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Environmentalists Eye Biden EPA To Revitalize Regional Haze Air Program

Environmentalists are looking to the Biden administration to push for more significant reductions in haze-forming air emissions when states submit their second round of pollution-cutting compliance plans this summer under EPA’s regional haze program, after the Trump administration eased haze controls in some states.

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Biofuels industry seeks automakers’ support amid push for EVs

Biofuels producers say they need support from automakers to sustain a market for vehicles using higher ethanol blends, amid a push by electric vehicle (EV) advocates to increase backing for EVs.

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EPA Urged To Withdraw 1986 Catalyst Policy, Add To Anti-Tampering Plan

States are urging EPA to withdraw what they say is an outdated policy issued in 1986 for how the agency will pursue Clean Air Act enforcement actions against illegal aftermarket catalytic converters, and instead incorporate catalysts into its newly revised anti-tampering policy finalized late last year.

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Prospects For Easing California Vehicle GHG Deal Unlikely, Observers Say

Automakers are unlikely to win significant new regulatory flexibility from the Biden administration beyond California’s greenhouse gas deal with five companies that is already weaker than Obama-era rules, according to early appraisals from observers, amid signs of an ongoing auto sector split over the scope and stringency of future vehicle GHG rules.

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Echoing Hearing, Regan Vows To Bolster EPA’s Science, Equity Focus

Michael Regan, President Joe Biden’s nominee for EPA administrator, is vowing in written responses to Senate environment committee Chairman Tom Carper (D-DE) to protect agency scientists from political interference and to make environmental justice (EJ) a cornerstone of EPA actions, echoing commitments from his confirmation hearing.

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Rep. Blunt-Rochester floats bill funding EPA grants to cut ports’ GHGs

The House bill comports with the Biden administration’s new focus on reducing air pollution and health risks for environmental justice communities historically subjected to high pollution levels.

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Biden EPA Faces Pressure To Reissue Biomass Carbon Neutrality Policy

The Biden administration is facing industry pressure to reissue a scrapped EPA draft rule that would declare woody biomass to be carbon neutral for Clean Air Act permitting purposes, including a request to expand the types of biomass that qualify for the declaration to also include agricultural residues.

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EPA Asks D.C. Circuit To Delay Mandate In Decision Vacating CPP Repeal

EPA is asking a federal appeals court to delay issuing part of its mandate in its Jan. 19 ruling vacating the Trump-era Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) utility climate rule that also scrapped a regulation repealing the Obama EPA’s earlier Clean Power Plan (CPP), saying the agency needs time to consider its power plant climate rules “afresh.”

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Governors’ Biofuels Coalition Urges Biden To Boost Ethanol, Support RFS

The Governors’ Biofuels Coalition of 22 states is urging President Joe Biden to pursue several policies that the group argues are essential for boosting the biofuels industry, including issuing overdue EPA renewable fuel standard (RFS) targets for 2021, denying refiners’ requests for RFS compliance waivers, and other measures.

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Trump TSCA Advisory Might Impede Development Of Renewable Fuels

A Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) compliance advisory that the Trump EPA issued in December might impede the development and marketing of some renewable fuels and fuel additives if those fuels have not already been registered on the TSCA inventory of chemicals, according to lawyers tracking the issue.

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