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ORD seeks ICR to survey external researchers on its work

ORD is developing the ICR in response to a recommendation from the agency’s Inspector General.

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Great Lakes groups press candidates on water agenda

A coalition is asking 2020 presidential candidates to commit to increased funding and enforcement to address clean water and drinking water issues in the region.

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States Accept EPA Delay Of Air Monitor Network, Fault Inadequate Funds

States are reluctantly accepting EPA’s proposal to delay by up to two years the rollout of an enhanced air monitoring network required under an Obama-era regulation, a move that the agency says is because states are not fully prepared to implement the network but that states say is due to inadequate EPA funds to assist them.

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House panel eyes EPA estuary panel reauthorization

The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee appears likely to move a legislative package, perhaps by the end of the year, to reauthorize several related EPA estuary restoration programs.

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House Approves FY20 Limits On Trump EPA, Though Next Steps Unclear

House Democrats have approved fiscal year 2020 spending legislation for EPA and other agencies that includes numerous provisions blocking Trump administration environmental rollbacks, though it is far from clear whether the provisions will survive negotiations with the GOP-controlled Senate and the White House.

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Facing Veto Threat, House Readies Debate On Trump EPA Rollbacks

Even as they face a veto threat from the White House, House Democratic leaders have teed up debate on EPA’s fiscal year 2020 spending bill, allowing for floor consideration of amendments that would block several Trump EPA priorities, including measures that roll back climate rules for new power plants and attack the basis for mercury limits.

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Johnson eyes Senate to push EPA to fund children’s research centers

House appropriators’ calls for EPA to fund the program is a “step in the right direction,” say staff for the science committee chair, adding that she “hopes the Senate can have similar language in their report.”

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OIG Touts $295 Million Savings For EPA But Sees No Environmental Gains

EPA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) says that at the halfway point of fiscal year 2019 it has more than tripled its target for annual “return on investment” by producing $295 million in cost savings, monetary benefits and additional fines for the agency, but achieved no environmental improvements or regulatory changes in the same period.

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EPA’s infrastructure disaster funds delayed

Opposition from a lone GOP lawmaker is delaying House passage of a disaster relief bill that includes more than $420 million for EPA.

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Agencies Appear Poised To Narrow Children's Health Research Grant Focus

EPA and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) are poised to end grant funding they have jointly provided for the past two decades to more than a dozen children's health research centers though officials say they will provide some funds for children's health issues though it is likely to be significantly less, and more narrowly focused, than in the past.

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