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Risk Policy Report - 07/18/2017

  • EPA's Early TSCA Rules Ripe For Suits From Environmentalists, Industries

    EPA's suite of early rules and guidance under the revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) appear ripe for a number of legal challenges from environmentalists, the chemical industry and other sectors, sources say, due to initial divided reaction to the rules and the massive scope of regulatory provisions in the complex policies.

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  • EPA Cites Public Input To Justify Air Law Authority For RMP Policy Delay

    EPA is claiming broad Clean Air Act authority for its final rule that significantly delays implementation of Obama-era revisions to the agency's facility safety policy, saying its decision to first seek public comment on the delay shields it from the legal uncertainty that led an appellate court to recently vacate a stay of an unrelated air rule.

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  • EPA's Top Economist Seeks To Enhance Certainty Of Cost-Benefit Analyses

    As the Trump administration prepares to overhaul EPA and other agencies' cost-benefit analyses, EPA's top economist, Al McGartland, says he is working to enhance the certainty of EPA's studies for regulatory decisions, telling Inside EPA that the "explosion" of tools in the nascent era of big data provides both challenges and opportunities.

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  • Pruitt Faces FACA Rules In Bid For Climate Science Debate, Panel Reforms

    EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's efforts to select new members for EPA's existing advisory committees and tap panelists for his "red-team, blue-team" climate science review are likely subject to membership and other requirements of the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), which could limit his ability to bolster industry and other representation on the panels, EPA and other sources say.

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  • Environmentalists Petition EPA For Rules Requiring Pesticide Mixture Data

    Environmentalists are petitioning EPA to issue rules revising federal pesticide regulations to protect against risks from product formulations rather than individual active ingredients, arguing that EPA has long recognized risks of such mixtures and that Congress intended for the agency to protect against the full range of products' risks.

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  • Cleland-Hamnett, EPA's Acting OCSPP Chief, To Retire In August

    Wendy Cleland-Hamnett, the acting chief of EPA's toxics office, is retiring next month, leaving the office in the midst of a complex effort to implement the many aspects of the revised Toxics Substances Control Act (TSCA).

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  • NAS Panel Expected To Advise EPA On Developing Low-Dose Toxicity Tests

    The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) will release July 18 a report on the health effects that some chemicals may cause at low exposure levels, or doses -- a situation that NAS will say EPA's existing regulatory toxicology testing approaches does not address, though the Trump administration budget sought to eliminate one such program.

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  • EPA Seeks Industry Help In Eliminating Backlog Of New Chemical Reviews

    EPA toxics officials are urging the chemicals sector to quickly respond to agency determinations on new chemical reviews to help speed the agency's processing of a backlog of pre-manufacture notices (PMNs), an unexpected outcome of the recently revised Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), which industry says is slowing chemicals from reaching the market.

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  • EPA Releases First SNURs On New Chemicals Since TSCA Reform

    EPA has released its first rules governing how a set of approved new chemicals can be used since the enactment of the law reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) last summer, as the agency works to cut a backlog of new chemicals awaiting review that developed shortly after the reform law took effect in June 2016.

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  • OMB Sees Slight Increase For EPA In FY19 But Renews Push For Overhaul

    The White House budget office has released new guidance for fiscal year 2019 reiterating that EPA could see a slight increase over what the administration sought for FY18, though the office touts the request as an opportunity to present a "comprehensive plan" for "reforming" the government and cutting its workforce, telegraphing continued steep cuts despite signs of Capitol Hill blowback.

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  • Environmentalists fault Pruitt's 'closed mind' to attack RMP delay

    Environmentalists challenging EPA's nearly two-year delay of an Obama-era facility safety rule are citing Administrator Scott Pruitt's prior opposition to the rule while serving as Oklahoma's GOP attorney general (AG) as evidence that he has an "unalterably closed mind" on the rule and that the delay is unlawful.

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  • EPA Proposal To Cut Radiation Program May Affect Cleanups, Standards

    EPA's fiscal year 2018 budget request would completely eliminate the agency's radiation protection program in the air office, potentially leaving Superfund radiation cleanup sites without technical support on radionuclides and likely leaving the agency without funds to fulfill responsibilities to write radiation protection standards, according to sources who follow the program.

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  • Suit Claims EPA Lacks Authority For Ozone NAAQS Implementation Delay

    A coalition of environmental groups is suing EPA over its decision to delay by one year implementation of the Obama administration's 2015 rule tightening the ozone national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS), arguing the agency lacks legal authority for the decision and asking an appellate court to immediately block the delay.

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  • EPA Releases Guides On Assessing Excess Nutrients' Effects In Waters

    EPA's Office of Water has released new documents to help water managers assess the effects of nutrient pollution, seeking to assist them in estimating the risks to aquatic life in streams and to humans and animals in waterbodies used for recreation, such as swimming or boating.

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  • House Spending Report Urges EPA To Drop TSCA Section 6 Proposed Rules

    Echoing chemical industry calls, House appropriators are urging EPA to drop controversial proposed Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) rules banning certain uses of trichloroethylene (TCE), and instead to reassess the substance's risks as part of a broader review the agency plans to conduct under the revised law.

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