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Climate Policy Watch

GOP senator vows ‘brawl’ over Biden’s environment nominees

Sen. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) criticized EPA Administrator-designate Michael Regan for rejecting a proposed gas pipeline in North Carolina, where he has been environment secretary since 2017.

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Congress Poised To Enact Broad EPA Program Establishing HFC Limits

Capitol Hill lawmakers are unveiling a long-awaited deal directing EPA to sharply curtail the production and use of potent greenhouse gases known as hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), with final enactment of the measure virtually assured given that it is part of a broader year-end spending deal between the GOP and Democrats.

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OMB approves final EPA aircraft greenhouse gas rule

The final rule is expected to mirror the proposed version that would effectively lock into place the status quo greenhouse gas emissions of the current aircraft fleet rather than mandating strict new GHG reductions.

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Report says carbon tax more cost-effective than GHG rules

A report commissioned by the Climate Leadership Council finds the group’s carbon tax plan is a more cost-effective way to achieve major carbon reductions than a regulatory approach.

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In Public Debut As EPA Pick, Regan Mixes Pitch To EJ, Industry & States

In his first public remarks since being chosen as President-elect Joe Biden’s pick to head EPA, Michael Regan is pledging to move quickly to cooperate with states and address environmental justice – while also reaching out to industry as partners in developing environmental solutions.

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Progressive group floats five areas for Regan EPA ‘rebuild’

EPA Administrator-designate Michael Regan “must rebuild the agency, revoke [the Trump administration’s] damaging policies and focus EPA on proactive enforcement,” the Center for Progressive Reform says.

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EPA, Oil Industry Fight Biofuel Groups’ Push To Restore 2016 RFS Target

EPA and oil industry groups are fighting biofuel producers’ push for a federal appeals court to enforce its remand of Obama EPA biofuel blending mandates for 2016 and boost ethanol volumes under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), arguing that the pro-ethanol groups cannot force the court to order such a hike in biofuels blending.

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Graham may seek Senate vote on Paris Agreement

Conservative groups that have long opposed the Paris Agreement support the strategy as one effort to undermine international climate mitigation efforts.

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Baltimore Urges High Court To Uphold 4th Circuit Climate Nuisance Ruling

Baltimore is urging the Supreme Court to uphold an appellate court decision that the city’s climate change nuisance case against the oil industry can proceed in state court rather than the industry’s preferred venue of federal court -- a key procedural issue that will affect the fate of a raft of similar cases across the country.

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Regan EPA Pick Signals Biden Attempt To Balance EJ, Industry Demands

President-elect Joe Biden’s expected selection of North Carolina environment chief Michael Regan as the next EPA administrator is an apparent attempt to balance competing demands from environmental justice (EJ) groups and industry, with observers also suggesting his state experience is in line with prior agency chiefs.

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