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Climate Policy Watch

EPA Tells 9th Circuit Delay Rule Should Block Court’s Landfill Plan Order

EPA in a new court filing argues that its regulatory change to Obama-era landfill methane standards -- punting compliance deadlines for years -- is essentially the same as a new statute passed by Congress in forcing a lower court to amend a final judgment requiring the agency to complete a federal plan for the rules.

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Pennsylvania drafts plan to join RGGI

The Keystone State’s draft rule to join the regional cap-and-trade program includes a “set aside” provision intended to protect the state’s unique waste coal sector.

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Rhodium sees ‘significant’ GHG impacts of auto rollback

The GHG difference between current, Obama-era rules and the expected Trump administration measure is “larger than the annual economy-wide emissions of more than 77 percent of countries on earth.”

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TCI Backers Seek To Counter State, Free-Market Opposition To GHG Plan

Environmentalists who support the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI) -- an effort by a group of Northeast states seeking to develop a regional cap-and-trade plan for transportation fuels -- are pushing back on criticism levied by some state officials and conservative groups trying to pressure states not to join.

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GAO urges EPA, congressional action on climate resilience

A new Government Accountability Office report urges EPA to create a technical assistance network and Congress to require climate resiliency considerations in federally funded water infrastructure projects.

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SELC urges court to halt CEQ’s NEPA proposal

The Southern Environmental Law Center is urging a federal court to order the White House to delay the close of the comment period on its controversial NEPA plan until it provides related documents.

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Carbon Tax Group Boosts Effort to Court Lawmakers, Outside Groups

A group largely backed by major industries and former Republican officials is ramping up advocacy for a carbon tax-and-dividend plan by releasing a policy “roadmap” with important new details, such as the design of an emissions backstop tool and elaboration on which EPA rules the plan would preempt.

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BP makes long-term GHG pledge

The British-based oil and gas major is pledging to achieve net-zero emissions from its “entire operations” and upstream production by mid-century, and halve the emissions intensity of its products by that timeframe.

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Virginia lawmakers adopt sweeping clean energy bill

The legislation would create enforceable requirements for the state to achieve 100 percent zero-carbon power by mid-century, while also allowing regulators to join the Northeast’s power sector cap-and-trade program.

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EPA finds 3 percent rise in net GHGs in 2018

The agency’s finding in its latest annual draft greenhouse gas inventory is likely to intensify calls by environmental groups and others for tougher steps to combat climate change.

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