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Deregulation Backers Hedge On Significance Of Initial Trump Rollbacks

Free-market and other proponents of deregulation are reserving judgment -- at least publicly -- on the progress of the Trump administration's pledge to rollback environmental and other regulations, even as administration officials tout their initial successes in withdrawing or reconsidering rules at EPA and other federal agencies.

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EPA names 12 projects eligible for WIFIA loans

EPA identified the first 12 projects eligible to receive funds from the new infrastructure loan program.

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House Panel's Approval Of EPA Spending Bill Offers Prelude To Further Talks

The House Appropriations Committee has approved an EPA spending bill for fiscal year 2018 that provides the agency with significantly more than what the Trump administration had sought though the bill's passage offers a prelude to further negotiations among both House and Senate lawmakers over funding levels and policy riders.

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EPA finds 'separation offers' can save $207 million

EPA's documents detail exactly how the agency expects to implement its staff buyouts and early retirements.

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NAS Urges EPA To Create New Surveillance Program For Low-Dose Effects

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is urging EPA in a new report to set up a new surveillance program to monitor scientific literature and new studies about health effects occurring at low exposures to endocrine disrupting chemicals, in part because of concern that EPA's existing regulatory testing methods might miss these effects by not regularly testing at lower dose levels.

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House Report Maintains Voluntary Programs Despite Embrace Of EPA Cuts

House lawmakers are formally spurning the Trump administration's proposal to eliminate numerous voluntary programs at EPA, including its Energy Star and Water Sense programs, signaling congressional support for the programs even though the agency's fiscal year 2018 spending bill continues a steady erosion in funding for EPA.

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House Panel Advances SDWA Bill To Boost EPA Infrastructure Loan Funding

A House subcommittee has advanced with bipartisan support a draft Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) reauthorization bill that would boost funding for EPA's water infrastructure loans and expand the agency's reviews of state programs, even as Senate Democrats are pressing the agency to step up its SDWA oversight, especially on lead contamination.

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NAS Panel Expected To Advise EPA On Developing Low-Dose Toxicity Tests

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) will release next week a report on the health effects that some chemicals may cause at low exposure levels, or doses -- a situation that NAS will say EPA's existing regulatory toxicology testing approaches does not address, though the Trump administration budget sought to eliminate one such program.

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Pruitt Sets Longer-Term Plans To Remake EPA, Secure Deregulatory Agenda

Even as EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt works to roll back a host of Obama-era rules as a relatively short-term priority, he is preparing a set of medium-term plans for the agency's budget and policy agenda that would remake the agency and institutionalize the Trump administration's deregulatory agenda.

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Democrats Criticize EPA FY18 Bill Despite Rejection Of Trump Budget Cuts

The House Appropriations Committee's interior panel has approved EPA's fiscal year 2018 spending bill over objections from Democrats who fault the measure's overall proposed $528 million cut to the agency's existing roughly $8 billion, even though that cut is significantly smaller than under President Donald Trump's FY18 budget plan.

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