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Climate Policy Watch

California Examines Potential Effects Of Trump Vehicle GHG Rule Rollback

Multiple California agencies are scheduling a special meeting to review the potential air quality, economic, transportation and housing effects of the Trump administration’s pending rollback of vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards, which will also include analysis for other states that have adopted the Golden State’s tougher rules.

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Carper Blasts OIRA For Stonewalling EPA IG’s Glider Rule Oversight

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) is stepping up his criticism of the White House regulatory review office over its allegedly unprecedented step of refusing to cooperate with oversight requests from EPA’s Inspector General (IG), which is investigating the office’s role in agency efforts to roll back greenhouse gas limits on so-called glider trucks.

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NRDC urges NAFTA replacement to cite Paris climate deal

Any “modern” trade agreement that ignores climate change is a “non-starter,” according to NRDC, though it is highly unlikely the Trump administration would restart talks to address the issue.

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EPA sends proposed 2020 RFS rule for OMB review

The agency’s proposal is the first step in a months-long process of aiming to issue final 2020 compliance year renewable fuel standard production goals by a Nov. 30 statutory deadline.

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Judges Raise Procedural Doubts About Biofuel Sector’s RFS Waiver Suit

Appellate court judges May 7 raised doubts about the procedural posture of biofuels producers’ legal challenge to EPA’s retroactive issuance of renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers to refining companies as they questioned whether there is a specific “final” agency policy at issue.

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Environmentalists press for upstream GHG review in FERC suit

Groups that are advancing one of a suite of court challenges to FERC’s gas infrastructure approvals argue the panel is “false” when it claims pipelines will not cause development of gas reserves.

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Court sets tight deadlines for EPA on landfill methane limits

The judge may be sending a signal that EPA will have to come back and ask him to amend his order to align with the regulatory deadlines when the agency resets compliance deadlines next month.

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EPA To Defend RFS Waivers While Mulling Requests For More Exemptions

EPA is preparing for May 7 oral argument to defend several waivers it issued to small refiners relieving them of fuel production mandates under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), and is separately fighting biofuels producers’ push for a court injunction barring the agency from making a final decision on dozens of still-pending waiver requests.

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States see huge GHG boost from DOE lightbulb rule rollback

The Trump administration's plan to roll back Obama era standards for a suite of common consumer lightbulbs “would unconscionably increase greenhouse gas emissions and consumers' energy costs,” a group of states says.

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D.C. Circuit Divided On Merits Of EPA Guidance Scrapping 2015 HFC Rule

Appellate judges at May 3 oral argument were divided over whether to uphold a Trump EPA guidance that suspends an Obama-era rule prohibiting replacement of refrigerants with climate-warming hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), making it unclear whether the court will back environmentalists’ suit that aims to undo the guidance.

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