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EPA Plan Might Let Half Of ‘Major’ Air Toxics Sources Drop Tough Controls

EPA is proposing to allow “major” industrial sources of air toxics to reclassify as “area sources” subject to less-stringent emissions controls if they reduce their emissions below major source thresholds, a move that could let up to half of all industrial major sources ease controls despite critics’ fears it will lead to air pollution spikes.

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House Approves FY20 Limits On Trump EPA, Though Next Steps Unclear

House Democrats have approved fiscal year 2020 spending legislation for EPA and other agencies that includes numerous provisions blocking Trump administration environmental rollbacks, though it is far from clear whether the provisions will survive negotiations with the GOP-controlled Senate and the White House.

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Bipartisan House group urges restart of vehicle GHG talks

“There is a commonsense solution here that both parties can embrace, and that Washington and California can endorse,” the four House lawmakers write.

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D.C. Circuit Rejects Valero’s Suit Aiming To Force Review Of RFS’ Impacts

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has rejected refiner Valero’s suit alleging EPA failed to meet a statutory mandate to conduct periodic reviews of the renewable fuel standard’s (RFS) impacts on the sector, finding a 2017 agency statement that it met review mandates is not a final action subject to judicial review.

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Automakers Face Pushback On Call For National Low Fuel Volatility Limit

Automakers are facing pushback on their renewed call for EPA to introduce a single fuel volatility standard that would be lower than existing fragmented limits on fuel, with refiners fighting the idea and a series of recent agency actions including its year-round sales waiver for 15-percent ethanol (E15) casting doubt on the request.

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Hearing Shows Battle To Win Debate On Effects Of Trump Vehicle Plan

Last week’s House oversight hearing on the Trump administration’s planned rollback of vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy rules is underscoring that supporters and detractors of the policy are locked in an ongoing substantive and political battle over the rule’s environmental, safety and economic effects.

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D.C. Circuit sets argument in Trump EPA vehicle ‘finding’ case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has scheduled Sept. 6 oral arguments in states’ challenge to the Trump EPA’s formal finding that it must weaken its auto greenhouse gas rules.


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21 House Republicans oppose blocking GHG risk finding

The June 20 vote on the House floor appears to be the largest public show of support from Hill Republicans for EPA’s 2009 GHG endangerment finding -- which forms the basis of all of the agency’s climate rules.

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EPA Defends Rejection Of Additional Interstate Ozone Emissions Controls

EPA is defending its decision to reject East Coast states’ call for additional federal measures to reduce interstate emissions that are hindering their ability to attain the agency’s ozone standards, arguing in a new legal brief that utilities’ ozone controls are already “optimized” and that new short-term emissions limits on them are unnecessary.

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Trump directs EPA to reconsider RFS small refiner waiver policy

EPA appears to be poised to issue fewer renewable fuel standard waivers for small refiners, pushing up refiners’ compliance costs but pleasing President Donald Trump’s rural political supporters.

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