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Climate Policy Watch

Environmentalists petition California PUC to halt biomass energy crediting

“Woody biomass energy is a false solution that worsens climate change and air quality and harms wildlife,” said Lauren Packard, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity.

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D.C. Circuit Judges Focus On Waivers, Environment In Suit Over 2019 RFS

Appellate judges at oral argument in litigation over EPA’s 2019 renewable fuel standard (RFS) focused their queries on the agency’s power to grant compliance waivers to small refiners retroactively, its refusal to boost biofuel blending targets to compensate for the lack of waivers, and critics’ claim of environmental harm from the program.

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Democrats, Environmentalists Back Suit Aiming To Block Dakota Pipeline

A coalition of 18 mostly Democratic-led states, 20 House Democrats, four Democratic senators and two environmental groups is backing a suit aiming to uphold a district court decision that a key Army Corps of Engineers’ Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) approval violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

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House approves broad energy bill boosting EPA HFC, equity efforts

Approval sends the bill to the Senate which is negotiating its own energy bill, and the White House has already issued a veto threat over the House legislation due to objections with several of its provisions.

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Wheeler Criticizes California, China Plans For Reducing Greenhouse Gases

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is criticizing announcements from California and China on plans to reduce greenhouse gases, describing as infeasible the Golden State’s broad climate plan mandating that all new passenger vehicles sold in the state starting in 2035 have zero emissions and calling China’s effort an empty promise.

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Automakers detail defense of Trump attack on state vehicle programs

“Manufacturers have sought clarity on these issues for nearly two decades, since California first attempted to impose its own GHG tailpipe regulations on industry,” say the auto companies.

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Environmentalists Urge EPA To Adopt Tougher GHG Standards For Aircraft

Environmentalists are urging EPA to tighten its planned aircraft greenhouse gas standards, calling the agency’s proposed emissions limits too weak for mitigating climate change and pushing for much steeper GHG cuts than the agency’s rule which it acknowledges would not spur any GHG reductions beyond business-as-usual trends.

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Biomass advocacy group claims economic gains from carbon neutrality

“The potential economic impact of EPA rulemaking to clarify the regulatory treatment of carbon emissions from agricultural crops cannot be ignored,” says Biogenic CO2 Coalition spokesman Thomas Parks.

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BRT’s support for carbon price draws mixed reaction

The group’s support for a carbon price is “not a compelling call to action. There was so little of substance,” says Tyler Wry, an associate professor with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Responding To California Wildfires, Newsom Signs Broad Climate Order

In his bid to fight climate change amid devastating wildfires, California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) has signed a broad executive order (EO) setting a goal that all new passenger vehicles sold in the state starting in 2035 have zero emissions, asking the Legislature to stop issuing hydraulic fracturing permits by 2024, and boosting clean energy sources.

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