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Climate Policy Watch

Industry sets condition for direct EPA methane rules for oil & gas

Major oil and gas industry groups say EPA must first make a threshold risk finding that the sector’s emissions of the greenhouse gas methane are “significant” enough before regulating them.

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Biden Order Specifies Deadlines For Reviewing Key Trump EPA Policies

President Joe Biden’s executive order (EO) directing review of Trump EPA policies specifies preliminary deadlines for the agency to formally propose changes to the regulations, including an April timeline for moving to reaffirm states’ authority to set more stringent vehicle greenhouse gas rules than the federal government.

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NACAA Urges Biden EPA To Bolster Equity In Ambitious Air Policy Agenda

The National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA), representing state and local air regulators in 41 states, is floating an ambitious air policy agenda for the Biden EPA that includes giving states “innovative” flexibilities in their Clean Air Act compliance plans, while ensuring environmental justice is central to the agency’s air work.

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House energy committee Republicans name leadership

Rep. David McKinley (R-WV) is the new Republican leader of the environment panel while Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) takes a leadership role on the oversight subcommittee.

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D.C. Circuit Stays RFS Waivers, Biden EPA Plans Future Of Fuels Program

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is staying three last-minute renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers that the Trump administration granted to small refiners, freezing the exemptions at the same time as the Biden EPA is weighing its policy on waivers and the broader future of the RFS program.

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EPA Grapples With Imminent Decisions On Scope Of Regulatory Agenda

Biden EPA officials in their first several weeks in office will have to make swift decisions on the scope and speed of the agency’s regulatory agenda, according to several legal experts, though they add that the administration has multiple options for how to implement ambitious environmental policies.

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United States Rejoins Paris Climate Deal But Major Challenges Await

The United States is moving to notify other countries it is rejoining the Paris climate deal, reversing former President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the pact but posing challenges for the Biden administration on how to meet the agreement’s goals -- including the need for possible new EPA greenhouse gas rules.

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Biofuels Groups Vow To Fight Wheeler’s 11th-Hour RFS Waiver Approvals

Biofuels groups are planning litigation to challenge former Trump EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s last-minute approval of three renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers, an action that one industry group calls a “sucker punch” for biofuels producers even though the approvals are much more limited than previously expected.

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Court Gives Biden New Opening to Pursue Strict Power Plant GHG Curbs

The appellate ruling vacating EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy Rule (ACE) rejects the agency’s claims that it cannot pursue beyond-the-fenceline greenhouse gas controls, giving the Biden administration a fresh opening to pursue strict power plant GHG curbs administratively or in cooperation with Congress, observers say.

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Briefs in suit over Trump vehicle GHG rule rollback might aid Biden

The legal filings might provide supporting rationales for the incoming Biden administration to undo the Trump EPA’s rollback of vehicle greenhouse gas standards.

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