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Risk Policy Report - 08/14/2018

  • Massachusetts Leads State Effort To Block EPA's Proposed Asbestos Rule

    Massachusetts officials are signaling strong pushback against a Trump administration proposed rule that could allow for new uses of asbestos, with state environment officials raising early concerns and seeking a six month delay in the rulemaking while the state's attorney general (AG) works with other Democratic AGs to oppose the plan.

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  • Citing Legal Flaws, States Urge EPA To Withdraw Or Clarify Science Rule

    Citing significant legal flaws, state environmental agencies are urging EPA to withdraw or delay and clarify its proposed rule barring the use in major regulatory decisions of any science where the underlying raw data and models are not publicly available, arguing that the proposal is vague and the agency has not engaged with states on its content.

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  • Vacating Pruitt Decision, 9th Circuit Orders EPA To Quickly Ban Chlorpyrifos

    A divided appellate panel has vacated a controversial decision by former Administrator Scott Pruitt to reverse a proposed Obama-era ban on the commonly used pesticide chlorpyrifos and is ordering the agency to quickly implement the ban after finding the agency has, for years, failed to address the substance's neuro-developmental risks to children.

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  • Industry Backs EPA Chemical Approval But Seeks Clarity On TSCA Process

    Industry attorneys are welcoming EPA's recent approval of a new chemical that took a narrow view of the substance's "reasonably foreseen uses" that the agency is required to consider, but are urging officials to clarify whether the approach is intended to apply more broadly to agency reviews of other new chemicals under the revised toxics law.

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  • Environmentalists Hail California Ruling Finding Glyphosate Caused Cancer

    Environmental groups are hailing a California court ruling that found the world's most commonly used herbicide glyphosate caused a groundskeeper's cancer and fining a producer hundreds of millions as a victory for sound science, countering EPA's repeated assertions that the substance is not likely to cause human cancers.

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  • PETA Defends EPA's Stalled Framework For TSCA New Chemical Reviews

    The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is seeking to support EPA's draft framework for reviewing new chemicals under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), a measure that the agency appears to have shelved, arguing that it is consistent with TSCA's directive to reduce animal testing, which the group claims has spiked under the new law.

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  • Water Utilities Seek EPA Research, Source Control Focus To Address PFAS

    Wastewater utilities are urging EPA to focus its work on perfluorinated chemicals on research to better understand the fate, transport and toxicity of the chemicals and then to use "heightened source control efforts and certain, specifically tailored regulatory standards," to remove the constituents from the environment.

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  • Environmentalists Sue EPA For Science Transparency Rule Documents

    The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is suing EPA for its alleged failure to release documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) regarding the agency's controversial proposal to bar the use of any research in decision-making where the underlying data and models are not publicly available.

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  • EPA Review Of Washington Water Limits Marks Shift On Fish Consumption

    EPA is opting to reconsider a 2016 regulation that revised human health water quality criteria in Washington state to account, in part, for high fish consumption rates among tribes in the state, a move that combined with actions in other states appears to mark a shift in the agency's interpretation of treaty fishing rights.

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  • Farm Agencies Fault Call To Curb Pesticides But One Seeks EPA Protections

    Federal and state farm regulators are sharply criticizing a wildlife agency's novel opinion calling for limiting use of certain pesticides to protect listed species as the result of a failed Obama-era review process, though Washington state, while backing some of the criticism, is urging EPA to implement some of the opinion's protections for listed species.

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  • Congressional Watchdog Seeks To Bolster Chemical Incident Data Sharing

    The Government Accountability Office (GAO) says that first responders may not have adequate information to help minimize their safety risks when responding to incidents at chemical facilities, backing Democrats' recent calls to include data sharing provisions included in a now-stalled Obama-era EPA rule in the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) chemical facility safety program.

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  • EPA Seeks Partial Remand Of TSCA Risk Rule But Defends Rest Of Policy

    EPA is asking a federal appeals court to remand several provisions of its Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) rule for evaluating the risks of existing chemicals so that it can revise them, but is defending the rest of the policy, arguing that Congress gave the agency broad discretion in how to craft rules under the revised TSCA.

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