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NRDC Seeks Speedy Ruling On Vehicle GHG Model, Citing OMB Review

Environmentalists are urging an appellate court to rule quickly in their already expedited case seeking release of an EPA computer model they hope will show that current vehicle greenhouse gas rules are lower than the administration claims, citing the formal start of the White House’s review of rules rolling back the current standards.

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9th Circuit ‘Reluctantly’ Scraps Youth Case Seeking Federal Climate Plan

A divided appellate court panel is “reluctantly” dismissing youth plaintiffs’ litigation seeking to force the federal government to develop a plan significantly limiting carbon emissions that cause climate change, finding that the plaintiffs’ “impressive case for redress must be presented to the political branches of government.”

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EPA’s EtO Risk Approach In MON Proposal Sparks Competing Criticisms

Industry and environmental groups clashed at a Jan. 16 public hearing over EPA’s use of its conservative cancer risk value for ethylene oxide (EtO) and related modifications in its proposal to update its air toxics rule on miscellaneous organic chemical manufacturing (MON) facilities.

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Judges Doubt EPA Bid To Downplay Ozone Ruling’s Impact In Petition Suit

Appellate judges at Jan. 16 oral argument appeared skeptical of EPA’s attempt to downplay the impact of a 2019 ruling faulting its interstate emissions policy in separate litigation two states are pursuing over the agency’s denial of Clean Air Act petitions urging the agency to directly regulate air pollution from sources in upwind states.

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New York, Connecticut Sue EPA Seeking Plans To Reduce Interstate Ozone

New York and Connecticut are suing EPA in an attempt to force agency-crafted plans for reducing interstate transport of ozone-forming pollutants from sources in upwind states, the latest step in a growing number of lawsuits over EPA’s interstate air policy that includes challenges to denials of petitions seeking upwind air pollution cuts.

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Final Efficiency Standard ‘Process’ Update Raises Bar For New Rules

The Trump administration has completed a broad overhaul its “process” for setting appliance energy efficiency standards, significantly raising the bar for officials in future administrations to set new or updated standards that in the past have been a major driver of greenhouse gas emission cuts.

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Council adds brownfields, mining projects to fast-track permitting process

Environmentalists say the action is unlawful because it did not allow for public comment.

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As Review Starts, Vehicle GHG Rollback Expected To Ease Safety Benefits

As the White House begins reviewing EPA and the Transportation Department’s (DOT) draft final rule rolling back Obama-era vehicle greenhouse gas standards, an industry source says the measure might reduce the claimed safety benefits by a factor of 10 after a barrage of criticism that the methodology for asserting the benefits was flawed.

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D.C. Circuit Poised To Hear States’ Suit Over EPA Ozone Petition Denials

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is poised to hear Jan. 16 oral argument in East Coast states’ suit challenging EPA’s rejection of their petitions seeking direct federal regulation of out-of-state air pollution sources, even as the agency is scrambling to revise its interstate air policy following losses in related D.C. Circuit cases.

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New York, Environmentalists Attack EPA Basis For Ozone Petition Denials

New York and New Jersey, backed by environmental groups, are attacking in new appellate court filings EPA’s basis for rejecting the Empire State’s petition seeking direct federal regulation of out-of-state air pollution sources, echoing claims by Maryland and Delaware in a similar suit that the same court will hear on Jan. 16.

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