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Climate Policy Watch

Seeking Auto GHG Deal, Chamber Warns Of ‘Chaos’ From Split Market

Intensifying industry concerns, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is making a late-hour push for top officials in the Trump administration and California to reach an agreement on vehicle greenhouse gases and fuel economy rules, warning of “chaos and confusion” if automakers are forced to comply with two sets of requirements.

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Trump Vows ‘Giant Package’ To Boost Ethanol But Refiners Fight RFS Hike

President Donald Trump is vowing to release a “giant package” of policies to boost ethanol in response to criticism from corn farmers that EPA’s slew of renewable fuel standard (RFS) waivers is hurting the industry, but refiners are defending the need for the waivers and urging the president against boosting RFS biofuels blending goals.

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Harris 2020 climate plan said to focus on EJ, enforcement

Most of Sen. Kamala Harris’ (D-CA) Democratic presidential primary rivals have announced sweeping climate policy platforms.

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EPA Plan Would Prevent Methane Limits For Existing Oil & Gas Sources

EPA’s just-issued proposal to scuttle Obama-era methane controls for new and modified oil and gas facilities argues that such standards are “redundant” because existing limits on volatile organic compounds (VOCs), an ozone precursor, also have the indirect effect of limiting methane.

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EPA Proposes To Drop Direct Methane Rules For Oil & Gas Sector

The Trump EPA is proposing to drop direct methane regulations for new sources in the oil and gas sector, reverting to a prior approach that relies on controlling smog-forming emissions and would also captures methane as a co-benefit.

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California sells all GHG allowances but at lower prices

One environmentalist suggests this month’s auction prices, compared to near-record prices from the prior auction in May, reflect a natural “cooling off” of the market.

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EPA Expected To Make Aggressive Push To Drop Oil & Gas Methane Rules

Despite public critiques from the world’s largest oil and gas producers, many observers expect EPA to make an aggressive push to finalize its looming proposal to upend or eliminate the Obama administration’s direct methane rules for drilling equipment -- driven in part by a goal of precluding efforts by a future Congress to block it.

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States Cite Test On Guide’s ‘Finality’ To Bolster Auto-GHG ‘Finding’ Suit

States and others challenging the Trump EPA’s threshold determination that it must weaken vehicle greenhouse gas standards argue a recent appellate ruling on an EPA air toxics guidance helps their case by backing their prior assertions that the vehicle finding is a final agency action ripe for court review.

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EPA Urges D.C. Circuit To Expedite Lawsuits Over ACE Utility GHG Rule

EPA is urging appellate judges to expedite their consideration of a host of suits challenging its Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) utility greenhouse gas rule that replaces the broader Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP), with the agency hoping to resolve its initial legal defense of the rule before President Donald Trump’s first term ends.

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EPA asks court for extension on landfill air emissions plans

EPA is asking a federal court to lift its Nov. 6 deadline for the agency to issue a federal plan to curb methane and other air emissions from landfills.

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