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Inside Cal/EPA - 04/20/2018

  • ARB, Labor Officials Seek Comments On Crafting Obscure ZEV Rebate Policy

    Officials with the California air board and labor department are seeking written comments from automakers, unions, environmentalists and others on how to develop a new state policy affecting eligibility under the air board's zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) rebate program, after prior complaints that the process lacked public notices or meetings.

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  • WRCB Delays Rule Banning 'Wasteful' Water Uses Amid Agency Push-Back

    California water board officials have delayed for the second time this year voting on a proposed rule to prohibit "wasteful water use practices" statewide, after numerous water supply agencies and water rights holders recently raised legal and policy objections to the plan.

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  • Senators Try Again On Bill Locking In Obama-Era Environment, Worker Rules

    Two leading senators plan to renew efforts to pass a bill that aims to lock into state law Obama-era federal environmental and worker safety standards, sources say, after the measure stalled last year in the Assembly amid charges by industry groups that it is illegal and would trigger a wave of new litigation against the state.

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  • ARB's Nichols Attacks Trump Order For EPA To Ease NAAQS Compliance

    California air board chief Mary Nichols is attacking President Trump's recent order for U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to take a series of "actions" to accelerate and ease state and industry compliance with national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS), saying the move could lead to "unhealthy people, shortened lives, and greater demands on our health care system."

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  • California Chamber Adds Equity Groups' Priority CEQA Bill To 'Job Killer' List

    The California Chamber of Commerce has added a top priority bill for environmental justice groups to its list of rules it deems "job killers," charging that the legislation will allow citizen enforcers of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) to file more unjustified lawsuits to kill development projects.

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  • Republican Floats Resolution To Prevent 'Pay-Per-Mile' Tax On Motorists

    A Senate Republican has introduced a resolution urging the California Legislature to "abandon" consideration of a "pay-per-mile" tax on motorists to reduce air pollution, arguing that such a levy would burden hundreds of thousands of drivers with long commutes and who already pay the highest gasoline prices and some of the highest associated taxes in the nation.

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  • Manufacturers Seek SEC Probe Of Suing Municipalities Over Climate Claims

    The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is urging the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) to investigate "potential wrongdoing" by eight California municipalities and New York City in their municipal bond offerings, charging that the offerings claim that future climate change impacts are virtually impossible to predict even though they cite specific harmful climate damages in pending climate nuisance lawsuits against energy companies.

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  • Becerra, ARB Sue EPA For Repealing 'Once In, Always In' MACT Policy

    Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) and the California Air Resources Board (ARB) are suing U.S. EPA over its decision to scrap a long-running "once in, always in" policy that requires facilities meet strict "major source" maximum achievable control technology (MACT) "major source" air toxics limits even if their emissions fall below MACT levels.

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  • GOP Touts High-Octane Standard In RFS Reform Package But Faces Hurdles

    Top House Republicans are expressing confidence about enacting a nationwide high-octane fuel standard as part of a broader package to "reform" or scale back the renewable fuel standard (RFS), arguing the move could satisfy a range of fuel stakeholders while also giving automakers a relatively cheap compliance option for fuel economy limits.

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  • EPA, Environmentalists At Odds Over Response Schedule For CRA Petitions

    U.S. EPA and environmental justice groups are at odds over how a federal judge should implement her sharply worded order finding the agency violated its regulatory requirements to issue preliminary findings responding to several Civil Rights Act (CRA) discrimination petitions within 180 days, with the parties split over whether EPA has a mandatory duty to respond to such petitions within the deadline.

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  • Fears Of Massive Vehicle GHG Battle Rise Amid EPA, White House Signals

    Several recent indications from U.S. EPA, the White House and Congress are continuing to point to the possibility of a massive legal fight between the Trump administration, states and environmentalists over passenger vehicle greenhouse gas standards, despite automakers' and others' mutual desire to avoid such a battle.

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