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Climate Policy Watch

Chamber launches climate policy task force

“This task force will enable us to become smarter about the impact of both existing policies and future proposals on the business community,” the group said in a statement.

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Senate Appropriators Seek FY20 EPA Funding Boost, Limit Riders

Senate appropriators are advancing an EPA fiscal year 2020 spending bill that would boost funding for the agency by $161 million over current spending levels, a first step toward reaching a conference with House lawmakers on the measure, though the Senate bill provides EPA with $500 million less than the House version.

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Quoted: Environmentalists blast lack of major GHG pledges at UN event

At a United Nations climate summit, 16-year-old climate advocate Greta Thunberg sought to shame high-emitting countries for not doing enough to stop global warming.

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EPA Methane NSPS Plan Spurs Debate On ‘Significant’ GHG Contribution

EPA has formally published its proposal to scuttle methane controls for new oil and gas facilities and block limits on existing sources, kicking off a two-month public comment period that could feature a prominent debate on defining whether this sector or other industries pose a “significant” danger in terms of greenhouse gas pollution.

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House Democrats Link DOJ Auto Antitrust Probe To Broader Trump Inquiry

Top Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee are linking the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) antitrust investigation into four automakers who signed California’s voluntary agreement to cut greenhouse gases to their broader investigation of alleged corruption and “abuses of power” by President Donald Trump.

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Trump Administration Ramps Up Political War Over Vehicle GHG Rules

President Donald Trump and his aides are aggressively casting his administration’s rule to scrap state vehicle emissions standards not just as deregulation but also as part of a broader political war with California -- and rich elites -- in an apparent effort to retain or broaden support ahead of the 2020 election.

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Candidates Urged To Expand High Court Due To Climate Law Threats

Progressive academics are urging Democratic presidential candidates to back calls to add more seats to the Supreme Court, charging that even if they win the 2020 election and are able to usher in sweeping climate change legislation, the current justices are “poised to strike down key aspects of any conceivable” climate law.

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ACE critics seek to stay suit until NSR rule completed

Environmentalists are seeking to stall a case for which EPA is seeking expedited review.

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Targeting Venue, States Quickly Sue Over California Auto GHG Preemption

A coalition of 23 states and the District of Columbia is challenging the Trump administration’s final rule preempting California’s vehicle greenhouse gas standards, filing suit in district court even before the policy has been officially published in the Federal Register.

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Agencies Defend Legal Basis For Scrapping California Auto GHG Waiver

EPA and the Transportation Department (DOT) are defending the legal basis for their just-issued rule revoking California’s power to set its own vehicle greenhouse gas limits, asserting the state is preempted by fuel economy law and lacks “compelling and extraordinary” conditions needed to receive such authority under the Clean Air Act.

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