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Senators seek to fully fund EPA's lead-in-drinking-water programs

Senators urge appropriators to fund lead mitigation programs at authorized levels.

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Trump urged to depart Paris climate deal due to 'risk' of EPA rules

Republican senators warn Trump that staying in the agreement would create “significant legal risk” that EPA would be forced to aggressively regulate GHGs and “could upend your Administration's ability to fulfill its goal of rescinding the Clean Power Plan.”

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Bipartisan Senators Float Bill To 'Harmonize' EPA, DOT Vehicle Programs

A bipartisan group of senators has introduced legislation to harmonize aspects of the Department of Transportation's fuel economy program with EPA's vehicle greenhouse gas program, a bill that reflects efforts automakers have long sought but which is already sparking fierce blowback from environmental and consumer advocates.

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House Eyes Bipartisan 'Good Samaritan' Bill For Coal Mine Cleanups

Even as lawmakers remain strongly divided on environmental policy, members of a House Natural Resources subcommittee plan to pursue bipartisan legislation that would pave the way for so-called Good Samaritan entities to fund cleanups at abandoned coal mines in part by limiting environmental liability risks that currently deter such efforts.

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Senators push bipartisan bill to revive ozone early action plans

The bipartisan bill would revive the Bush EPA's 'Early Action Compact' program to help states avoid being placed out of attainment with federal air standards.

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House approves bill exempting pesticide spraying from CWA

Similar legislation has cleared the House in the past but has never made it out of the Senate, though its prospects may now be better given pressure on many farm state Democrats who face tough re-election battles in 2018.

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Critics Say EPA's FY18 Cuts Undermine Trump Efforts To Boost Economy

The Trump administration's proposed budget for EPA is sparking push back from environmentalists and state officials who say the steep proposed cuts would actually impose significant costs on industries, communities and the broader economy, in contrast to administration promises that scaling back EPA rules would boost prosperity.

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Budget Plan Severely Limits EPA Climate Work With No Sign Of Expansion

The Trump White House's fiscal year 2018 budget proposal calls for steep cuts to EPA's climate change policy and research, limiting the agency's climate work to greenhouse gas reporting and some existing GHG regulations while signaling that the agency does not intend to strengthen the climate programs it does maintain.

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BOSC Chair Says Dismissals Show EPA 'Marginalization' Of Science Input

The chairman of EPA's Board of Scientific Counselors (BOSC) told a House Science Committee panel that the agency's decision not to reappoint nine of the board's 18 members is part of a broader pattern of “marginalization of science” by the Trump administration that goes beyond EPA, while conceding that the move was lawful.

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Lawmakers seek to open EPA scientific integrity meeting

“We can think of no scientific or policy-based rationale for limiting invitations to a meeting on EPA Scientific Integrity to a relatively small number of individuals and organizations whose overall mix skews decidedly toward pro-regulation environmental activism,” the lawmakers say.

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