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Climate Policy Watch

D.C. Circuit Suspends Lawsuit Over Preempting State Auto GHG Rules

An appellate court is suspending the consolidated legal challenge to the Trump administration’s preemption of state vehicle greenhouse gas programs, in response to a Biden administration request to pause the case while it considers whether to restore states’ authority under the Clean Air Act.

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Water Alliance’s COVID-19 Policy Goals Might Get Support From EPA’s Fox

The US Water Alliance is outlining more than 20 federal policy actions to help the water sector and the U.S. economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, some that have been endorsed by key senators and others tied to principles that acting EPA water chief Radhika Fox endorsed when she led the alliance and might support at the agency.

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Biofuels Producers Seek Role In Providing Near-Term, Low-GHG Fuels

Biofuels advocates are seeking to carve out a role for their industry as a provider of near-term cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, pressing the Biden EPA to allow higher ethanol blends in motor fuel as the administration balances its support of biofuels with a push to greatly expand the use of electric vehicles (EVs).

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White House Releases Details On Sweeping Climate Change Orders

The White House is releasing details of President Joe Biden’s “omnibus” executive order (EO) he will sign today formalizing his “whole-of-government” approach to addressing climate change, making the issue a national security priority and directing the government to take multiple steps to tackle the issue both domestically and abroad.

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Biden Order Might Spur Carbon Cost Hike, Helping Justify EPA GHG Rules

President Joe Biden's recent climate change executive order (EO) is expected to spur a significant increase in the interim social cost of carbon (SCC), the metric used to quantify the benefits of greenhouse gas rules, with key advocates pressing it to be set as high as $125 per ton, up to four times the Obama-era value, which would help EPA and other agencies to justify sweeping new GHG polices.

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Trump EPA Supporters Likely To Seek High Court Review Of ACE Vacatur

Supporters of the Trump EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant greenhouse gas rule that was vacated by a federal appeals court are likely to ask the Supreme Court to reverse the decision and reinstate the rule, source say, potentially complicating the Biden administration’s plans for regulating GHGs from the utility industry.

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Biden EO Might Signal Two-Track Plan For Vehicle GHG Rulemaking

President Joe Biden’s recent climate executive order (EO) might signal EPA will pursue a two-track plan for regulating vehicle greenhouse gases, with one track a swift reversal of the Trump administration’s rollback of GHG rules through model year (MY) 2026 but a longer track pursuing stricter GHG rules for later years, sources say.

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EPA Pulls Biogenic GHG Emissions Rule, Air Modeling Guide From OMB

The Biden EPA has withdrawn from White House pre-publication review a long-pending Trump administration proposal to exempt some biogenic greenhouse gas emissions from Clean Air Act permitting mandates, and it has also pulled a separate proposed guidance on modeling ozone and fine particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions.

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Refiners seek to exclude biofuels groups from RFS waiver suit

The ‘gap filling’ renewable fuel standard (RFS) waivers are necessary to circumvent a key judicial precedent that may block EPA from issuing any RFS compliance exemptions to small refiners.

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Biden EPA Leadership Team Includes State Officials, Environmentalists

The Biden administration is announcing 16 members of its senior leadership team for EPA’s air, water, policy and other divisions, a group that features state environmental regulators, prominent officials with major environmental organizations, and staffers from the House and Senate.

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