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Climate Policy Watch

House Democrats Begin Inquiry Into Oil Backing Of Vehicle GHG Rollback

House Energy & Commerce Committee Democrats are launching an investigation into the oil sector’s role in backing the Trump administration’s proposal to weaken vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards, likely building on an upcoming hearing that will allow lawmakers to press federal officials on the plan.

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Early reaction to EPA’s final ACE climate rule

Supporters of the EPA rule argue it follows the Clean Air Act and will reduce emissions, while detractors say it is a “warped” interpretation of the agency’s authority that will do little. Others expect “ample litigation.”

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EPA Repeals Obama-Era CPP, Finalizes Narrow ACE Replacement GHG Rule

The Trump EPA has finalized its Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule, a narrow policy intended to address greenhouse gases from existing power plants, while also formally repealing the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP) in the agency’s first high-profile climate rule rollback to be completed.

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Facing Veto Threat, House Readies Debate On Trump EPA Rollbacks

Even as they face a veto threat from the White House, House Democratic leaders have teed up debate on EPA’s fiscal year 2020 spending bill, allowing for floor consideration of amendments that would block several Trump EPA priorities, including measures that roll back climate rules for new power plants and attack the basis for mercury limits.

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New York poised to enact sweeping climate legislation

California has similar long-term greenhouse gas and carbon neutrality goals, but only its mid-term, 2030 GHG target has been codified into state law, rather than being set by executive order.

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Vehicle GHG Hearing Likely To Flag Rollback’s Job Cuts, GHG Increase

The House Energy & Commerce Committee’s upcoming hearing on the Trump administration’s vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy rule rollback is poised to highlight the rule’s potential harm to the economy, consumers and the climate, adding to a barrage of prior criticism of the plan’s claimed safety and other benefits.

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Oregon climate bill faces uncertain Senate vote

Democrats hold a two-seat edge in the state Senate but two Democratic senators are already slated to vote against the bill.

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Trump Critics See Co-Benefit Double Standard In MATS, Vehicle Rollbacks

Environmentalists and other critics of the Trump EPA’s deregulatory agenda are citing plans to roll back vehicle greenhouse gas and power plant mercury rules as high-profile examples of a double standard in which officials ignore “co-benefits” that strengthen rules but embrace them when they help justify weaker standards.

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States Warn EPA’s ACE Rule Could Make Them Vulnerable To Lawsuits

State air regulators are warning that EPA’s imminent Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant greenhouse gas rule will, if finalized as proposed, leave them vulnerable to suits from regulated utilities, their competitors and environmentalists because it does not set an GHG reduction target against which their plans would be assessed.

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New Jersey re-joins RGGI as 10th member

The state’s final rule to re-join the carbon market reconstitutes the cap-and-trade program’s original membership of 10 Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

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