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Climate Policy Watch

EPA eyes February for proposing year-round E15 sales waiver

EPA's goal to propose authorizing year-round sales of 15 percent ethanol fuel (E15) by February is intended to allow issuance of a final rule approving the decision by June 1.

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Lifecycle Study Finds GHG Cuts From LNG Project, Warns Of Domestic Gas

A new study of the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from a proposed liquified natural gas (LNG) project to provide fuel for marine operations near Seattle finds that the effort would cut overall GHGs by displacing petroleum-based fuels, though the finding depends on the natural gas being sourced only from Canada.

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Wyoming urged to shield oil and gas air controls from EPA rollback

One environmentalist is hopeful that state officials in an upcoming final guidance intend to make clear that the state will stick with a semi-annual inspection requirement, regardless of any changes to EPA's rules.

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EPA, California spar over 'counter' to vehicle GHG rollback

EPA's acting chief Andrew Wheeler claims California officials previously promised to submit a counterproposal to the federal greenhouse gas vehicle rule rollback plan.

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DOJ Plans To Renew Call For Supreme Court To Halt Youth Climate Case

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is planning to renew its call for the Supreme Court to halt a novel climate change case brought by 21 youth plaintiffs, just weeks before the long-pending and high-profile matter is scheduled to go to trail in a federal district court in Oregon.

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White House eyes EPA RIN market reform under E15 waiver

The White House is signaling revisions to the market in RFS compliance credits as part of EPA's plan to grant a waiver allowing year-round sales of 15-percent ethanol fuel.

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Democratic Gubernatorial Gains May Aid States' Opposition To EPA Agenda

Democrats appear poised to win control of several key governors' mansions in November's midterm elections, potentially aiding those states' opposition to a host of Trump EPA efforts to roll back climate and environmental regulations, while also bolstering state-level policies that aim to counter the federal rollbacks.

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Comment period begins on EPA plan to soften methane NSPS

EPA will accept public comments through Dec. 17 on its plan to weaken Obama-era methane limits for new oil and gas sources, and pledges to hold at least one public hearing on the proposal.

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EPA fails to produce documents backing Pruitt's climate claims

Early in his tenure, former EPA chief Scott Pruitt said he did not agree that carbon dioxide is a “primary contributor to the global warming that we see,” but EPA failed to produce any documents supporting that claim.

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EPA Faulted For Relying On State Methane Rules But Not Tallying Emissions

EPA's claims that it can rely on state programs to limit methane leaks at oil and gas operations in lieu of federal rules are drawing fire from environmentalists who say that EPA's analysis for its methane rule rollback proposal fails to quantify the pollution cuts -- or lack thereof -- from the state programs.

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