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Longest EPA Shutdown Ends With Stopgap Funding, Environmental Fears

EPA is poised to reopen after lawmakers and President Donald Trump agreed to a stopgap measure funding the agency at existing levels through Feb. 15, but there is no guarantee against another shutdown once that funding expires and environmentalists warn the existing shutdown has already caused significant environmental damage.

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Environmentalists see EPA civil enforcement fines drop by 85 percent

Former EPA enforcement chief Cynthia Giles and environmentalists say the Trump administration's $72 million in fines from 2018 were just 15 percent of what it has imposed in an average year.

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Pallone delays planned climate hearing for shutdown event

The energy committee chairman had planned to hold the committee's first hearing of the new Congress on climate change, but that has been delayed for a hearing on the ongoing government shutdown.

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States say shutdown delays may affect drinking water rules

Drinking water regulators are raising concerns that the government shutdown could stymie EPA efforts to regulate several high-profile contaminants, including lead, copper and perchlorate.

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As Shutdown Drags, States See Growing Effects To Air, Water Quality Efforts

State environmental regulators are growing increasingly concerned about the adverse effects of EPA's shutdown on a wide range of their operations, undermining key federal reviews of state permits and water quality measures, joint air quality planning for the upcoming wildfire season and possibly certifications for state air quality monitoring equipment.

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Concerns Over EPA Shutdown Mount As Rule Dockets, Courts Upended

Concerns over EPA and other agencies almost one-month shutdown are growing as the EPA-administered federal online regulatory docket shuttered -- apparently due to the shutdown -- while federal courts that review EPA and other agency actions appear close to running out of funds.

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Congress Urged To Include Water Funds In Pending Infrastructure Package

As Congress gears up to craft infrastructure funding legislation, dozens of industry, state, water and environmental groups are urging lawmakers to ensure that any bill funds a range of water and wastewater projects along with the transportation infrastructure it is widely expected to fund.

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Environmentalists Seek To Continue Some EPA Suits As Shutdown Drags On

Environmentalists are pushing back against EPA's efforts to stay all regulatory challenges and other litigation where the agency is a party until the government shutdown ends, arguing officials including Department of Justice (DOJ) attorneys have authority to keep working on any case where a judge orders proceedings to continue.

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Industry Groups See Shutdown Starting To Hinder EPA Permits, Programs

EPA's ongoing shutdown is starting to hinder the agency's ability to process industry permit applications, engine certifications, and key programs that companies support such as the Energy Star efficiency labeling initiative, according to industry representatives who say the problems will grow if the shutdown persists for several weeks.

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EPA staff to receive partial pay this week

“EPA employees will receive one-half of their salary for a normal pay period for the week of December 23rd,” Acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler said in a Jan. 8 note to staff.

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