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Risk Policy Report - 06/19/2018

  • NRDC Suit Faces Hurdles But May Dissuade EPA Use Of New Chemicals Plan

    Environmentalists' lawsuit challenging EPA's framework for reviewing new chemicals appears to face legal hurdles because it challenges a policy that is not yet final but it nevertheless appears to have dissuaded the agency from following the novel process it floated last year to speed chemical reviews, industry and environmental attorneys say.

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  • Industry Backs EPA Science Rule As Means Of Targeting Strict Risk Studies

    Industry groups are welcoming EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's controversial plan requiring use of public research to justify agency policies, saying it will make it easier for them to access raw data underlying studies they have questioned and which the agency has, in at least one case, used to set conservative risk values that drove strict policies.

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  • As RMP Rollback Looms, GAO Raises Concerns Over Chemical Data Sharing

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is urging lawmakers to bolster chemical information sharing between facilities and communities even as EPA is proposing to scrap some of the provisions of the Obama-era final rule updating its facility accident prevention program that would bolster such sharing of facility data.

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  • EPA Eyes Individual PFAS But Sees Limits In Chemical-Specific Approach

    Even as EPA moves to assess and possibly regulate several individual perfluorinated chemicals, the agency's top policy official on the issue is acknowledging that given the thousands of chemicals in the class, they will eventually have to be considered in groups rather than individually, an approach that the agency has previously struggled to advance.

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  • Eyeing TSCA Backlog, EPA Seeks Expedited White House ICR Review

    EPA is urging White House officials to expedite review of an agency information collection request (ICR) to ensure that manufacturers of new chemicals have access to agency guidance on submitting data to support chemical reviews under the revised toxics law, part of an ongoing effort to speed the agency's process for reviewing new chemicals.

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  • Senate Appropriators Order ATSDR To Release PFAS Toxicological Profile

    Senate appropriators are ordering the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to release its analyses of four perfluorinated chemicals that the Trump administration blocked because it recommended risk values stricter than EPA's, though the requirement only takes effect 15 days after EPA's spending bill is enacted.

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  • In Latest Rebuke To Pruitt, Appropriators Adds Ethics Limits To FY19 Bill

    Senate appropriators have added a provision in EPA's fiscal year 2019 spending package formally admonishing Administrator Scott Pruitt -- albeit without mentioning him by name -- for numerous reported ethical lapses, marking a political response and mounting Capitol Hill impatience with Pruitt's scandals.

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  • Cal Dooley Delays Retirement From ACC To Launch Plastic Trash Fight

    Cal Dooley, long-time leader of the American Chemistry Council (ACC), is delaying his retirement by a year to advance the group's new global effort to address plastic waste.

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  • Democrats Seek To Preserve EPA's RMP Provisions In CFATS Renewal

    As the Trump administration works to roll back the Obama-era rule strengthening EPA's facility accident prevention program, House Democrats are seeking to codify portions of the rule in pending legislation renewing the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) facility security program and incorporate some of its provisions into any future DHS program.

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  • EPA's Cost-Benefit Plan Starts Debate On Co-Benefits, Agency Discretion

    EPA's preliminary rulemaking to consider changing how it weighs the costs and benefits of its rules could lead to far-reaching changes, including trimming the estimates of a rule's co-benefits, greater consideration of costs in a variety of settings and revisiting already-issued regulations.

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  • Environmentalists May Tighten Demands After Pesticide 'Mega' Suit Proceeds

    A judge is allowing environmentalists to continue their long-running suit seeking to force EPA to consult with wildlife regulators on risks of dozens of pesticides to endangered species, but the plaintiffs may face new complications, including a requirement to seek vacatur of the products' registrations because EPA's bar on settlements may preclude a deal on the review deadlines the group is seeking.

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