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Auto Sector GHG Stance Signals Ongoing Industry Split, Observers Say

Automakers’ early advocacy regarding the Biden EPA’s push to re-strengthen federal greenhouse gas and fuel economy rules for the sector is prompting some observers to suggest that auto companies remain split on the stringency of near-term regulations.

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Refiners, Biofuels Groups Clash Over EPA Plan To Delay RFS Compliance

Refiners and biofuels groups are fighting over the Trump EPA’s proposal to delay renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance deadlines, with refining groups backing the move and urging the Biden administration to finalize it but biofuels groups condemning it as an 11th-hour effort by the Trump administration to “undermine” the RFS.

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‘Plantwide’ Refinery Air Permit Spurs Dueling EPA Appeals Board Cases

A Trump EPA-issued air permit for an oil refiner based in the U.S. Virgin Islands is spurring dueling cases before the agency’s Environmental Appeals Board (EAB), with the company seeking to scrap a novel environmental justice emissions monitoring mandate while environmentalists pursue a challenge claiming the permit is too weak.

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Environmentalists threaten suit over EPA chemical NSPS policy delay

Sierra Club and other environmental groups say the agency is years behind schedule on issuing Clean Air Act-mandated guidelines to implement emissions standards for synthetic organic chemical manufacturers.

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D.C. Circuit Suspends Lawsuit Over Preempting State Auto GHG Rules

An appellate court is suspending the consolidated legal challenge to the Trump administration’s preemption of state vehicle greenhouse gas programs, in response to a Biden administration request to pause the case while it considers whether to restore states’ authority under the Clean Air Act.

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In Loss For Biofuels Sector, District Court Rejects RFS Waiver FOIA Suit

A federal district court has dealt biofuels supporters a loss by largely rejecting their Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit seeking information on refiners that receive EPA renewable fuel standard (RFS) economic hardship compliance waivers, a decision that will make it harder for biofuels groups to challenge future RFS waivers.

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Pro-Biofuels Senators Urge EPA To Reject RFS Compliance Exemptions

Democratic and GOP senators from biofuels-producing states are urging EPA to reject several dozen pending requests from refiners for renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers, citing a federal appeals court ruling they say justifies a strict threshold for granting such exemptions as they seek to defend the future of the RFS.

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D.C. Circuit delays suit over EPA E15 fuel approval until April

Postponing oral argument in the case gives the Biden administration additional time to review its position on the Trump EPA’s rule authorizing year-round sales of 15-percent ethanol fuel.

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Senate bill seeks to reduce estimates of biofuels’ GHGs

Lowering the estimated greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels could provide justification for EPA to take steps to promote increased biofuels consumption.

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EPA defends push for abeyance in E15 litigation

If a federal appeals court grants abeyance in the suit as the Biden administration is requesting, oil-sector groups claim they will be harmed by summertime sales of 15-percent ethanol fuel.

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