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Democrat's bill would exempt EPA from Trump's hiring freeze

The bill is unlikely to advance but could help support Democrats' narrative that staff cuts at EPA will impede core functions such as permit approvals.

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White House Seeks To Start EPA's Budget Cuts In FY17, Sparking New Fight

Sparking a new battle over Trump administration plans to slash federal spending, the White House is proposing to cut an additional $247 million from EPA's budgets when the current spending authorization for fiscal year 2017 expires at the end of April, arguing in part that the effort will “ease the transition” to the more severe cuts being sought for FY18.

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EPA's Buyout Program Could Bolster Trump's FY18 Restructuring Plan

EPA's Inspector General (IG) has found that the agency has made steady progress to attain its 2014 restructuring goals using a voluntary buyout program, potentially bolstering efforts by the Trump administration to use the program to significantly scale back the agency's workforce in fiscal year 2018.

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Proponents Push To Boost Brownfields, Superfund In Rebuke To Trump's Cuts

Proponents of EPA's cleanup programs are pushing to shore up funding in a rebuke of the Trump administration's proposed spending cuts, with bipartisan House lawmakers eying brownfields legislation amid a strong push by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, as well as city, county and state officials, who have advocated for the program in recent weeks.

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Early Chaos Raises Doubts On Trump's Ability To Enact EPA Agenda

Chaos and infighting at the White House and EPA are raising doubts about whether President Donald Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt will be able to enact their ambitious deregulatory agenda at the agency, industry, Republican, and environmentalist sources say, with the instability giving some administration critics newfound hope.

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Former EPA Officials Warn Climate Budget Cuts Might Hurt Other Programs

Former EPA officials are warning that President Donald Trump's proposed massive budget cuts for the agency's climate change activities in fiscal year 2018 would likely hurt unrelated EPA programs, because statutory mandates mean the government would eventually have to divert funds to global warming efforts in lieu of the other programs.

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Court's Air Rule Deadlines Add To Growing EPA Budget, Staffing Problem

A federal district court has issued an order setting a near three-year deadline for EPA to issue 13 overdue air toxics rules days after the same court imposed a similar mandate for issuing 20 other delayed air toxics rules, creating a growing problem for the agency to meet the legal deadlines at a time of massive proposed budget and staffing cuts.

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House Democrats Warn Budget Cuts Will Hinder GOP NAAQS Reform Push

House Democrats are warning Republicans that President Donald Trump's proposed massive budget cuts to EPA and federal grants to states will hinder the GOP's legislative push to ease implementation of the agency's ambient air standards, saying the cuts would make it harder for states to meet the standards even if the bill became law.

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Democrats resist 'dangerous' EPA budget cuts

The number of signatories falls short of what Democrats need to thwart a filibuster but it still suggests the cuts will be difficult if not impossible to enact.

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EPA sets guidelines for Gold King cost reimbursement

EPA's guidance for governmental entities seeking reimbursement for the costs of cleaning up the 2015 wastewater spill urges the use of “cooperative agreements” that it says will ease barriers to repayment.

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