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House advances FY21 EPA bill with several policy riders

The legislation would provide EPA with $9.4 billion, a 3 percent increase from current levels, while also floating a major increase for various infrastructure programs and targeting several EPA environmental rollbacks.

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House FY21 EPA Bill Boosts Agency Budget, Reverses Trump Rollbacks

House appropriators’ newly unveiled fiscal year 2021 EPA spending bill would boost overall agency funding by roughly 3 percent to almost $9.4 billion, including increases in environmental justice (EJ) and other programs, while also short-circuiting several high-profile Trump administration rollbacks of air, climate and water rules.

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New WIFIA Criteria Allow Release Of FY20 Funds But Questions Remain

The Trump administration has developed new criteria to evaluate the award of loans and loan guarantees under an EPA water infrastructure program, responding to Congress’ mandate to address a budget scoring concern that could limit the use of such funds -- but it remains unclear whether the criteria will make it easier for utilities to obtain the funds.

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ECOS sees rise in states’ environmental budgets, federal funding

Federal and other funding for state environmental regulators has risen in the last four years, according to a new report by the Environmental Council of the States.

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Regulators Criticize DOE Withholding Of Hanford Cleanup Budget Plans

EPA and Washington state regulators, along with citizen advocates, are criticizing the Energy Department’s (DOE) decision to withhold fiscal year 2022 budget details during a recent virtual budget meeting on DOE’s largest nuclear waste site, saying the release of such details is necessary to aid stakeholders’ input into the cleanup plan.

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Amid Stimulus Push, Democrats Include Clean Energy In Infrastructure Bill

House Democrats are pledging to hold a floor vote this month on their long-planned infrastructure legislation including over $34 billion in clean energy investments, a move that might be responding to increasing outcry by the renewable energy industry that economic relief for the sector has been omitted from COVID-19 stimulus bills.

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Senate panel backs funding increases for DOD’s PFAS work

The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved small funding boosts to further address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in next year’s Defense Department authorization bill.

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Democrats’ bill asks EPA to investigate COVID-environmental justice link

The House and Senate legislation would provide EPA with $50 million to specifically study how COVID-19 has impacted environmental justice communities.

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Army Corps boosts CWA civil penalties

The change mandated by federal law aims to improve the effectiveness and maintain the deterrent effect of the penalties for Clean Water Act violations.

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House Democrats Include Climate Measures In New Transportation Bill

House Democrats have unveiled a transportation funding bill that includes several initiatives to drive greenhouse gas emissions cuts, including new responsibilities for EPA, providing another sign of more ambitious efforts that could come into play in the next Congress if lawmakers are unable to agree this year on the measure.

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