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Divisions Over EPA’s PM Plan Raise Questions Over D.C. Circuit Deference

Legal experts say unprecedented divisions between EPA, its own staff, scientific advisers and advocacy groups make it likely the agency will face a lawsuit if it finalizes its plan to retain the suite of particulate matter (PM) air limits and that the fate of the rule could depend on how much deference a key federal appeals court gives EPA.

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Wheeler Eyes Swift Rollout Of U.S.-Mexico Water Projects Under USMCA

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says the agency is preparing to swiftly roll out a slate of international work to cut ozone-depleting emissions, wastewater pollution and ocean debris under the newly implemented U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), including release of $300 million in one-time funds for high-impact projects.

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Court Curbs FERC’s Use Of ‘Tolling Orders’ To Delay Suits Over Gas Projects

The full U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in a sweeping decision is curbing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) use of “tolling orders” that it has long used to delay administrative reconsideration of natural gas infrastructure approvals and subsequent lawsuits over those projects.

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Pollution Experts Fear EPA Cost-Benefit Rule Downplays Ozone Harms

Air pollution experts fear EPA’s proposed rule outlining changes to cost-benefit reviews for air policies would preclude counting a variety of important health-related benefits from emissions cuts, while exacerbating prior critiques of the agency’s recent scientific review for ozone that downplayed the certainty of such health harms.

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Auto GHG Rollback Critics Detail New Flaws In Rule, Renew Prior Claims

Environmentalists and California-aligned states in fresh legal and administrative filings are detailing a host of new and existing critiques of the Trump administration’s rollback of vehicle greenhouse gas standards, including a new argument that the rule’s already meager claimed benefits evaporate due to flawed assessments of traffic congestion.

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Environmentalists, Democrats Clash With Industries Over PM NAAQS Plan

Environmentalists, primarily Democratic-led states and lawmakers are clashing with major industry groups over EPA’s proposal to retain its suite of particulate matter (PM) ambient air standards, as critics of the plan say it will damage public health while supporters counter that the existing limits adequately curb PM health risks.

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EPW Senators Push Infrastructure Bill With Climate Resiliency Provisions

The top Republican and Democrat on the Senate Environment & Public Works (EPW) Committee are urging other Senate committees to help advance EPW’s sweeping transportation infrastructure funding bill that includes first-time major resilience provisions to combat climate change.

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White House NEPA overhaul clears OMB review

The regulatory milestone signals the rule could be publicly unveiled within the next few weeks, with some suggesting President Donald Trump might personally tout the plan as a way to boost the economy.

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EPA schedules public hearing on Tier 3 test fuel proposal

The agency’s virtual hearing will provide a platform for supporters and opponents of EPA’s test fuel plan to argue in favor of either retaining or weakening related vehicle greenhouse gas standards.

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SAB Says Draft EPA Lead Model ‘Major Step Forward’ But Cites Weaknesses

EPA advisors reviewing the agency’s draft model for predicting lead concentrations across all ages are generally praising the agency’s effort as a major technical and public policy step forward, although some are cautioning there are significant weaknesses in the model’s software and structure and are calling for other improvements to the model.

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