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Lawmakers Press New Region 5 Administrator On Enforcement, Staffing

Congressional Democrats from the Great Lakes region are urging the new EPA Region 5 administrator to boost enforcement and staffing levels over concerns low numbers are harming the agency’s work.

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As EPA Floats Lists, Industry Fears Millions In New Fees For TSCA Analyses

EPA has released preliminary lists of thousands of companies that may have to cover the costs of assessing the next 20 chemicals the agency will begin evaluating this year under the revised toxics law, leaving companies wondering how much of the up to $1.35 million per chemical they will be charged when the list is finalized.

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House Democrats press EPA for answers on Superfund backlog

“Unfortunately, the increase in the number of unfunded cleanups of Superfund sites follows repeated proposed budget cuts to the Superfund program,” three lawmakers say.

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California Governor’s 5-Year, $12.5 Billion Climate Budget Draws Mixed Views

California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) proposed five-year, $12.5 billion budget for a broad suite of climate change programs -- including numerous projects to reduce greenhouse gases, promote resilience and transition to a “carbon-free” economy through investments in advanced technologies -- is drawing mixed reviews from stakeholders.

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Critics Say Superfund Backlog Reflects EPA Cleanup, Funding Contradiction

EPA’s growing backlog in funding new construction work at Superfund sites shows the agency has been disingenuous about touting Superfund as a priority while failing to ask Congress for sufficient funds for the program and also signals an insufficient focus on orphan sites, which lack a viable responsible party, agency critics say.

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As New Contract Talks Begin, EPA Unions Seek Employee ‘Bill Of Rights’

As they resume long-stalled contract talks with agency officials, EPA’s largest employee union is urging Administrator Andrew Wheeler to back its newly released “workers’ bill of rights,” as part of any new contract, a document that calls for “scientific integrity in EPA work,” the ability to research and address climate change and full funding.

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EPA reports highest backlog of unfunded Superfund cleanups

The backlog of 34 sites where the agency was unable to fund construction stands in contrast to top officials’ claims that quickly cleaning up sites is a priority.

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Facing Doubts, EPA Eyes Budget To Boost Alternative Testing ‘Moonshot’

EPA’s research chief is looking to the agency’s pending appropriations for fiscal year 2020 to bolster Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s “moonshot” directive to eliminate EPA’s use of animal testing by 2035 and develop a host of new alternate chemical test methods (NAM) in the face of doubts that the agency is providing sufficient funds to the effort.

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EPA Wins $200 Million Boost In Lawmakers’ FY20 Spending ‘Minibus’

House and Senate lawmakers have released consensus spending bills for the remainder of fiscal year 2020 that would raise EPA’s annual budget to $9 billion, an increase of $207 million over FY19 levels, according to a summary released by Senate Democrats.

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EIP Sees Steep State Environment Cuts, Undermining ‘Cooperative’ Effort

Environmentalists have unveiled new findings showing steep staff and funding cuts to environmental agencies in most states over the past decade, arguing this undermines Trump EPA claims that the agency’s own resource limits are not degrading environmental protection but rather shifting responsibility to the states.

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