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Climate Policy Watch

Virginia completes rule to allow trading with RGGI

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) faces a May 3 deadline to issue a line-item veto of a GOP-crafted provision in the state budget that would block participation in RGGI.

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Lawmakers Developing Proposals For Utility Sector Clean Energy Standard

Capitol Hill lawmakers are fleshing out proposals to create a clean energy standard (CES) for the utility sector that would reward a wide range of technologies that reduce greenhouse gases, including nuclear plants and carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects, even as the route to enacting such a program remains murky.

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Study Warns California About Methane Levels From New Mexico Gas Imports

A study by University of Wyoming researchers and a major environmental group is warning California and other states that import natural gas from New Mexico that oil and gas drilling in the state may generate up to five times as much methane emissions than previously estimated by EPA.

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EPA’s CCS Reversal In NSPS Could Face Hurdles From Technology Gains

A slew of environmentalists, legal experts and states are citing mounting evidence that carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is becoming increasingly advanced, arguing that poses a major hurdle to EPA’s attempt to no longer base its greenhouse gas targets for new coal plants on CCS with partial capture.

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Democrats Urge 2020 Presidential Candidates To Prioritize Climate Change

Key Democratic lawmakers are urging their party's presidential candidates to make climate change a top issue in the 2020 election, compared to its lower-tier status in prior campaigns, arguing that would draw a sharp contrast with President Donald Trump and build a groundswell of public support for major climate mitigation policies.

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NRDC says Mexichem ruling does not block suit on HFC guide

Environmentalists and a coalition of states say a recent appellate court ruling only partially vacated an Obama-era rule limiting climate-warming refrigerants, while Trump officials' guidance seeks to scrap the entire rule.

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After oral arguments, FERC seeks to clarify key NEPA misstatement

The commission says one of its attorneys “misspoke” regarding the commission’s stance that it cannot be deemed the “legally-relevant cause of downstream emissions” under NEPA when it lacks jurisdiction over the fuel distributor.

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As EPA Nears 50, Alumni Seek Shift To Address Top Challenge Of Climate

Highlighting several efforts to consider EPA's future as it nears 50, a survey of almost 400 former employees identifies climate change as the most pressing near-term issue facing the agency, though the alumni suggest EPA address it by shifting from its traditional regulatory approach to a role convening states, industry and others to boost protections.

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Midwest states meet to discuss regional climate strategies

The meeting included officials from Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and it “may lead to continued cooperation moving forward.”

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Despite Uncertainties, Automakers Back EPA Bid To Ease Vehicle GHG Rules

Automaker trade groups are bolstering the Trump EPA's defense of its determination that vehicle greenhouse gas standards should be weakened, despite uncertainties about whether they will publicly support the administration's specific regulations to rollback the rules.

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