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Observers Brace For Trump Reorganization Plan With EPA Impact Unclear

The Trump administration is expected to release as soon as June 21 a broad plan for reorganizing the federal government, though some observers doubt the plan will spur broad proposed changes at EPA, such as closing of regional offices, despite calls from some to do so.

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Inspector General Details Broad Review Of EPA Programs In Annual Plan

EPA's Office of Inspector General (OIG) is laying out a broad agenda for the remainder of fiscal year 2018 that ranges from reviews of the agency's regulatory oversight on key media and research programs to internal staffing and management as well as previously announced inquiries into Administrator Scott Pruitt's controversial security, spending and hiring.

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Senate appropriators order PFAS review's release

“ATSDR is directed to publish to the Federal Register, within 15 days of enactment, the proposed toxicological profile,” Senate appropriators said.

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Senators Fail To Reach Deal On Ethics Oversight Measure In EPA FY19 Bill

Senate appropriators have failed, for now, to reached agreement on including language in EPA's pending fiscal year 2019 funding bill that would make violations of federal ethics standards a violation of appropriations law, a measure Democrats say is driven by scandals at agencies including EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's controversies.

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Senate FY19 Bill Retains EPA's $8 Billion Funding, Excludes Policy Riders

The Senate Appropriations Committee interior panel that oversees EPA's funding has approved fiscal year 2019 legislation that would retain the agency's existing $8.058 billion and exclude any new controversial riders affecting EPA policies, setting up a clash with the House's bill that would cut funding and includes several contested riders.

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EPA IG starts review of ORD's research grant oversight

The review seeks to ensure grants are awarded in accordance with applicable laws and grantees complete agreed-upon work.

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House rescinds environment funds but spares EPA

The final measure dropped an earlier plan to cut $10 million in unspent EPA grant funds.

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House Democrats Force GOP Votes On FY19 Oversight Of Pruitt's Ethics

House Democrats used an appropriations panel markup of EPA's fiscal year 2019 funding bill to force GOP votes on amendments targeting agency Administrator Scott Pruitt's ethics problems, but Republicans largely rejected the efforts -- including a proposal to increase funding for EPA's inspector general (IG), which is investigating several ethics issues.

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GOP Retains EPA Policy Riders In FY19 Bill, Setting Up Further Hill Fights

Republicans on the House Appropriations Committee have rejected Democratic efforts to remove from EPA's fiscal year 2019 funding bill riders that would curtail the agency's power, including undoing its Clean Water Act (CWA) jurisdiction rule, previewing policy fights when the full House and Senate seek to negotiate a final spending bill.

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EPA union sues administration over Trump's labor time order

The new suit targets President Donald Trump's order limiting union members' “official time” during the workday, but does not address other orders aimed at limiting federal unions bargaining power.

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