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Climate Policy Watch

EPA defends discretion in setting 2017 RFS targets

EPA in a new legal filing is rejecting attacks on its process for setting the 2017 renewable fuel standard targets, saying a federal appeals court should defer to its discretion in how it sets the goals.

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EPA Urges Local Officials To Adopt Pre-Disaster Climate Adaptation Plans

EPA is urging local government officials to adopt "worst-case" climate adaptation plans to limit damage from future natural disasters, a stance that appears to be at odds with the Trump administration's general resistance to acknowledging and addressing climate change and its adverse impacts.

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EPA Issues Carbon-Neutral Biomass Policy, Spurning SAB Review Efforts

EPA in a new guidance document says it will treat carbon dioxide emissions “resulting from the combustion of biomass from managed forests at stationary sources for energy production as carbon neutral,” largely spurning a Science Advisory Board (SAB) review of the issue because the agency believes it has taken too long.

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CARB's Nichols Urges Automakers To Pressure Trump On Vehicle GHG Deal

California's top air regulator is urging automakers to pressure the Trump administration not to move forward with a “wholesale rollback” of Obama-era vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy limits, arguing it is in their interest to help find a “negotiated” solution between the state and federal officials.

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Hill Republicans Quietly Prod Pruitt To Rethink 'Glider' Truck Rule Repeal

Fearing harms to domestic manufacturing, several House and Senate Republicans have quietly urged EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to rethink his plan to repeal Obama-era rules governing “glider” trucks, an unusual move that highlights opposition to the plan not just by environmental groups but also large swaths of the trucking sector.

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ALA ties ozone spike to global warming

The American Lung Association is using its annual 'state of the air' report to call for action to protect Obama-era Clean Air Act rules from attacks by Congress and EPA.

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EPA GHG inventory sees 2.5 percent drop in 2016

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt touted the use of innovative technologies for the decline in greenhouse gases, calling it “one of the great environmental successes of our time.”

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Fears Of Massive Vehicle GHG Battle Rise Amid EPA, White House Signals

Several recent indications from EPA, the White House and Congress are continuing to point to the possibility of a massive legal fight between the Trump administration, states and environmentalists over passenger vehicle greenhouse gas standards, despite automakers' and others' mutual desire to avoid such a battle.

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'Shoddy' EPA Auto GHG Notice Suggests More Work Needed, Observers Say

EPA's heavy reliance on automaker claims to justify weakening Obama-era vehicle greenhouse gas standards -- as well as apparent omissions or errors in its recent determination on the issue -- suggest federal officials still have significant work ahead of them to craft a defensible rationale for regulatory changes, observers say.

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EPA Plans To Revise HFC SNAP Rules To Respond To D.C. Circuit Vacatur

EPA is planning to launch a new rulemaking to respond to an appellate court ruling that largely vacated Obama-era rules limiting hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants that act as potent greenhouse gases, arguing the regulations do not allow the agency to easily address the ruling.

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