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Water utilities object to House’s proposed FY21 WIFIA changes

Groups representing drinking water and wastewater utilities say rescinding previously appropriated funds for the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loan program would cripple it.

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Amid Sparring Over EPA Policies, House Democrats Advance FY21 Bill

House Appropriations Committee Democrats are advancing their fiscal year 2021 spending bill for EPA after adding a new provision blocking the agency’s controversial science “transparency” rule and rejecting Republicans’ attempts to scrap existing provisions in the bill that block other Trump administration environmental policies.

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In FY21 Report, House Democrats Renew Concerns With EPA’s Agenda

Democratic appropriators in the House are reiterating and amplifying multiple concerns with EPA’s deregulatory efforts and resistance to Hill oversight, pressing the agency for action or information on numerous topics, including water contamination, toxic chemical risk assessment and agency enforcement.

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Senators Press For Federal Probe Into PFAS Exposure, COVID-19 Risks

More than a dozen senators are pressing federal health agencies to probe any links between exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and COVID-19 risks, including through an upcoming large, multi-site PFAS study that will examine drinking water exposure and a variety of health outcomes.

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Energy Unions Urge Democrats To Add ‘Transition Fee’ To Climate Bill

Seven heavy-industry trade unions are urging House Democrats drafting ambitious climate change legislation to consider imposing an “energy transition fee,” such as a wires charge on electricity users or a fee on energy production, to provide the revenue stream they say is needed to help displaced workers and to promote carbon-sequestration research.

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Former Officials, Lawmakers Back Suit To Protect State Auto GHG Rules

A bipartisan group of former EPA chiefs and Transportation secretaries, as well as scores of Democratic lawmakers, electric utilities and other groups, are weighing in against the Trump administration’s rule preempting state vehicle greenhouse gas programs, arguing that the move is both illegal and harmful to the public.

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Scrap Industry Floats Policy Options, Backs Manufacturer Recycling Mandates

The scrap recycling industry is recommending a variety of policy options for the Senate environment committee to consider as it weighs potentially new federal action to bolster the struggling recycling market, including voicing support for manufacturer-side recycling mandates that manufacturers have not embraced.

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Senators press GAO to probe EPA water enforcement consistency

California’s two Democratic senators argue that a September 2019 enforcement action against San Francisco “singled out” the city’s water system in contrast to other municipalities.

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House FY21 EPA Bill Boosts Agency Budget, Reverses Trump Rollbacks

House appropriators’ newly unveiled fiscal year 2021 EPA spending bill would boost overall agency funding by roughly 3 percent to almost $9.4 billion, including increases in environmental justice (EJ) and other programs, while also short-circuiting several high-profile Trump administration rollbacks of air, climate and water rules.

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EPA ‘indefinitely’ shelves 2021 RFS rule

The agency is reportedly shelving work on the proposal amid uncertainty on fuel demand due to the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing battles over compliance waivers for small refiners.

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