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Climate Policy Watch

House Democrats Seek To Bolster Expected Suits Over EPA Science Rule

House science committee Democrats sought to use their Nov. 13 hearing on EPA’s controversial proposed science transparency rule to bolster all but certain litigation over any final measure, though the agency witness largely declined to discuss details of a leaked draft supplemental proposal that has drawn scathing criticisms.

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Consumer Reports says Trump auto GHG plan costly to consumers

The reported stringency of the Trump administration’s pending rule to roll back Obama-era auto greenhouse gas standards could increase gasoline costs per average new vehicle by $3,200.

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EPA Seeks To Address Science Rule Criticisms But Draws New Charges

EPA’s high-profile draft supplement to its controversial proposed rule on science transparency seeks to address a range of criticisms levelled at its first plan, including providing statutory authority, defining key and novel terms and clarifying the plan’s applicability and retroactivity, but the supplement is drawing new -- and equally harsh -- criticisms.

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C2ES, With Industry Backing, Floats Roadmap For Net-Zero GHG Target

An environmental group is partnering with over 20 major corporations to float a detailed policy roadmap for achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, including calling for an economy-wide carbon price and a suite of low-carbon policies implemented by EPA, other federal agencies and states.

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Environmentalists press auto group to disclose members

Groups challenging the Trump administration’s rule to preempt California’s auto emission rules are urging an automaker group seeking to intervene in support of the rule to formally disclose its members.

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Carbon ‘dividend’ bill would drive major GHG cuts

Analysis by Columbia University and a consulting firm finds a carbon tax bill floated by Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) could cut economy-wide greenhouse gases by up to 38 percent by 2030, from 2005 levels.

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Judges Dismiss RFS Waiver Lawsuit But Question ‘Troubling’ EPA Policy

Appellate judges have dismissed on procedural grounds a biofuels group’s challenge to EPA’s policy allowing a major ramping up of renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers, but they are also signaling potential sympathy to the group’s ongoing attacks on the policy that the judges say “paint a troubling picture” of secretive agency law.

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Study Eyes Long-Term Benefit Of ‘Alternative’ Auto Credits In GHG Rule

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are studying whether -- and under what conditions -- the long-term benefits of alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) incentives in EPA’s greenhouse gas rules outweigh the immediate short-term emissions penalty they create by allowing automakers to sell more inefficient trucks.

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Groups Eye Suit To Enforce Ozone Guide Ahead Of Planned EPA Rollback

Two environmental groups are threatening litigation against EPA to force overdue implementation of control technology guidelines (CTGs) for curbing ozone precursor emissions from oil and gas facilities -- seizing on Obama-era guidelines that remain on the books despite Trump officials’ efforts to repeal them.

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Judges Take Different Tacks In High-Profile NEPA Remedy Rulings

Two judges are taking starkly different tacks when ruling on how to remedy federal agencies’ violations of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), highlight the range of legal remedies that are possible under the law as courts sometimes remand decisions to fix violations while in other cases they scrap-- or at least delay -- a project approval.

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