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EPA Defends Air Permit ‘Significant Impact Levels’ Against Sierra Club Suit

EPA, backed by the oil industry, is defending its use of “significant impact levels” (SILs) -- a screening tool to exempt industry air permit applicants from undergoing a full analysis of likely emissions impacts of their projects -- against environmentalist litigation arguing the tool allows unlawful increases in pollution.

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EPA issues audit policy for new oil & gas upstream facilities

The voluntary audit policy would give penalty relief to new owners of upstream oil and gas facilities who voluntarily disclose -- and address -- certain Clean Air Act violations.

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D.C. Circuit poised to hear suit over ending ‘once in’ air toxics policy

EPA argues that a policy memo ending a long-running air toxics policy is not subject to judicial review, urging an appellate court to throw out environmentalists’ suit challenging the memo.

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CBD sues to force EPA decision on Arizona PM limits

Environmentalists are seeking to force EPA to determine whether parts of Arizona have attained federal fine particulate standards.

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EPA Science Advisers Urge New PM NAAQS Panel, Possibly Derailing Review

EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC), which advises the agency on how to set federal air standards, will urge the agency to reconstitute a specialized panel Trump officials disbanded to help review particulate matter (PM) limits, a move that would throw the administration’s timeline for completing its review into disarray.

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Two Democrats Float Cap & Dividend Bill As Route To Carbon Pricing

Key Democrats in both chambers are re-introducing “cap-and-dividend” legislation that would create a greenhouse gas permit program for “first sellers” of carbon-based fuels while rebating all revenues directly to the public, arguing their approach could be the most politically viable route to passing carbon pricing legislation.

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EPA reportedly 'rushed' E15 waiver proposal

EPA justified its decision not to conduct an in-depth review of the plan by arguing the measure would not significantly boost use of 15 percent ethanol blends, according to one report.

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Justices Grapple With Whether To Narrow EPA Regulatory Deference

Supreme Court justices at March 27 oral argument appeared unlikely to completely overturn a key precedent granting deference to EPA and other federal agencies' interpretations of their regulations, though several of the justices appeared open to the Trump administration's call to narrow the deference.

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Environmentalists Hint At Suit If EPA Drops IRIS EtO Value From Air Rules

Environmentalists are warning EPA that any attempt to drop use of its conservative Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) risk values for ethylene oxide (EtO) when crafting air toxics rules would result in unlawful regulations not based on the “best available science,” signaling a likely legal challenge should the agency proceed with the approach.

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Region 6 chief tapped as air office’s top deputy

Anne Isdal’s appointment continues the administration’s practice of having two political appointees serve as air office deputies.

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