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Climate Policy Watch

CPP Replacement Outlines Begin To Coalesce On Facility-Specific Targets

EPA's upcoming plan to repeal and eventually replace the Clean Power Plan (CPP), expected next month, is likely to return to a facility-specific approach that is being advocated by utility and labor groups that want a replacement rather than an outright repeal of the Obama-era climate rule.

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EPA poised to finalize 2018 RFS after quick OMB review

The White House completed its review of the final 2018 renewable fuel standard in just five days, clearing the path for EPA to promulgate it.

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EPA submits methane NSPS stay plan for review

The rule is likely to face a host of legal challenges after EPA's first attempt to delay the rule was scrapped in court.

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Automakers Resist Analysis Of Stronger Vehicle Fuel Economy Standards

Auto industry trade groups are urging regulators to treat the current EPA and Department of Transportation vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy program as the “upper bound” for what will be required for industry as the agencies review the rules, offering the latest indication that automakers are pushing to ease the standards.

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Backers Ask D.C. Circuit To Reverse Panel's Rejection Of EPA's HFC Rule

Environmentalists and two chemical manufacturers are urging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to reverse a split panel ruling vacating EPA's rule to reduce refrigerants that act as potent greenhouse gases, arguing that the agency's interpretation of a key Clean Air Act provision is entitled to deference.

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Trump faces conservative pressure on Paris withdrawal

A free-market group is urging the president to remain firm in his commitment to withdraw from the climate agreement.

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Inspector General Details Upcoming Reviews Of EPA Air Quality Programs

A top EPA Office of Inspector (OIG) official says the office is working on several reviews of major agency air quality programs, including previously announced research into the accuracy of EPA's methods for estimating methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, and a long-pending review of ambient air monitoring data.

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Utilities Push Narrow CPP Replacement As Pruitt Seeks To Avoid 'Vacuum'

A utility group is urging EPA to develop a replacement for the Clean Power Plan (CPP) greenhouse gas rule, with new, scaled-back targets based on actions taken “inside the fence” of regulated power plants -- an approach that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says he is strongly considering.

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Vehicle GHG Rule Backers Say NHTSA Must 'Consider' CARB, EPA Standards

California and other defenders of current federal light-duty vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards say that the Transportation Department must weigh existing rules issued by EPA and the Golden State when crafting its own requirements for model years 2022-2025, rather than its plan to use much weaker limits as a baseline to assess any regulatory options.

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Possible MY21 GHG Rule Changes Could Scuttle Deal On Light Truck Gains

If federal officials follow through with their suggestions that they might weaken model year 2021 greenhouse gas and fuel economy rules for light-duty vehicles, it could give a particular break for light trucks, critics say, jettisoning an automakers' agreement to accept tougher standards in the later years of the regulatory program in exchange for softer limits in early years.

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