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Climate Policy Watch

EPA Seen Taking Early Focus On Air, Water Rules To Get Climate Gains

Although the Biden administration has staked out ambitious plans to address climate change, a former top Obama administration environment official expects EPA’s near-term agenda to target conventional air and water pollution with rules that achieve carbon reductions as a side benefit.

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EPA Could Revive ‘Capacious’ Interpretation Of Clean Air Act Authorities

As the Biden EPA grapples with reversing Trump-era deregulatory actions while tackling major issues such as climate change, the agency could return to a “capacious” interpretation of existing Clean Air Act (CAA) powers as Joe Goffman, currently the Biden administration’s top political appointee in EPA’s air office, suggested last year.

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Heinzerling Fears Cost-Benefit Analysis May Undermine Biden Equity Agenda

Lisa Heinzerling, a former Obama EPA official and long-time critic of cost-benefit analysis, says the Biden administration’s order directing EPA and other agencies to improve regulatory review may be key to the success of the agency’s climate agenda but its support for racial justice and environmental stewardship could be undermined if the administration applies the government’s long-used quantitative cost-benefit analysis.

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Youth Plaintiffs Seek To Narrow Remedy In Novel Climate Suit Against U.S.

Youth plaintiffs pursuing novel climate litigation against the federal government are asking a federal district court to amend their complaint and narrow the remedy they are seeking in line with an appeals court ruling.

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Youth climate plaintiffs withdraw request to delay suit’s mandate

Withdrawal of the request sends the novel climate suit to a federal district court in Oregon, but the youth plaintiffs are still vowing a Supreme Court appeal of an adverse decision in their challenge.

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Republican State AGs Challenge Biden’s Interim Carbon ‘Cost’ Values

The Republican attorneys general (AGs) from 12 states are challenging the constitutionality and legality of the Biden administration’s interim social cost of carbon (SCC) metrics that will be used to calculate the benefits of climate change rules, signaling that the AGs plan to challenge much of the administration’s climate change agenda.

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Republicans Reprise CPP Attacks To Push Back On Biden Climate Plans

A federal appellate court may have refused to reinstate the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP), but Republican officials are increasingly reprising their criticisms of the power sector greenhouse gas rule in an effort to push back on the Biden administration’s early efforts to reduce carbon emissions from the sector and other industries.

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House Democrats Float Broad Climate Bill With National GHG Targets

House Energy & Commerce Committee Democrats are introducing a sweeping climate change bill with economy-wide and sector-specific provisions to curb carbon emissions, including 2030 targets for the broader economy and electricity sector as well as provisions to garner support among environment, equity and labor groups.

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DOJ Signals Opposition To Youth Climate Plaintiffs’ High Court Petition

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is strongly urging a federal appellate court to reject a request by youth plaintiffs pursuing a constitutional climate change suit against the government that would clear a path to allow them to petition the Supreme Court to reinstate their case, signaling the Biden administration may not be willing to settle the matter or reverse its predecessor’s opposition.

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Groups Seek 60 Percent Stringency Hike In Vehicle GHG Limits By 2030

Major environmental groups are urging President Joe Biden to significantly tighten vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards, including requiring an ambitious 60 percent reduction in emissions by 2030 compared to current levels and setting a goal of making all new cars and light-duty trucks zero-emitting by 2035.

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