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D.C. Circuit Judges Appear Skeptical Of EPA Authority Over Trailer GHGs

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit appeared skeptical at Sept. 15 oral argument of EPA’s authority to limit greenhouse gases from long-haul trailers but did not seem to question if the Transportation Department could regulate the equipment’s fuel economy.

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District Court Approves Harley Air Decree Without ‘Supplemental’ Project

A federal district court has after a long delay approved a modified consent decree between the Justice Department (DOJ) and motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson, ending an EPA Clean Air Act enforcement action against the company and siding with DOJ’s decision to drop a “supplemental” environmental improvement project (SEP) from the decree.

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DOJ opposes petitioner briefing plan in auto GHG suit

The Trump administration is seeking a longer briefing schedule for litigation challenging EPA and the Transportation Department’s rollback of federal auto greenhouse gas standards.

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Ethanol Supporters, Refiners Spar Over EPA Approval Of Year-Round E15

Biofuels industry advocates, refiners and small fuel retailers are sparring over EPA’s approval of year-round sales of 15-percent ethanol fuel (E15), filing new legal briefs in consolidated litigation over the decision while the agency works on additional steps to further bolster sales of E15 long-sought by the biofuels sector.

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Carper seeks IG inquiry into EPA legal defense of water, climate rules

The top Democrat on the Senate environment committee is asking EPA’s Inspector General to investigate “potential irregularities” with the agency’s legal filings in high-profile climate and water rule cases.

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DOJ appeals ruling backing California-Quebec GHG trading link

A district court concluded that California’s decision to link its cap-and-trade program with Quebec’s carbon market did not violate the Constitution’s Foreign Affairs Doctrine.

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Environmentalists sue EPA over Texas haze air program

The National Parks Conservation Association and Sierra Club claim Texas’ program for reducing haze-forming emissions from power plants falls short of Clean Air Act requirements.

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Biden seizes on wildfires to press climate attacks on Trump

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden dubbed President Donald Trump a “climate arsonist,” while Trump during a visit to California downplayed the role of climate change in the state’s massive wildfires.

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EPA, California Float Major Emissions Cheating Settlement With Daimler

EPA, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and California officials have reached a $1.5 billion settlement with automaker Daimler to address emissions cheating in Mercedes-Benz diesel vehicles in what Trump administration officials are calling one of the largest Clean Air Act settlements in history.

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Trump Backs Biofuels With EPA Denial Of Refiners’ RFS Waiver Requests

President Donald Trump is signaling support for the biofuels sector over the oil industry after EPA denied dozens of petitions from small refiners seeking renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers, and the agency is also aiming to remove hurdles to distribution of 15-percent ethanol fuel (E15) blends at retail pumps.

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