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EPA Delays Launch Of Upgraded Ozone Monitoring Network To June 2021

EPA is delaying until June 1, 2021, its already missed June 1, 2019, deadline for launching an enhanced air monitoring network because budget shortfalls mean states lack the resources necessary to implement it, postponing the gathering of more-detailed emissions data that could have assisted states with their air quality planning.

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Bipartisan lawmakers seek to bar EPA rules for racing cars

Bills advancing in both chambers with bipartisan support would clarify that EPA cannot regulate modifications to vehicles that are to be used solely for competition.

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Wheeler Touts Truck NOx Plan To Highlight Business, Environment Pitch

MARSHALL, VA -- EPA is touting its just-released advance notice of proposed rulemaking (ANPR) to update air emission standards for heavy-duty trucks, acknowledging the agency will not finalize new standards until 2021 while still trumpeting progress toward a rare affirmative environmental initiative as business friendly in an election year.

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Former Officials Warn EPA On Failure To Address Ozone NAAQS Ruling

Former EPA officials are warning the agency that its failure in a draft policy document to address a recent appeals court ruling remanding “secondary,” or welfare-based federal ozone standards, back to the agency undermines the ongoing review of ozone limits and may result in a NAAQS rule that is “illegal from the get go."

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Citing Changes, Wheeler Rejects SAB Critique On Auto GHG Rollback

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is largely rejecting draft commentary from the Science Advisory Board (SAB) on the agency’s proposed rollback of Obama-era light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas standards, arguing the advisers’ assessment may no longer be relevant because “a lot has changed” with the proposal.

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States Urge 9th Circuit Not To Stay Deadline For Final EPA Landfill Plan

States that have been pressing for fast EPA implementation of Obama-era landfill methane rules are urging an appeals court to reject the agency’s request that it stay a looming deadline to complete a federal plan while it challenges a lower court’s order rejecting its request to change the deadline.

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Refiners Ask Supreme Court To Review RFS Compliance ‘Obligation’

Refiners are petitioning the Supreme Court for review of EPA’s policy on the renewable fuel standard’s (RFS) compliance mandate, which they say wrongly falls on fuel refiners and importers and not on other entities such as fuel blenders that mix biofuel into the country’s fuel supply.

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Environmentalists warn EPA surface coating air toxics proposal unlawful

Environmentalists are signaling likely legal action against EPA if the agency finalizes a proposal to retain existing air toxics standards for industrial surface coating operations.

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Trump lauds NEPA ahead of proposal to streamline reviews

The president also argues that while the goals of NEPA have not changed, “the environmental review process designed to improve decision making has become increasingly complex and difficult to navigate.”

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Criticizing Rollbacks, SAB Highlights Clash With EPA Over Proper Role

EPA’s science advisers are sharply criticizing several major deregulatory initiatives being advanced by the Trump administration, raising legal threats to those rules while also underscoring the importance of a broader clash between the advisers and Administrator Andrew Wheeler over the board’s future role reviewing such rules.

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