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Climate Policy Watch

Proposed 2020 RFS Raises Tough Questions For EPA In Expected Lawsuit

EPA’s proposed 2020 renewable fuel standard (RFS) raises tough questions for the agency to address in expected litigation once it issues the final version of the program’s fuel production goals for next year, including the legality of its approach to setting fuel blending volumes that fall short of targets established by statute.

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In Election Preview, Trump Seeks To Blunt Vulnerability On Environment

In a preview of the 2020 election, President Donald Trump and his top aides are trying to blunt his vulnerability on the environment, highlighting improvements that began mostly prior to his tenure, reframing deregulatory initiatives as reducing pollution, touting various lands policies and defending rollbacks as consistent with economic growth.

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Health Groups Waste Little Time Suing Over EPA’s Final ACE Climate Rule

Two major public health groups have wasted little time suing over EPA’s final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, the Trump administration’s limited approach to controlling power plant greenhouse gas emissions, the same day the rule was formally promulgated and the first day of a 60-day period petitioners have to sue.

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Trump EPA Critics Question ACE Rule RIA, Flagging Uncertain Benefits

Environmentalists and other critics of the Trump administration are questioning EPA’s cost-benefit analysis for its Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant climate rule, charging that the agency’s official projections of modest benefits could be inflated and that the rule might even result in higher carbon emissions.

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EPA Sees Only ‘Small’ GHG Reductions From ACE Utility Climate Rule

EPA is projecting only “small” cuts in greenhouse gases from its final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule governing existing power plants, with the regulation potentially shaving just a fraction of 1 percent of the emissions from the country’s second-largest source of GHGs.

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EPA Hikes Biofuel Goals In 2020 RFS But Falls Short Of Statutory Targets

EPA’s just-released proposal for 2020 renewable fuel standard (RFS) targets includes slight increases for several categories of alternative and renewable fuel production compared to its 2019 requirements, but the goals still fall far short of statutory targets and the potential for new compliance waivers could undermine the proposal.

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OMB begins review of landfill methane deadline extension rule

EPA’s draft final rule would significantly extend several deadlines of Obama-era landfill methane standards, even as the agency began complying with a court order to speed implementation of the standards.

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Industry seeks same 9th Circuit panel for climate nuisance suits

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit is slated to consider appeals in two high-profile climate nuisances cases, and industry defendants want the court to seat the same three-judge panel in both cases.

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EPA Drops Biomass Co-Firing As Compliance Option In Final ACE Rule

Over industry objections, EPA is dropping biomass co-firing as a compliance option in its final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule that seeks to limit greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants, saying the decision is required under its interpretation of the Clean Air Act despite the agency’s policy of promoting biomass as carbon neutral.

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Insurance company bans coal coverage as more mines close

Chubb is the first domestic insurance company to restrict insurance coverage for coal companies, with the firm’s announcement coming as two major mines in Wyoming closed after the owner declared bankruptcy.

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