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Risk Policy Report - 03/28/2017

  • SOCMA Urges EPA To Cut Costs Of TSCA Inventory Rule, Citing Trump's EO

    Chemical and other industry officials are urging EPA to revise its proposed rule updating and and resetting its inventory of chemicals in the U.S. marketplace so that it cuts costs and eases compliance, with one group saying that such changes will help the agency comply with President Donald Trump's executive order capping rules' costs.

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  • Environmentalists Back TSCA Prioritization Proposal But Seek Tweaks

    Environmental groups are generally supportive of EPA's proposal for how it will prioritize the thousands of existing chemicals for risk evaluation, and appear largely joined by California's environmental agency, though they are recommending tweaks to EPA's approach, while industry groups are outlining their concerns with the agency's proposal.

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  • Budget Cuts, Trump Views Cloud Future Of National Climate Assessment

    Climate scientists are growing increasingly concerned about the future of the National Climate Assessment (NCA) -- the next installment of which is due in 2018 -- as the Trump administration proposes funding cuts for federal climate science research and could seek to scale back the content of the assessment.

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  • GOP Senators Hedge On Prospects For CRA Repeal Of EPA RMP Rule

    Top Senate environment committee Republicans are hedging on whether a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to rescind EPA's chemical facility safety rule will reach the Senate floor, raising fresh doubts about the measure's prospects even as EPA is said to be concerned about its administrative reconsideration of the regulation.

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  • NAS Readies Advice On EPA's Human Exposure Research Program

    The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) plans to release next week recommendations to strengthen EPA's human exposure studies program, which performs controlled experiments exposing volunteers to air pollutants to better inform the agency's rules, though the report could spark controversy as those that have sought to shut down the research are gaining influence in the Trump administration.

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  • Industry Hails House Approval Of PRIA Reauthorization Through 2023

    The cleaning products industry is hailing the House passage of a bill that reauthorizes for seven years the program that allows EPA to collect industry fees to support timely pesticide reviews, and is urging the Senate to quickly approve the measure that the pesticide industry says is vital to ensuring products promptly reach the market.

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  • Analysis Says EPA Understates Methane From Power Plants, Refineries

    EPA's greenhouse gas inventory is significantly underestimating methane emissions from natural gas power plants and petroleum refineries, according to a new study from Purdue University that suggests the categories "contribute significantly" to U.S. emissions and recommends further work -- including enhanced monitoring -- to understand and curb the emissions.

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  • Biotechnology Industry Seeks Nomenclature Change In EPA's TSCA 'Reset'

    A bio-based chemical producers and users group is urging EPA to adopt changes to chemical nomenclature as part of its ongoing effort to update the inventory of existing chemicals recognized by the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) that would lower barriers to sale and use of bio-based chemicals.

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  • Industry Urges OMB To Prioritize EO's Cost Savings Over '2-1' Rule Repeal

    Major industry groups -- including oil and gas, paper, construction and others -- are urging the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to prioritize provisions in President Donald Trump's deregulatory orders that require agencies to offset new regulatory costs over its requirements that agencies "identify" two rules for repeal for every new regulation they propose.

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  • Environmentalists Petition 9th Circuit To Overturn EPA's Enlist Registration

    Environmentalists are petitioning the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit to overturn EPA's decision in the final days of the Obama administration to allow and expand the registered uses of the controversial herbicide known as Enlist Duo, which environmentalists consider highly toxic to humans and butterflies.

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  • CASAC Panel Supports EPA's Softening Of Sulfur Oxides Risk Assessment

    Members of an EPA Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) panel are supporting the agency's decision to soften some of its risk assessment's conclusions on the adverse health effects of sulfur oxides (SOx) emissions after earlier faulting EPA for overstating risks, suggesting the agency might not seek to tighten its SOx air limits.

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  • Stakeholders Clash Over Defining Risk Reviews In TSCA Implementing Rule

    Industry groups are pressing EPA to provide more specificity in its risk evaluation process and the science underlying it for "existing" chemicals when the agency finalizes a rule implementing an overhaul to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), while environmentalists counter that doing so would be bad policy.

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