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Climate Policy Watch

Consumer Group Offers Details For Major GHG Cuts From New Vehicles

Consumer Reports (CR), which has long sought to cut vehicles’ carbon emissions, is offering new details on advocates’ push for the auto industry to cut new vehicle emissions 60 percent by 2030, urging Biden officials to boost fuel economy as well as increase electric vehicle (EV) sales as they craft new policies for the sector.

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Unions Urge Congress To Adopt CES ‘Wires Charge’ To Address Job Losses

As officials weigh adoption of a clean energy standard (CES) to decarbonize the power sector by 2035, labor unions are urging Congress to ensure any legislation codifying such a standard imposes a “wires charge” on retail power sales to provide revenue to help displaced workers make a “just transition” from fossil fuels.

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Industry Backs Bid For High Court To Move Nuisance Cases To Federal Court

Major industry groups and GOP-led states are backing oil companies’ efforts to have the Supreme Court move novel municipal climate nuisance cases brought against them from state to federal court, filing amicus briefs in support of petitions asking the justices reverse an appellate ruling that rejected the firms’ venue claim.

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Former Trump EPA Policy Chief Sees Hurdles For Biden’s Climate Rules

Brittany Bolen, the Trump EPA’s policy chief and senior counsel, sees hurdles for the Biden administration as it weighs its regulatory options for tackling climate change, including lingering legal questions over the scope of power plant greenhouse gas rules and the fact that other policy options would require many years to develop.

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Environmentalists Split Over Best Clean Air Act Option To Regulate GHGs

Environmental groups are split over which Clean Air Act provisions are best for EPA to use in pursuing new greenhouse gas rules, with some advocating for a landmark carbon dioxide (CO2) national ambient air quality standard (NAAQS) that would apply nationwide while others press for sector-specific climate rules under a separate part of the law.

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EPA Pledges To Back State, Regional Actions To Curb Greenhouse Gases

The Biden EPA is promising to support efforts by groups of states to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, amid questions from some state regulators on how their existing initiatives, such as a novel emissions trading program for states to reduce transportation sector GHGs, will comport with potential future federal climate policies.

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EPA Seeks Vacatur Of Trump Bar On GHG Rules To ‘Re-Examine’ Policy

The Biden administration, in an unopposed motion, is asking an appellate court to vacate an 11th-hour Trump EPA policy effectively barring Clean Air Act regulation of greenhouse gases from most industries beyond utilities, agreeing with critics that the agency unlawfully issued the rule while vowing to “re-examine” the entire policy.

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CEI Asks Congress To Block EPA From Using SCC To Boost Climate Plans

The free-market Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) think tank is asking Congress to block the Biden administration from using the social cost of carbon (SCC) metric to bolster its climate change regulatory agenda at EPA and other agencies, one of several recommendations the group is floating on energy and environmental policies.

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Jockeying Continues To Influence Biden’s Vehicle GHG Standards Plan

A report that some automakers want new near-term federal vehicle greenhouse gas rules weaker than California’s deal with five companies appears to be the latest sign that both industry and environmentalists are working to influence the Biden administration’s course prior to a formal announcement.

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EPA Giving Serious Consideration To Setting ‘Secondary’ NAAQS For CO2

EPA is said to be giving serious consideration to issuing a landmark “secondary” ambient air limit for carbon dioxide (CO2) to protect the environment rather than a “primary” health-based standard, with an eye to regulating CO2 through a proven Clean Air Act program that could survive review by the conservative Supreme Court.

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