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Inside Cal/EPA - 01/19/2018

  • Nichols Warns Of Possible New Vehicle Controls If EPA Weakens GHG Rules

    California air board chief Mary Nichols is warning lawmakers that the state could be forced to consider new rules that would "affect driving or how cars get used in California" if U.S. EPA weakens current greenhouse gas standards for model year 2022-2025 light-duty vehicles, in order to keep the state on track to achieving its GHG targets.

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  • Lawmakers Float Bills To Spurn Offshore Drilling After Trump Unveils Plan

    Two California lawmakers are introducing legislation to make it more difficult for companies to undertake new oil and gas drilling projects off the state's coastline, in response to the Trump administration's draft plan to vastly expand offshore drilling in federal waters off California and numerous other regions.

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  • Environmentalists See Suit Against County As Critical For Farm GHG Cuts

    Environmental groups suing Tulare County planners for allegedly failing to adequately assess and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from animal feedlots and other cattle operations say the action is critical to ensure other California counties do more to reduce agricultural sector emissions to achieve the state's long-term climate targets.

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  • Lawmakers, Cities Join Against CPUC Proposal On CCA Start-Up Compliance

    A group of lawmakers and several major California cities have joined community choice aggregators (CCAs) and environmentalists in objecting to a recent draft resolution by utility regulators to require local energy providers to "fully comply" with the Resource Adequacy (RA) program before launching their CCA outfits.

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  • CPUC Members Downplay Alarm Over GHGs In Diablo Canyon Closure Plan

    As part of their approval of a plan to shut down the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant by 2025, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) members are downplaying environmentalists' fears of increases in greenhouse gas emissions, saying that any minor, short-term increase would not hurt the state's strategy to achieve its 2030 and longer-term GHG targets.

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  • CPUC Approves $41 Million For Utility Electric Transport Pilots To Cut GHGs

    California energy regulators have approved $41 million for 15 utility vehicle electrification pilot projects that focus on medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, a move some are calling groundbreaking in helping the state meet its long-term climate goals by shifting major parts of the transportation sector from fossil fuels to electricity.

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  • EPA Targets April 30 For Ozone Designations But Withholds 'Exact Details'

    EPA in a new legal filing says it plans to issue by April 30 all remaining designations for which areas are either attaining or violating the 2015 ozone standard in response to an appellate court order for “precision and specificity” on its timeline, but is withholding the “exact details” for another filing it will submit to the court on Jan. 19.

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  • EPA Air Chief Leaves Door Open To Uncertain Rule Review Outcomes

    Newly confirmed EPA air chief Bill Wehrum is outlining an ambitious 2018 agenda, including completing reviews of six high-profile Obama-era rules and policies that the Trump administration is seeking to roll back. But in an interview with Inside EPA, he emphasized the agency is still weighing a host of options, leaving open the possibility that the reviews could result in uncertain outcomes and upend expectations for where the agency may land.

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  • Administration Scraps Plan To Pause EPA Landfill Rules Amid Legal Doubts

    The Trump administration has scrapped EPA proposals to stay major requirements in Obama-era methane standards for new and existing landfills, signaling that it would have faced an uphill legal battle if it had finalized the measures, though environmentalists have already charged that the agency is dragging its feet on implementing the standards.

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