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Inside Cal/EPA - 11/17/2017

  • Equity Groups Charge ARB GHG Plan Fails To Comply With Air Quality Laws

    Environmental justice groups are charging that the California air board is shirking its responsibilities to ensure that a long-term regulatory plan to reduce statewide greenhouse gases also includes measures to reduce conventional air pollutants in disadvantaged communities, in violation of several landmark state laws.

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  • Automakers, Manufacturers Push Back On DTSC Lead-Acid Battery Review

    Automakers and battery manufacturers are pushing back against the toxics department's review of lead-acid batteries under its green chemistry program, arguing the batteries used in cars and many other applications are extremely safe, have a superior recycling and disposal system and cannot be replaced by other technologies anytime soon.

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  • Ruling May Hasten South Coast Plan To End NOx-SOx Trading Program

    A superior court ruling siding with environmentalists in their challenge to the South Coast air district's controversial 2015 vote to amend its nitrogen oxide (NOx)-sulfur oxide (SOx) trading program could hasten the district's plan to phase out the program, sources say.

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  • LAO: Governor's Building Energy Order Costly, Not Needed For GHG Goals

    The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) in a new report says that Gov. Jerry Brown's (D) 2012 executive order calling for more "zero-net energy" (ZNE) state-owned buildings likely will result in significant additional costs to taxpayers even though it is unnecessary to achieve the state's long-term greenhouse gas reduction targets.

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  • Monsanto Attacks OEHHA Claims In State Glyphosate Prop. 65 Listing Suit

    Pesticide manufacturer Monsanto Co. is challenging recent claims by the health hazard office in a state appellate court case that its listing of glyphosate as a carcinogen under Proposition 65 based on the findings of a global health science organization was constitutional, which may be the last significant filing before the court schedules oral argument.

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  • Monsanto, Ag Industry File Federal Suit Over Prop. 65 Glyphosate Listing

    Monsanto Co. and a host of agricultural industry groups and state business organizations have filed a federal lawsuit to rescind the health hazard office's listing of glyphosate as a carcinogen under Proposition 65, charging it violates several sections of the U.S. Constitution and could disrupt the nation's food production and processing supply chains.

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  • Despite RPS Success, CPUC Eyes Solutions For Current, Future Challenges

    While touting the success of California's renewable portfolio standard (RPS) and the fact that major utilities are on track to meet 2020 and 2030 requirements, energy regulators are outlining current and future challenges facing the program and potential solutions.

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  • Wehrum Could Revert To EPA NAAQS Process With Earlier Political Input

    Newly confirmed U.S. EPA Office of Air & Radiation (OAR) chief William Wehrum could now undo an Obama-era policy memo on ambient air standard reviews and reinstate a process from Wehrum's prior tenure at EPA during the George W. Bush administration that gave political leadership more control earlier in the reviews, sources say.

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  • EPA Floats New Air Law Interpretation To Scrap 'Glider' Truck GHG Limits

    U.S. EPA is floating a new interpretation of the Clean Air Act to justify its new proposal to scrap Obama-era greenhouse gas limits for heavy-duty "glider" trucks that combine a new body with a rebuilt powertrain, saying the "most reasonable" reading of its air law authority is that the trucks are not "new motor vehicles" subject to regulation.

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  • Former EPA Lawyers Criticize Pruitt's Directive Targeting 'Sue-and-Settle'

    Nearly 60 former career U.S. EPA attorneys from headquarters and regional offices are criticizing Administrator Scott Pruitt's recent directive against settling deadline lawsuits filed against the agency, arguing it will harm the American people as well as the "fair and efficient operations" at EPA.

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