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Water Utilities Fight PFAS Superfund Listing, Fearing Waste Disposal Liability

Wastewater and drinking water utilities are raising concerns about some lawmakers’ efforts to force EPA to list a whole class of perfluorinated chemicals as “hazardous substances” under the Superfund law, saying it could create cleanup liability for systems that have land-applied their biosolids or disposed of waste from drinking water treatment.

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Hearing Shows Battle To Win Debate On Effects Of Trump Vehicle Plan

Last week’s House oversight hearing on the Trump administration’s planned rollback of vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy rules is underscoring that supporters and detractors of the policy are locked in an ongoing substantive and political battle over the rule’s environmental, safety and economic effects.

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21 House Republicans oppose blocking GHG risk finding

The June 20 vote on the House floor appears to be the largest public show of support from Hill Republicans for EPA’s 2009 GHG endangerment finding -- which forms the basis of all of the agency’s climate rules.

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EPA, California Engage In Sharp War Of Words Over Vehicle GHG Rollback

Top EPA and California officials are engaged in an aggressive war of words over who is responsible for the breakdown of talks over vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas rules and the Trump administration’s plan to sharply roll them back, a dispute that one Democratic lawmaker says is doing little to restart the talks.

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House Democrats Begin Inquiry Into Oil Backing Of Vehicle GHG Rollback

House Energy & Commerce Committee Democrats are launching an investigation into the oil sector’s role in backing the Trump administration’s proposal to weaken vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards, likely building on an upcoming hearing that will allow lawmakers to press federal officials on the plan.

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Senators ‘Hopeful’ Defense Bill Will Include Superfund PFAS Measure

A bipartisan group of senators say they remain hopeful that legislative language requiring EPA to designate perfluorinated compounds as “hazardous substances” subject to liability under the Superfund law will eventually be included in the fiscal year 2020 defense authorization bill, which is slated for consideration later this week.

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Facing Veto Threat, House Readies Debate On Trump EPA Rollbacks

Even as they face a veto threat from the White House, House Democratic leaders have teed up debate on EPA’s fiscal year 2020 spending bill, allowing for floor consideration of amendments that would block several Trump EPA priorities, including measures that roll back climate rules for new power plants and attack the basis for mercury limits.

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Utilities Provide Cautious Response To Senate PFAS Bill Ahead Of Markup

Drinking water utilities are declining to take a position on bipartisan Senate legislation addressing contamination from perfluorinated chemicals through a variety of environmental laws, though they are concerned that the measure, slated for markup June 19, could set an adverse precedent by preempting EPA’s statutory process for setting standards.

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Vehicle GHG Hearing Likely To Flag Rollback’s Job Cuts, GHG Increase

The House Energy & Commerce Committee’s upcoming hearing on the Trump administration’s vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy rule rollback is poised to highlight the rule’s potential harm to the economy, consumers and the climate, adding to a barrage of prior criticism of the plan’s claimed safety and other benefits.

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Report lists 475 facilities may be discharging PFAS

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed two EPA online databases and data from a New York survey to identify 475 industrial sites known to produce or use PFAS or are suspected of using PFAS.

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