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Climate Policy Watch

GAO finds climate risk needs ‘significant attention’

The federal government’s progress on addressing its fiscal exposure from climate change has “regressed” since the Government Accountability Office last issued its report on “high risks” the government faces.

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Fuel Economy Trends Report Helps Supporters, Critics Of EPA GHG Rules

EPA’s latest fuel economy trends report helps supporters and critics of the agency’s vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) program, with its backers saying it shows potential to further reduce vehicle GHGs but opponents including the Trump administration saying the report highlights looming compliance problems that justify rolling back the regulations.

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Carbon Capture Group Seeks Capitol Hill Leadership Focus On CCUS Policy

A diverse coalition of industry, environmental groups and others is urging congressional leaders in both parties to take a greater interest in a range of policies to support carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) technologies, a push that could enable the new Congress to take a targeted step to address climate change.

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Report flags GHG, health effects of six Trump rollbacks

A new report from New York University's State Energy and Environmental Impact Center details a combined 200 million tons of additional carbon emissions from six Trump administration climate rule rollbacks.

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Senate Energy Panel Seeks To Spur 'Pragmatic' Climate Policy Discussions

A Senate energy committee hearing on the power sector and climate change -- billed as the chamber's first hearing to explicitly address the issue in five years -- focused largely on low-carbon technology and incentives to reduce carbon emissions, omitting some of the highly partisan fights over climate policy that have gained steam in recent months.

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EPA sends proposed E15 waiver, RFS credit reform for OMB review

The combined rulemaking under White House review will allow year-round sales of 15 percent ethanol fuel (E15) and also reform the renewable fuel standard (RFS) credit market.

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Republican Carbon Tax Backer Sees Green New Deal As Political Opening

One of the few House GOP backers of a carbon tax is praising the Green New Deal (GND) as opening up the political “space” for his party to embrace what he says are more reasonable policies to curb greenhouse gases, confirming fears by hard-line opponents of carbon controls who are attacking the GND to preclude such scenarios.

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Grassley, Paul offer bill for statutory E15 waiver

Sens. Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Rand Paul (R-KY) float legislation that would provide a statutory backstop should EPA’s waiver efforts fail.

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House GOP taps Graves for select climate panel

Rep. Garret Graves (R-LA) has acknowledged the need to adapt to rising sea levels, but generally opposes policies to reduce greenhouse gases.

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Agencies In ‘A Corner’ On Using Carbon Cost In NEPA, Environmentalists Say

Environmentalists are increasingly confident they can force the Trump administration to use the social cost of carbon (SCC) metric to calculate the future climate damages of its fossil fuel extraction policies, even though the administration remains vehemently opposed to doing so, including in ongoing litigation over a coal mine expansion.

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