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Congressional Concerns Over EtO Emissions Spread Beyond Illinois

Lawmakers representing congressional districts in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Texas are joining Illinois’ delegation in questioning EPA’s response to information it released last year about cancer risk to communities exposed to ethylene oxide (EtO) emissions from facilities such as sterilization or chemical production plants.

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Oil, Gas Industry Cautiously Welcomes EPA’s Novel Ozone Trading Plan

Oil and gas industry groups are cautiously welcoming EPA’s tentative plan to establish a novel emissions trading program for oil and gas drilling operations in Utah’s Uinta Basin to curb high ozone levels, but local leaders warn the plan should not distract from pursuing what they say are other urgent measures to reduce pollution.

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Top House Energy Panel Republican Praises ‘Flexible’ EPA Fire Guidance

Rep. Greg Walden, (R-OR), ranking member of the House energy panel, is praising EPA’s “flexible” technical guidance easing the use by forest managers of “prescribed” fires to thin out forests and prevent much larger wildfires with catastrophic impacts to health and the environment, saying it will assist with forest management.

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Environmentalists expand suit seeking EPA action on SIPs

The groups are seeking to add Ventura County to an existing suit seeking EPA action on long-overdue ozone plans in California and Arizona.

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EPA Urged To Expand End Of Strict Air Toxics Policy To Criteria Pollutants

Printing industry officials are urging EPA to not only finalize its rule to scrap the “once in, always in” (OIAI) policy that requires facilities to always meet strict “major” source air toxics rules even if they lower emissions to below the major source threshold, but also to expand aspects of the rule to regulations for criteria pollutants, including ozone.

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NRECA Bid To Replace UARG Could Preserve Novel Section 111 Claim

Efforts by the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) to replace the disbanded Utility Air Regulatory Group (UARG) in a suit over EPA’s landfill methane rules could preserve UARG’s novel claims on whether section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act allows EPA to strengthen existing standards.

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EPA Steel NESHAP Requires Certification Of No Vehicle Mercury Switches

EPA’s proposed first-time mercury air toxics rule for integrated iron and steel manufacturing would require facility owners to certify that their scrap steel is unlikely to contain mercury switches from discarded vehicles, but the rule’s emissions limits appear weak enough to trigger potential pushback from environmentalists seeking strict controls.

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Trump praises Wheeler’s deregulatory efforts

“We have a man that knows how to break it up but he is also a great lover of the environment,” Trump said. “EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. He has done an incredible job.”

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As States Sue, They Warn ACE Rule Penalizes Existing GHG Programs

California and other states with market-based programs to cut power sector greenhouse gas emissions charge in a new suit that EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, which replaces the broader Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP), is unlawful under the Clean Air Act and penalizes states that try to work together to cut emissions.

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States threaten to sue EPA over lack of ‘good neighbor’ plans

Northeastern states have joined environmentalists in threatening to sue EPA over its failure to ensure that states have submitted interstate ozone reduction plans.

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