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Rights groups seek stricter EPA regulation of industrial air toxics

Civil rights groups are petitioning EPA to use its emergency Clean Air Act powers to abate risks the area faces from industrial emissions of air toxics, citing exposure harms to a community in Louisiana.

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Biden EPA Faces Pressure To End Debate On Regulating AFO Emissions

The Biden administration is facing pressure to resolve a long-running debate over whether and how EPA should regulate animal feeding operations’ (AFOs) emissions of hazardous gases, criteria air pollutants and the greenhouse gas methane, with some states and Congress grappling with either pursuing or blocking AFO air rules.

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Study On Biomass’ Harms May Boost Industry Bid For CO2 Permit Waiver

Harvard researchers are detailing the adverse health impacts from burning biomass and other combustion fuels for power generation, findings that could bolster efforts by some agriculture industry groups who are asking EPA to exempt use of agriculture residues in non-combustion processes, such as bioplastics production, from greenhouse gas permitting.

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Ranchers’ lawsuit over coal plant will test EPA air permit policies

The latest lawsuit from North Dakota ranchers over a coal-fired utility will likely test EPA’s policy on Title V air permit objections, and its policy on “aggregating” air pollution sources for permitting.

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EPA gives confidential RFS waiver data to GAO

The agency will give the Government Accountability Office (GAO) refiners’ confidential data as part of a GAO investigation into EPA’s issuance of renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers.

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EPA Move To Scrap RFS Waivers Signals Stricter Policy On Exemptions

EPA’s recent request for a federal appeals court to scrap and remand last-minute renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers the Trump administration issued to refiner Sinclair signals the Biden administration is pursuing a stricter policy on RFS exemptions regardless of the outcome of a pending Supreme Court waiver lawsuit.

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Health Groups Push Epidemiologists For Overhaul Of EPA Advisory Panels

Public health groups are nominating epidemiologists, toxicologists and other experts to form the membership of EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) and Science Advisory Board (SAB) after Administrator Michael Regan dismissed both committees and sought submissions for a new slate of board members.

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EPA Proposes Phasedown Program For Climate-Warming HFCs

EPA is using new statutory authority to propose a program that would significantly phase down production of climate-warming hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) used as refrigerants and in other sectors, a move that will provide a major boost to the Biden administration’s climate efforts.

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EPA Sets Precedent With Plan To Exclude Most Of Maine From OTC Area

EPA is proposing to grant Maine’s petition seeking to exclude most of the state from the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) region of Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states where tougher ozone controls apply than elsewhere, setting a legal precedent that other OTC areas might cite if they want to leave the regional body.

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EPA Enforcement Official Touts Focus On Mobile Sources To Cut Emissions

A top official in EPA’s Office of Enforcement & Compliance Assurance (OECA) air division is touting the pollution reduction benefits of the agency’s growing focus on stopping violations and ensuring compliance with its mobile source air rules, saying existing cases are helping to secure significant cuts in vehicle emissions.

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