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Senators seek to fully fund EPA's lead-in-drinking-water programs

Senators urge appropriators to fund lead mitigation programs at authorized levels.

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Former Officials Warn Trump Budget Plan May Stymie EPA Compliance

Former top environmental officials in the Obama administration say President Donald Trump's proposed fiscal year 2018 budget for EPA is so draconian that it suggests the new administration does not understand the agency's obligations under environmental laws because it will not be able to meet those obligations.

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Trump's FY18 Budget Would Maintain Smaller, 'Refocused' IRIS Program

EPA's proposed budget for fiscal year 2018 seeks to preserve a smaller version of the agency's influential but often controversial Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS), which had been slated for elimination in an early budget memo, signaling the program will be devoted in part to assessing substances under the revised toxics law and other mandatory regulatory programs.

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EPA's FY18 budget request: A recap of our coverage

A wrap up of our recent coverage of EPA's budget request and what it means for states, the administration's efforts to reshape the agency and its regulatory agenda, climate policy and more.

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States Eye Reduced Environmental Programs To Absorb FY18 Budget Cuts

State officials are signaling openness to cutting or significantly scaling back their environmental programs in order to absorb EPA's proposed massive fiscal year 2018 cut to grants that help states implement federal environmental laws and rules, with some states even weighing returning delegated EPA programs back to the agency.

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Critics Say EPA's FY18 Cuts Undermine Trump Efforts To Boost Economy

The Trump administration's proposed budget for EPA is sparking push back from environmentalists and state officials who say the steep proposed cuts would actually impose significant costs on industries, communities and the broader economy, in contrast to administration promises that scaling back EPA rules would boost prosperity.

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Amid Sea Of Cuts, FY18 Budget Seeks To Boost Funds For Reshaping EPA

Even as the White House is proposing to slash much of EPA's budget in fiscal year 2018, it is seeking an almost $70 million increase compared to FY17 to encourage early retirements and cut the agency's workforce, as well as a smaller increase to implement its deregulatory efforts, which some observers have said could be threatened by the proposed cuts.

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Budget Plan Severely Limits EPA Climate Work With No Sign Of Expansion

The Trump White House's fiscal year 2018 budget proposal calls for steep cuts to EPA's climate change policy and research, limiting the agency's climate work to greenhouse gas reporting and some existing GHG regulations while signaling that the agency does not intend to strengthen the climate programs it does maintain.

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White House Rejects Calls To Maintain Popular EPA Programs In FY18 Budget

The White House is doubling down on its plans to slash popular EPA programs in its just-released fiscal year 2018 budget proposal, offering justifications for the cuts that reject growing calls from lawmakers, industry and other groups who have been lobbying hard to preserve the funds.

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Carper presses Pruitt for enforcement data

The data Carper is seeking could play a role in the confirmation of EPA enforcement nominee Susan Bodine.

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