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EPA Poised To Defend Suit Seeking FIPs For Incinerator Air Toxics Policies

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit will hear oral argument Dec. 3 in Sierra Club’s suit that aims to force EPA to issue federal implementation plans (FIPs) imposing its air toxics policies for incinerators in states that have failed to issue state implementation plans (SIPs) for compliance with the rules.

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EPA urges D.C. Circuit against deadlines in ozone designations remand

The agency argues that the court can only impose deadlines on remand orders in “the most egregious cases” and that the suit over ozone attainment findings fails to meet that standard.

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In First Climate Nuisance Appeal, Judge Appears Skeptical Of City’s Claims

An attorney for New York City faced tough questions from a federal appellate judge in the city’s appeal of a district court’s dismissal of its climate nuisance case against major oil companies -- the first of a wave of such cases to be heard by appellate courts and one of just two cases in which lower courts sided with the industry.

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State AG coalition slams EPA plan to scuttle oil & gas methane limits

A group of 20 Democratic-led states and several large cities are floating four legal arguments against EPA’s proposal to drop direct methane standards for new oil and gas facilities.

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Environmentalists threaten suit over EPA’s SIP delays for California

The threatened suit comes in the wake of what California officials say are inaccurate assertions by the Trump administration who charge the state is failing to properly implement the Clean Air Act.

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D.C. Circuit Will Review EPA Duty For Adding ‘Missing’ Toxics To Air Rules

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals of Columbia Circuit will at Dec. 4 oral argument review whether EPA has a Clean Air Act duty to add to existing national emissions standards for hazardous air pollutants (NESHAP) limits for “missing” air toxics not covered under the original versions of the sector-specific policies.

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Environmental groups file new vehicle GHG suit

The litigation in appellate court challenges EPA’s withdrawal of California’s waiver under the Clean Air Act to implement auto greenhouse gas and zero-emission vehicle programs.

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Doubts Linger Over Future Of RFS With Deadline For 2020 Rule Looming

Even as EPA faces a Nov. 30 statutory deadline for finalizing its 2020 renewable fuel standard (RFS) production goals, significant doubts linger over the fate of the program including whether the agency will meet the deadline, potential changes to EPA’s RFS waiver policy, and questions on plans for the program’s future years.

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Lawmakers form bipartisan task force to address EtO

“My constituents are rightly concerned about emissions of [EtO], and that is why we need the U.S. EPA to release science-based rules and educate the public on the threat of EtO,” one of the group’s leaders said.

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Environmental groups demand EPA delay MATS rollback for SAB review

Environmental and public health groups say EPA must delay its final utility air toxics rule rollback, expected within weeks, until the agency’s science advisory board completes its review of the measure.

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