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EPA, biogas producers fight over fate of RFS credit suit

A federal appeals court will soon have to decide whether to hear challenges to EPA’s policy on renewable fuels standard (RFS) credits separate from consolidated litigation over the 2019 and 2020 RFS rules.

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Environmentalists sue EPA over Colorado’s ozone plan

The Center for Biological Diversity’s lawsuit will test EPA policy on the ozone-forming properties of farm emissions, and on meeting ambient air standard deadlines in states’ “good neighbor” air plans.

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EPA sends ozone NAAQS proposal for OMB review

The agency’s pending proposal is expected to suggest leaving in place the ozone national ambient air quality standards set by the Obama administration in 2015.

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Senators’ Queries To EPA Highlight Lingering Division On Future Of RFS

Several senators on the Environment & Public Works Committee (EPW) in recent questions to EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler are highlighting lingering divisions among lawmakers over the future of the renewable fuel standard (RFS), including a deep divide between GOP senators over key aspects of biofuels regulations.

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Boosting HFC Transition, EPA Floats Approving Alternative Substances

EPA is proposing to authorize the use of numerous hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) alternatives in heat pumps, residential air conditions, retail refrigeration and foam, in what environmentalists are greeting as a generally positive development that could speed a federal and state transition to more climate friendly alternative HFCs.

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Environmentalists threaten EPA with suit to force flare emissions review

A coalition of environmental groups plans to file suit against EPA in 60 days in a bid to force an update to EPA’s general requirements that would tighten flare standards across 16 industries.

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‘Shadow’ Air Panel Attacks EPA PM NAAQS Review, Seeks Tougher Limits

An independent “shadow” panel of former EPA air quality advisors is renewing its attacks on EPA’s handling of science for its review of federal air standards for particulate matter (PM), after the agency proposed to retain its existing suite of PM standards despite advice of its staff and the shadow panel that called for tougher air limits.

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LNG NEPA Waiver Plan Wins Industry Support, Environmentalist Criticism

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) plan to categorically exempt its reviews of liquified natural gas (LNG) export projects from the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is being broadly welcomed by industry groups and strongly rejected by environmentalists, according to recently filed written comments.

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5th Circuit stays Texas SIP suit pending resolution to venue fight

The case is one of two in which EPA is fighting environmentalists’ attempts to have the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit hear suits over Texas’ air quality plans.

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Arizona Ozone Lawsuit Tests EPA ‘Exceptional Events’ Air Waiver Policy

Arizona residents are challenging EPA’s policy granting states regulatory waivers for “exceptional” air pollution events such as wildfires and windstorms, filing a federal appeals court suit that may set a precedent for what constitutes adequate proof that an event caused air standards violations in very distant locations.

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