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House Democrats Hand EPA Major Roles In Proposed Climate Framework

House Energy & Commerce Committee Democrats are floating a “framework” for climate legislation that envisions major roles for EPA in the development and implementation of greenhouse gas reduction strategies -- in cooperation with states and other federal agencies -- in the transportation, industrial, power and other sectors.

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EPA Implements NDAA’s TRI Reporting Of PFAS But Lacks Key Methods

Even as it continues to seek comment on the issue, EPA has begun implementing new defense law provisions subjecting certain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) reporting though sources say the agency lacks mature methods for estimating air emissions and compiling release data in other media.

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Maryland Threatens To Sue EPA Over Lack Of Chesapeake Bay Enforcement

Maryland officials are warning they will sue EPA if the agency fails to quickly commit to enforcing Chesapeake Bay cleanup goals, saying that while the agency has backed away from an earlier statement that the targets are merely “aspirational,” the state remains very concerned EPA is not fulfilling its mandatory duty to ensure the goals are met.

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House Democrats’ Bid For Senate Talks On PFAS Bill Runs Into GOP Wall

After failing to agree on key per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) provisions in the recent defense bill, a top House Democrat is urging his colleagues to approve a sweeping bill, slated for floor action this week, to address the chemicals as a way to begin Senate talks but the bill is facing a White House veto threat, intransigence from a key GOP senator and criticism from House Republicans.

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House lawmakers to unveil major climate proposals

House Energy & Commerce Committee Democrats are poised to release a long-awaited plan to achieve deep carbon reductions across the economy, while a bipartisan group of lawmakers is floating an energy incentive plan.

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API Touts Sector’s Economic, Climate Role As 2020 Scrutiny Escalates

The oil and gas sector is ramping up a public campaign touting economic benefits of energy development -- including reduced carbon dioxide emissions by displacing coal power -- in an effort to push back against Democrats’ election-year push for new limits fossil fuel production and sweeping climate change policies.

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Bipartisan lawmakers seek to bar EPA rules for racing cars

Bills advancing in both chambers with bipartisan support would clarify that EPA cannot regulate modifications to vehicles that are to be used solely for competition.

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EPA official draws criticism over Chesapeake Bay TMDL comments

“Everybody’s jaw dropped” when the head of EPA’s Chesapeake Bay program said the cleanup goals are merely aspirational, one local official said.

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EPA reports highest backlog of unfunded Superfund cleanups

The backlog of 34 sites where the agency was unable to fund construction stands in contrast to top officials’ claims that quickly cleaning up sites is a priority.

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NDAA Requires Host Of PFAS Rules Despite Superfund, Water Omissions

Despite Congress’ high-profile failure to require EPA to craft rules under the clean water, drinking water and Superfund laws to address per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), defense legislation recently enacted by President Donald Trump includes a host of provisions requiring EPA and other agencies to address the chemical class.

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