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Trump Re-Election Would Enable Defense, Expansion Of EPA Rollbacks

A re-election victory for President Donald Trump in the Nov. 3 election would allow EPA to bolster its defense of sundry climate and other environmental rollbacks in court while embarking on new deregulatory efforts, observers say, including broader changes to cost-benefit rules and limiting the scope of future carbon controls.

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Environmentalists Might Sue EPA Over Refusal To Revise Refinery MACT

Environmentalists are signaling that they might sue EPA over its refusal to reconsider its air toxics standards for oil refineries that critics say are unlawfully weak, after the agency formally announced its rejection of a petition filed by Earthjustice on behalf of 11 environmental organizations that urged EPA to tighten the emissions limits.

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GOP senators from oil refining states ask EPA for broad RFS waiver

A group of 15 Senate Republicans from oil states is urging EPA to curb biofuel blending mandates for 2021, but is likely to face determined resistance from biofuels advocates.

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Oil Sector, GOP Allies Seek To Capitalize On Biden’s ‘Transition’ Remark

The oil sector and Trump campaign are seizing on comments by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden urging a “transition” from the industry, in an effort to make Biden’s climate change stance a liability for Democrats up and down the ballot with less than two weeks before voting ends in the Nov. 3 election.

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Despite Political Lift, Backers See Hill, Legal Advantages To Carbon Tax

Supporters of a carbon tax and others are citing key advantages of the policy in the courts and Capitol Hill even as they acknowledge challenges for such a measure under a potential Biden administration --including Democrats’ current focus on other climate policies and Republicans’ longtime allergy to carbon limits.

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Heritage Foundation warns against Biden energy, environment plan

Despite faulting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for offering rules and subsidies aiding low-carbon energy, the free-market group praises parts of his plan for boosting “innovation and competition.”

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District court approves pact for EPA to act on states’ oil and gas SIPs

“The EPA must finally curb the filthy drilling and fracking pollution that’s endangering the health of millions of people,” said Robert Ukeiley, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity.

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EPA Denies Final ‘Project Accounting’ Rule Will Result In NSR Avoidance

EPA in its final rule on new source review (NSR) air permit “project emissions accounting” is defending the policy against environmentalists’ allegations that it will enable companies to circumvent NSR and avoid adding emissions controls, but is also allowing states to keep a potentially more-onerous NSR permitting process if they prefer.

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9th Circuit Backs EPA Deadline Extension For Federal Landfill Methane Plan

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit is backing EPA’s authority to significantly extend the deadline for issuing federal standards for much of the country to require landfills to limit their methane emissions, even after a district court set an earlier deadline for the agency to act.

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EPA, Democratic senators spar over potential funding threat to cities

EPA and Senate Democrats are clashing over possible cuts to some cities’ environmental funding that the agency may be planning in response to an order by President Donald Trump.

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