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Climate Policy Watch

Industry Expects Lame-Duck Senate Vote On Clean Energy Bill With CCS

Energy industry lobbyists say they continue to expect a Senate vote this year on clean-energy legislation including provisions for carbon capture and storage (CCS), efficiency standards, energy storage and hydrogen production research, with senators potentially approving narrower measures than bills that have stalled in the current Congress.

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Biden Tasks Kerry To ‘Reimagine’ National Security As Climate Envoy

President-elect Joe Biden is tasking former Secretary of State John Kerry, who he has tapped as a presidential climate envoy, to “reimagine” U.S. national security amid an existential climate crisis by assembling a foreign policy team that is being asked to view global threats as interconnected.

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DOJ seeks to dismiss suit over existing source oil & gas rules

The department relies on EPA’s September oil and gas “policy” rule that eliminated methane controls for new and modified sources in the sector.

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SCC experts back environmentalists’ NEPA appeal

The suit is challenging the Trump administration’s National Environmental Policy Act review of a Montana coal mine expansion that failed to use the social cost of carbon (SCC) to disclose the project’s climate harms.

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Trump DOJ Backs Oil Industry In Supreme Court Climate Nuisance Appeal

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is backing the oil industry’s call for the Supreme Court to overturn a host of lower court decisions on a key procedural issue that would help keep a raft of climate change nuisance sources in federal court, rather than in the state courts where cities, states and counties filed them.

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D.C. Circuit urged to reject EPA landfill methane rule delay

A California-led coalition of states and the Environmental Defense Fund are urging an appellate court to scrap EPA’s 2019 rule extending a series of deadlines in Obama-era landfill methane standards.

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Biden’s Treasury Pick Backs Carbon Tax, Highlighting Broad Climate Push

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to tap former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, who supports a bipartisan plan for a carbon tax, to lead the Treasury Department, underscoring Biden’s plans for a broad government-wide push to address climate change.

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Biden Plans Paris Re-Entry But Must Grapple With U.S. Climate Wavering

Even though President-elect Joe Biden is planning to quickly rejoin the Paris climate agreement, longtime climate policy experts acknowledge the United States could face a credibility gap across the globe after multiple instances of brokering major climate pacts only to subsequently back away from them.

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New EV Coalition Will Pull ‘All Levers’ To Achieve All-Electric Fleet Goal

The new 28-member Zero Emissions Transportation Association (ZETA), the first industry coalition calling for a complete transition to all-electric vehicle (EV) sales within the decade, is crafting an agenda that will seek to pull “all levers” to achieve the sweeping target.

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Expert Suggests Biden Push For Revised Trade Authority On Climate

The forthcoming expiration of authority for streamlined Hill approval of trade deals could give the incoming Biden administration an opening to seek removal of current limits on its ability to factor greenhouse gas-related considerations into such deals, according to one trade policy expert.

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