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Sen. Udall seeks EPA plan for increasing staffing

As EPA moves to reorganize its regional offices, Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM) is requesting that the Trump administration move to bolster staffing and enforcement.

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Advisers Debate Role In Helping EPA Boost Stormwater Funding Availability

EPA financial advisers have agreed to serve as a congressionally mandated panel to give the agency advice on stormwater infrastructure funding, though some of the advisers are raising concerns about their ability to provide independent advice when EPA will use the group's recommendations in an upcoming report to Congress.

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EPA Advisers Urge Creation Of Stormwater-Specific Infrastructure Funding

An EPA advisory board is urging the agency to create a new stormwater infrastructure financing program, either through a stand-alone mechanism or the expansion of existing EPA funding programs, after the agency sought recommendations on how to fund projects that allow water utilities to be more resilient to natural disasters.

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EPA Begins 'Disruptive' Regional Office Shuffle Despite Enforcement Fears

EPA is launching a long-planned reorganization of its regional offices in a bid to improve coordination between agency headquarters and its regions, despite fears from some agency staff that the “disruptive” shuffle could weaken enforcement and claims that EPA has not taken adequate steps to minimize the overhaul's adverse impacts.

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House Plans Water Infrastructure Push But Faces Senate, Budget Hurdles

As lawmakers gear up to advance highway infrastructure legislation, House Democrats are planning to push new water infrastructure legislation this year to provide additional funding for utility repairs and upgrades as well as to address affordability concerns, though they are facing procedural and funding challenges.

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Democrats Charge EPA Shift Of IRIS Staff To TSCA Violates Spending Law

Democratic appropriators are urging EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to restore the Integrated Risk Information System (IRIS) program's scaled-back agenda and return staff that had been shifted to the toxics office, charging their redirection amounts to a cut to the IRIS budget in violation of congressional appropriations.

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Bipartisan House group seeks DOD funding boost for PFAS cleanups

The PFAS Task Force is urging appropriators to provide “robust” funding to remediate PFAS contamination at both active and closed military bases.

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House Democrats Unveil Bill To Block Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal

House Democrats have unveiled new legislation that would bar use of federal funds to withdraw from the Paris climate deal and require the Trump administration to develop a plan to meet the U.S. emissions targets, signaling a clash with the White House over the issue should lawmakers seek to enact such mandates in upcoming spending legislation.

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Senate supplemental bill would give EPA $414 million for disaster work

The GOP-backed Senate bill would support EPA’s work addressing impacts from hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes as well as other disasters, but Democrats say it underfunds disaster relief in Puerto Rico.

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EPA Seeks More Funding For TSCA Program As Activities Increase In 2020

The Trump administration is once again proposing to increase the budget for EPA's toxics office, a rare bump up for an EPA program, as it works to implement the bipartisan reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), an effort that is a priority to industry and agency leaders as they gain insight on the resources needed to operate the new program.

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