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Climate Policy Watch

Democrats’ Expected Senate Control Gives New Opening For Biden EPA

Expected victories by the Democratic candidates in a pair of Senate runoffs in Georgia mean the party is poised to wrest narrow control of the upper chamber later this month, likely easing the confirmation of President-elect Joe Biden’s Cabinet picks and softening any Capitol Hill oversight of his environmental agenda.

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Oil industry seeks high court review of more nuisance cases

Ahead of Jan. 19 oral arguments in a case concerning Baltimore’s climate nuisance case, the oil sector is urging the Supreme Court to review three other appellate rulings on similar issues.

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Northeastern Air Regulators Press Biden To Boost Electrification Of Trucks

Air regulators in the Northeast are asking President-elect Joe Biden to expand his support for vehicle electrification to include medium- and heavy-duty trucks, urging him to consider steps to promote electric vehicles as crucial to reducing both conventional air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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New House rules could ease passage of climate-related spending

New House rules for the 117th Congress allow lawmakers to “exempt” climate-related spending from so-called “pay-as-you-go” rules that seek to avoid increasing the federal deficit.

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Industry Gives Strong Support For New DOT NEPA Rules, But States Split

Industry groups are offering strong support for a controversial Department of Transportation (DOT) proposal to adopt National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) streamlining measures the Trump White House finalized earlier last year, but state transportation agencies are split on the plan while environmentalists strongly oppose it.

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EPA consent decree punts RFS waiver decision to Biden administration

The consent decree will require the incoming Biden EPA to quickly signal how it intends to proceed with its policy on whether to grant renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers to small refiners.

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EPA Cost-Benefit Rule May Face Early Attacks By Biden Administration

The publication of EPA’s final overhaul of cost-benefit procedures for its air program is setting the stage for administrative and legal steps by the incoming Biden administration and its allies to reverse the policy, including claims that Trump officials improperly deemed the rule immediately effective.

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States, Local Governments Back Baltimore In High Court Climate Lawsuit

Major groups representing local governments and state lawmakers are backing Baltimore’s effort to hold oil and gas giants accountable for damages from their products’ greenhouse gas emissions, supporting the city in the Supreme Court’s review of the key issue of whether the city’s suit is heard in state or federal court.

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Omnibus Law Phasing Down HFCs Expected To Drive Safer Alternatives

The omnibus spending law President Donald Trump enacted Dec. 27 includes language directing EPA to sharply curtail the production and use of hydrofluorocarbons (HFC), the class of chemicals used for refrigeration and other purposes, a policy that backers believe will drive safer alternatives that have a lower global warming potential (GWP).

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DOJ Details California-Quebec GHG Link Appeal, But Biden May Exit Case

The Trump Department of Justice (DOJ) is detailing its claims in an appeal over whether California’s greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program link to Quebec violates the Constitution, though sources say they expect the incoming Biden administration to withdraw the challenge in the coming months.

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