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Court sets deadline for EPA to act on California, Arizona SIPs

EPA is required to act on a series of state air quality plans by March 21, 2021.

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EPA Poised To Send Long-Awaited Biogenic CO2 Proposal For OMB Review

EPA is sending its long-awaited proposal setting criteria for biomass to be considered carbon neutral when burned for energy, and potentially when used in agricultural applications, to the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) for inter-agency review as soon as Feb. 21, sources say.

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EPA’s MATS Rollback Stalls At OMB Over Cost-Benefit Confusion, Opposition

EPA has been unable to finalize potentially threshold changes underlying the cost-benefit analysis of its Mercury & Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule because regulatory reviewers at the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) do not understand the measure’s broader goals, which is to narrow how benefits are calculated.

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EPA Proposes Reduced Emissions Reporting For Power Plants, Refineries

EPA is proposing to reduce the frequency with which power plants, oil refineries and certain acid production plants must report to state regulators their emissions exceeding Clean Air Act-permitted limits, a move that could ease the facilities’ compliance burden but prompt criticism from environmentalists who often seek maximum pollution reporting.

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EPA touts 2019 utility emissions cuts while rolling back air rules

The Trump administration is taking credit for recent cuts in air pollution from power plants even as it seeks to roll back Obama EPA regulations limiting such emissions.

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Environmentalists expand suit over oil & gas air plans

The Center for Biological Diversity is adding new claims concerning the Denver and Phoenix areas to its suit seeking EPA action on a host of state plans to curb methane and ozone-forming pollution from oil and gas drilling.

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EPA Rejects Bid For ‘Retroactive’ Use Of Weaker NSR Aggregation Policy

EPA Region 3 has rejected a chemical producer’s request to overturn its facility’s prior status as a single “source” of emissions for air permitting when combined with other companies’ adjacent facilities, and instead apply a revised softer policy that could allow the facility to claim its plant is a separate source subject to less-stringent air controls.

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IRS Policy Earns CCS Backers’ Praise But Omits Details On CO2 Storage

The IRS has released long-awaited guidance on implementing expanded tax credits for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) projects that embraces CCS backers’ calls to allow up to six years to complete eligible projects, though it is delaying action on thornier issues such as how operators certify emissions are stored over the long term.

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Environmentalists sue DOD over PFAS incineration

The suit filed by several groups charge existing defense incineration contracts violation federal environmental and defense law.

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D.C. Circuit schedules May 1 argument for 2019 RFS suit

The oral argument will address several aspects of the 2019 renewable fuel standard, including small refiner exemptions and biofuels groups’ push for greater fuel production targets.

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