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Pennsylvania Faults EPA's FY18-22 Strategic Plan For 'Neglecting' Climate

Pennsylvania environment regulators and public health groups are faulting EPA's omission of climate change from its recent draft strategic plan for fiscal years 2018-2022, calling it a “glaring oversight” that shirks the agency's responsibility to help tackle a global challenge and will harm efforts to achieve the plan's other goals.

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EPA working to tighten contracting policies after IG report

EPA is crafting an array of new internal guidances for release in early 2018 designed to cut back on contracts that do not guarantee a fixed price for the services the agency receives.

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EPA Brownfields Grants To States Face Cuts Despite Increased Demand

An EPA brownfields official is warning state officials of expected cuts to the grants the agency gives states annually to support brownfields programs -- even if Congress restores some of the funding the Trump administration proposed to eliminate -- noting the likely reductions come as demand among states and tribes for the grants continues to rise.

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IG's FY18 Plan Highlights Discretionary Work Cuts Under Tight EPA Budget

EPA's Inspector General (IG) has released its work plan for fiscal year 2018 that significantly reduces discretionary projects such as self-initiated reviews of “high risk” programs and focuses on work mandated by law, underscoring IG Arthur Elkins, Jr.'s prior warnings that proposed budget cuts will hamper much discretionary work.

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Environmentalists, States Wary Of Trump EPA's 'Cooperative Federalism'

Environmentalists and some state regulators are wary of the Trump EPA's push to bolster “cooperative federalism” by giving states more authority on environmental protection, with environmentalists saying it is a “misleading” plan that will weaken safeguards while states say similar agency commitments in the past have failed to materialize.

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Inspector general to audit EPA 'senior employment' grants

The inspector general will audit an EPA program that provides grants for unemployed or retired adults at least 55 years old to work on state or federal environmental duties.

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ECOS, EPA Eye Metrics To Reduce State Program Reviews, Boost Flexibility

Todd Parfitt, president of the Environmental Council of the States (ECOS), says the group of state environmental regulators is working with EPA to craft metrics for reducing agency reviews of state programs in order to free up limited resources and bolster agency Administrator Scott Pruitt's goal of delegating more environmental protection work to states with increased flexibility in how states achieve those goals.

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States, Water Utilities Seek Funding Boost In Trump's Infrastructure Plan

States and water utilities are urging the White House to include increased federal funding for drinking water and wastewater projects as part of the Trump administration's upcoming national infrastructure package, arguing that private investment alone cannot fix a funding gap caused by cuts to EPA water infrastructure funds and money for states.

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Former EPA Staff Say Budget Cuts Will Hinder 'Meaningless' Strategic Plan

Former EPA officials are criticizing the Trump administration's draft plan outlining the agency's broad priorities for 2018 through 2022 as an “almost meaningless” document, and saying that proposed budget cuts will hinder EPA's ability to even achieve the plan's vague goals let alone adequately protect public health and the environment.

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Hiring For Pruitt Security Detail Seen As Drain On Enforcement Resources

A retired EPA enforcement officer says the agency's move to add security staff for Administrator Scott Pruitt's protection detail is a “shell game” that will drain at least $2 million from the enforcement office, while a current career official says the move will free up criminal investigators who were temporarily transferred to the detail.

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