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Bipartisan House group seeks DOD funding boost for PFAS cleanups

The PFAS Task Force is urging appropriators to provide “robust” funding to remediate PFAS contamination at both active and closed military bases.

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House Democrats Unveil Bill To Block Withdrawal From Paris Climate Deal

House Democrats have unveiled new legislation that would bar use of federal funds to withdraw from the Paris climate deal and require the Trump administration to develop a plan to meet the U.S. emissions targets, signaling a clash with the White House over the issue should lawmakers seek to enact such mandates in upcoming spending legislation.

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Senate supplemental bill would give EPA $414 million for disaster work

The GOP-backed Senate bill would support EPA’s work addressing impacts from hurricanes, wildfires and earthquakes as well as other disasters, but Democrats say it underfunds disaster relief in Puerto Rico.

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EPA Seeks More Funding For TSCA Program As Activities Increase In 2020

The Trump administration is once again proposing to increase the budget for EPA's toxics office, a rare bump up for an EPA program, as it works to implement the bipartisan reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), an effort that is a priority to industry and agency leaders as they gain insight on the resources needed to operate the new program.

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Despite Wheeler Pledge, EPA Seeks To Kill Lead Risk Reduction Program

The Trump administration is proposing to eliminate EPA's Lead Risk Reduction Program in fiscal year 2020 despite pledges from Administrator Andrew Wheeler and other top officials who said when unveiling an inter-agency lead strategy late last year that reducing children's exposures to the metal and its risks is a priority.

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Udall will not seek 2020 re-election

The two-term Democrat says not running in 2020 will allow him to better focus on climate change, the environment and other issues he see as “real crises.”

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EPA Bid For Stricter State Oversight Clashes With Plan To Cut FY20 Grants

EPA in its fiscal year 2020 budget request vows to ramp up oversight of states’ federally delegated environmental programs in response to concerns from its inspector general (IG), but state regulators are telling Congress that the agency’s FY20 proposal to slash its grants to states could cripple their ability to administer those programs.

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Despite FY20 Infrastructure Cuts, Wheeler Calls Drinking Water Top Priority

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says he will make drinking water improvements a top priority for the agency, including infrastructure upgrades and measures to boost the quality of water supplies, even as he is seeking to cut funding for many EPA infrastructure programs and is downplaying climate change as a water supply threat.

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EPA FY20 Budget Increases States’ Duties While Cutting Assistance Funds

EPA’s just-released justification to Congress for its fiscal year 2020 budget details an aggressive plan for shifting significant environmental oversight to states either through delegated authority or slashing programs that complement states’ work, but it also seeks deep cuts to funds that could help states pay for the increased workload.

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EPA Regional Reorganization Spurs Staff ‘Chaos,’ Enforcement Concerns

EPA is pushing ahead with a major reorganization of its regional offices that includes reassigning long-running enforcement directors and changing some staffers’ duties, changes that an agency source fears will cause “chaos” and further weaken already declining enforcement despite EPA’s vow to minimize adverse impacts on staff.

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