-Speed Rail In GHG Plan, Rejecting Critics

    A California superior court judge has upheld the state air board's inclusion of high-speed rail (HSR) in its greenhouse gas regulatory "scoping plan" to meet a 2020 emission reduction target, rejecting a challenge from transit advocates who charged that the board failed to properly account for the GHG emissions that would be created by HSR construction projects.

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  • House Democrats Warn Budget Cuts Will Hinder GOP NAAQS Reform Push

    House Democrats are warning Republicans that President Donald Trump's proposed massive budget cuts to U.S. EPA and federal grants to states will hinder the GOP's legislative push to ease implementation of the agency's ambient air standards, saying the cuts would make it harder for states to meet the standards even if the bill became law.

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  • States, Industry Split On DOJ Bid To Stay Supreme Court CWA Rule Case

    Opponents of the Obama-era Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule are split over the Trump administration's bid to delay Supreme Court litigation over the proper court venue for suits over the rule while it crafts a replacement rule, with states supporting the request but groups representing major industries saying the case should go forward.

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  • Court's Air Rule Deadlines Add To Growing EPA Budget, Staffing Problem

    A federal district court has issued an order setting a near three-year deadline for U.S. EPA to issue 13 overdue air toxics rules days after the same court imposed a similar mandate for issuing 20 other delayed air toxics rules, creating a growing problem for the agency to meet the legal deadlines at a time of massive proposed budget and staffing cuts.

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  • 10 States Urge Pruitt To Keep California Vehicle GHG Waiver, Federal Rules

    Environment secretaries from 10 states that have adopted all or part of California's vehicle greenhouse gas program are urging U.S. EPA to preserve the Golden State's special authority to adopt its own vehicle standards, and to retain federal vehicle GHG limits for model years 2022-2025 that are equivalent to those Golden State regulators are slated to endorse March 24.

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