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SAFE Rule Delay May Boost Profile Of Suit Over EPA Auto GHG ‘Finding’

The Trump administration’s timetable for completing its rollback of vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards has slipped such that a final rule is not expected before an appellate court holds oral argument in litigation over EPA’s decision to reopen the Obama-era standards.

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Biofuels Maker Sues EPA For Rejecting RFS Fuel Target Test Methodology

Cellulosic biofuel manufacturer POET Biorefining is suing EPA over the agency’s disapproval of a proprietary fuel testing method that EPA says cannot guarantee compliance with renewable fuel standard (RFS) requirements for the qualities of cellulosic fuel, a decision that could further hinder growth in the cellulosic fuel sector.

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Energy & Commerce leaders to unveil climate plan details

Top Democrats on the House Energy & Commerce Committee are scheduled to unveil more details on their climate policy plans, ahead of a July 24 hearing on achieving “deep decarbonization” of the economy.

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Court won’t rehear FERC GHG case, but new request filed

Appellate judges refused to consider a three-judge panel’s ruling in a high-profile challenge to a gas pipeline project, though the court is facing a similar request in a related case over a different project.

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ACE Backers Reach ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement’ Not To Raise Key CPP Claim

Industry and state supporters of EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant greenhouse gas rule are expected to ignore a key argument they made against the Obama-era climate rule it is replacing, reaching a “gentlemen’s agreement” among themselves not to raise the issue in forthcoming litigation over the rule.

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Group projects massive GHGs from federal oil, gas drilling

The Trump administration is resisting calls to estimate the lifecycle GHGs from its leasing decisions, but one environmental group projects that leases approved since 2017 could generate 5.2 billion tons of emissions.

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Fearing Broad Precedent, Industry, States Fight New York’s Ozone Petition

Midwestern industry groups and states are pushing back hard against New York’s petition for EPA to regulate ozone pollution from hundreds of power plants and other facilities in upwind states, fearing it would set a precedent that could allow regulation of sources on a scale previously unseen and in sectors previously unaffected by such petitions.

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AGs Hint At Suit Over EPA’s Planned Denial Of New York’s 126 Petition

The Democratic attorneys general (AGs) of New York and New Jersey, along with New York City, are indicating their willingness to sue EPA if the agency follows through on plans to deny the Empire State’s landmark Clean Air Act section 126 petition seeking regulation of hundreds of upwind pollution sources, opening the door to a legal battle on the reach of the agency’s power.

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EPA eyeing school, day-care sampling in draft lead & copper rule

The agency’s proposed revisions to the lead and copper drinking water rule expected within the next month will include the possibility of new mandatory testing at schools.

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UCS Documents Rise Of Lethal Heat, Boosting Calls For Climate Policy

As large swaths of the country face a record-breaking heat wave, environmentalists are warning that unchecked climate change will cause extreme and deadly heat across the country and bring “unprecedented” health risks, underscoring their calls for deep cuts in carbon emissions as well as to take major steps to adapt to the threat.

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