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Climate Policy Watch

Biden Officials Said To Seriously Weigh ‘Decoupling’ EPA, DOT Auto Rules

Biden officials are seriously weighing whether to create some separation between EPA’s auto greenhouse gas standards and the Transportation Department’s fuel economy rules in an effort to be more aggressive on electrification, according to several sources, though observers disagree about exactly what such a “decoupling” effort would entail.

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EPA denies fuel ‘streamlining’ rule helps suit over ethanol blends

The agency says if pro-ethanol groups have concerns about EPA’s fuels streamlining rule, they should raise them in litigation over that rule, not in a suit over approval of higher ethanol blends.

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High Court Agrees To Hear Suits Over RFS Waivers, CERCLA Contribution

The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a suit contesting a landmark appeals court ruling that significantly limits EPA’s ability to issue renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers for refineries, and it will also hear separate litigation filed by Guam against the United States testing the scope of the Superfund law’s contribution clause.

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Clock starts for filing suits over final EPA aircraft GHG rule

The rule aligns U.S. domestic regulations with aircraft greenhouse gas limits agreed to in 2017 by the International Civil Aviation Organization, of which the United States is a member.

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Growing Wildfire Threat Poses Challenge To Biden’s Air Quality Policies

The growing threat of more frequent and increasingly destructive wildfires poses a challenge for President-elect Joe Biden’s air quality policies, experts say, because smoke from the fires releases a large combination of air pollutants and curbing health risks from such emissions will require a coordinated response from EPA and other agencies.

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BLM agrees to conduct climate review of more oil & gas leases

The pact blocks 53 oil and gas leases until the Bureau of Land Management analyzes the climate change impacts of the drilling on more than 45,000 acres in Colorado.

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Minnesota auto dealers sue state to block vehicle GHG, ZEV rules

The industry group argues the state cannot finalize its plan to adopt California’s auto greenhouse gas and zero-emission vehicle standards.

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Latest EPA ‘Trends’ Report Bolsters Calls For Stronger Auto GHG Rules

EPA’s latest annual fuel economy “trends” report is showing a decline in the fuel efficiency of new vehicles for the first time in several years, bolstering calls for aggressive action by the incoming Biden administration to re-strengthen greenhouse gas and fuel economy standards rolled back under President Donald Trump.

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Biofuels Groups Press Biden EPA For RFS Waiver Denials, Transparency

Biofuels groups are pressing the incoming Biden EPA to swiftly deny dozens of pending applications from small refiners for renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers and to be more transparent about the waiver process, as they seek to build a productive relationship with Biden’s choice for agency administrator, Michael Regan.

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Sen. Whitehouse urges climate commission to probe Trump actions

Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) says the United States cannot just “move on” from Presidential Donald Trump’s actions of “climate denial and obstruction.”

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