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McCaskill Criticizes Trump Administration Efforts To Cut EPA IG's Budget

A top Senate Democrat is criticizing Trump administration proposals to cut funding for EPA's Office of Inspector General (IG), a move that may help preserve separate congressional spending plans that propose to increase the office's funds in fiscal year 2019 just as officials battle to address increased work loads due in part to inquiries into former Administrator Scott Pruitt.

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NEJAC Doubts Prospect For Water Infrastructure Fixes Absent Funding Boost

EPA's environmental justice advisors are urging the agency in a draft report to build a broad coalition to press Congress to increase funding for affordable, safe and reliable drinking water, arguing that without the funds, the agency will not be able to advance their advice to address what they call “a defining problem of the 21st century.”

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EPA Eyes Alternative Metrics For Revised Water Affordability Guidance

EPA is exploring at least three new metrics for measuring communities' ability to afford water infrastructure projects as it seeks to respond to congressional and other pressure to revise existing guidance to account for utilities' infrastructure needs and enforcement compliance and move beyond its current, controversial metric of median household income (MHI).

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Senate Approves FY19 Bill Maintaining EPA Funds, Teeing Up House Fight

The Senate has approved a “minibus” fiscal year 2019 spending bill that largely maintains EPA's existing funding level, teeing up a fight with the House that has already approved an FY19 measure to cut funding for the agency's budget by between $100 million and half a billion dollars, depending on which programs are counted as base EPA funding.

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District Judge Urged To Reconsider Ruling Rejecting Nonpoint Funds Suit

Environmentalists are urging a federal district court judge to reconsider a decision finding they lack standing to challenge EPA and the Commerce Department's failure to withhold funds to prevent nonpoint source pollution in Washington state, arguing the judge changed the test for standing without notice.

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Draft Senate Bill Slashes Controversial EPA Water Infrastructure Program

Draft legislation the Senate is slated to consider as soon as next week proposes to slash authorized funding levels for a controversial EPA water infrastructure loan guarantee program -- to roughly 5 percent of what the environment committee originally approved -- in order to comply with Senate budget rules.

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Sanders amendment would require PFAS groundwater study

Sanders' amendment would require completion of such a study, “in not less than 5 regions,” within one year of enactment.

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Shuster Infrastructure Bill Boosts WIFIA But Stops Short Of Senate Approach

A draft bill floated by Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA), the departing chairman of the House transportation committee, proposes a series of steps to bolster EPA's nascent water infrastructure loan guarantee program but stops short of backing the more far-reaching overhaul that the Senate is expected to vote on this summer.

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House Bill Sponsor Balks At Senate Compromise On EPA's PRIA Program

The Republican sponsor of a bill seeking to reauthorize EPA's authority to collect industry fees to support timely pesticide reviews is declining, for now, to back a Senate-passed compromise that would extend the program in exchange for preserving two Obama-era farmworker protection rules that the Trump administration had sought to roll back.

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House Increases EPA's FY19 Cut, Adds Slate Of New Policy Riders

The House has approved on party lines EPA's fiscal year 2019 spending bill, a measure that increases the size of a proposed cut to the agency's core funding while also adding several riders to restrict the agency's authority, including blocking enforcement of EPA's methane rule, barring regulation of truck trailers and prohibiting the use of a carbon cost-benefit metric.

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