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EPA expands self-audit to all upstream oil, gas facilities

The agency is seeking to expand the program that previously allowed new owners to win penalty and other relief after states and industry groups expressed skepticism about it.

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As RMP Rule Promulgated, Groups Sue Over EPA’s Facility Safety Rollback

A coalition of environmentalists has filed suit against EPA’s rollback of an Obama-era regulation tightening facility safety mandates on the same day the measure was promulgated, arguing the Trump administration has removed nearly all disaster-prevention measures and weakened many of the other protections that were in the 2017 rule.

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EPA Says 2020 RFS Shift Boosts Biofuels But Ethanol Advocates Doubtful

EPA says its just-issued 2020 renewable fuel standard (RFS) includes a policy shift aimed at better compensating for biofuels production volumes that will likely be lost to small refiner waivers next year, but ethanol advocates doubt the agency will deliver on its promise because it has “a poor track record” of accounting for lost biofuels production.

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Seeking Speedy Ruling, DOJ Asks Court To Fast-Track Auto Waiver Suit

The Trump administration is urging an appellate court to put litigation over its rule preempting California and other states’ auto greenhouse gas rules on a fast track, calling for a schedule that includes oral argument before next summer and a potential ruling by the end of the year.

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Over 30 senators backing new EPA rules on HFCs

Growing Senate support for the bill raises the question about whether Congress can shift the Trump administration’s lukewarm stance on HFC policy.

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OIG to review EPA's rulemaking process

The audit could assess the Trump administration’s unusual process when it first crafted its controversial science transparency rule.

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EPA reclassifies Denver to ‘serious’ ozone nonattainment

The agency’s decision will require a host of new air pollution controls including for the booming oil and gas industry on Colorado’s front range.

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Environmentalists, States Warn DOJ Might Not Defend Trailer GHG Rule

Environmental groups and states that support Obama EPA greenhouse gas rules for tractor trailers say they may be the only parties to defend the standards in upcoming litigation, warning that the Trump administration might not defend the rules in court even though the administration supports an industry push to restart litigation over the rules.

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Booker floats Senate bill to eliminate large CAFOs by 2040

Senator Cory Booker’s bill would suspend construction of major concentrated animal feeding operations, and ultimately force existing facilities to either shrink or shut down.

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CASAC Delivers Split Verdict Against More Stringent PM2.5 Air Standard

EPA’s Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee (CASAC) has delivered a split verdict on whether the agency should tighten its annual standard for fine particulate matter (PM2.5), reflecting profound disagreements between the panel’s majority that opposes a tougher limit, and its sole research scientist who supports tightening the standard.

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