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States, Industry Group At Odds Over Trump EPA's HFC 'Management' Plan

Democratic-led states are at odds with a manufacturing industry coalition over a Trump EPA plan to rescind Obama-era rules extending refrigerant management and leak guidelines to appliances that use hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) that are a potent short-term greenhouse gas.

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Final EPA 2019 RFS Gives Modest Hike To Cellulosic Fuel Production Goal

EPA's final 2019 renewable fuel standard (RFS) production goals largely echo the proposed version of the rule but also include a modest hike for cellulosic biofuel targets over the proposal, disappointing biofuels groups that lobbied EPA to increase all fuel volume categories to compensate for RFS waivers it will likely grant to small refiners.

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EPA Easing 45-Year-Old Enforcement Policy For Aftermarket Vehicle Parts

EPA's enforcement office is moving closer to updating a 45-year-old policy for how the agency enforces against tampering of aftermarket engine parts, including catalytic converters, clarifying that if manufacturers can demonstrate with test data that their products meet emissions requirements, then EPA will exercise discretion to limit enforcement.

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CASAC Members Urge More Time, Special Panel For Ozone NAAQS Review

Members of EPA's Clean Air Scientific Advisory (CASAC) committee are urging the agency to give them more time for their review of the ozone ambient air limit and also revive a disbanded special panel to assist the review, warning that the current process is too quick and could undermine the quality of their scientific advice.

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D.C. Circuit Divided On Merits Of States' Bid To Force EPA OTC Expansion

Appellate judges at Nov. 28 oral argument appeared divided on the merits of Northeastern states' suit aiming to force EPA to expand the Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) of states subject to stricter ozone reduction mandates, with two judges backing the agency's denial of the effort while the third offered some support for the states.

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EPA sends final CSAPR 'close-out' rule for OMB review

Eastern states have faulted the proposed version of EPA's pending final determination that will absolve Eastern states of the need to take further steps to meet the agency's 2008 ozone standard.

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On Eve Of 2019 RFS Final Rule, EPA Said To 'Freeze' Small Refiner Waivers

On the eve of EPA's release of its final 2019 renewable fuel standard (RFS) production goals, the agency is said to have decided to “freeze” its controversial use of RFS waivers for small refiners, reportedly suspending its issuance of waivers pending a review of its methodology following pressure from biofuels groups and fuel retailers.

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Bipartisan Carbon Tax Measure Seeks To Influence House Climate Agenda

A new carbon tax bill lays out the most ambitious bipartisan carbon pricing plan in nearly a decade, as proponents seek to remain relevant ahead of next year's congressional agenda and perhaps turn the page from the recent defeat of a state-level carbon tax ballot measure that omitted industry-favored compromises in the federal plan.

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UN Contradicts Wheeler's Claim That US On Track To Meet Paris GHG Goal

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says the United States is on track to meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals under the Paris Agreement even as it prepares to withdraw from the international climate deal, though a new United Nations report contradicts that claim, finding the U.S. to be far from its reduction pledges.

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Wheeler sees PFAS plan, lead rule in 2019

The acting administrator said he delayed issuance of the lead and copper drinking water rule as he sought a system to prioritize which pipes to replace based on a ranking of their corrosiveness.

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