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Climate Policy Watch

Local California Officials Bolster Vehicle GHG Case With Air Quality Claims

Local air regulators in Southern California are claiming that the Trump EPA's cursory analysis of the conventional emission co-benefits of Obama-era vehicle greenhouse gas standards is “illogical on its own terms,” amplifying legal arguments by states and environmentalists that the agency's decision to weaken the standards was unlawful.

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House Democrat plans climate 'emergency' resolution

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) is planning to introduce a resolution stating that climate change is a national emergency -- a direct response to President Trump's declaration about border security.

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Trump to sign EPA FY19 funding, declare border wall 'emergency'

Some Republicans fear the president's border wall emergency declaration could give a future Democratic president a roadmap to pursue policies on hotly contested issues, including climate change.

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Pitting Sectors, API Urges EPA To ‘Leverage’ Gas In Coal Plant GHG Rule

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is urging EPA to “leverage” natural gas in its proposed replacement greenhouse gas rule for new coal plants -- pitting “clean, reliable, and affordable natural gas” against coal, which the plan seeks to bolster by easing standards for new plants, even though no new coal plants are being planned.

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GOP Senators Threaten Wheeler Nomination Over RFS Credit Reform Plan

Five GOP senators say they will have “serious concerns” about acting EPA chief Andrew Wheeler’s nomination to head the agency permanently unless he gives them details on a plan to reform the renewable fuel standard (RFS) that satisfies them, which would be enough GOP votes to reject Wheeler in a floor vote if all Democrats oppose him.

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After McConnell plans 'Green' deal vote, Schumer says 'bring it on'

“Trust me, we'll be fine because the American people know that our entire party actually believes that climate change is happening and caused by humans,” the Democratic Leader said.

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Oil, biofuels groups add to lengthy list of RFS 2019 challengers

More organizations representing various industries are suing EPA over its 2019 renewable fuel standard, with the rule’s compliance waivers for small refiners likely to feature as a key issue.

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CCS tax credits do not displace renewables, report finds

An environmental group says power sector modeling shows that carbon capture deployments would replace “uncontrolled fossil-fired power, not new or existing renewable energy.”

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Republicans Unify Against Green New Deal In Bid To Finesse Climate Stance

Capitol Hill Republicans are increasingly unified in their opposition to the ambitious “Green New Deal” climate change plan championed by many Democrats, allowing them to place less of an emphasis on prior disputes over climate science that could give them problems with voters increasingly concerned about global warming.

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EPA Retains Combined E15 Waiver, RIN Rule After Senators’ Objections

EPA has decided to retain its plan to combine a pending waiver allowing year-round sales of 15-percent ethanol fuel (E15) with a measure to overhaul the renewable fuel standard (RFS) credit market despite pressure from the biofuels industry to bifurcate the policies, following objections to separating them from Senate oil sector supporters.

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