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House Democrats Include Climate Measures In New Transportation Bill

House Democrats have unveiled a transportation funding bill that includes several initiatives to drive greenhouse gas emissions cuts, including new responsibilities for EPA, providing another sign of more ambitious efforts that could come into play in the next Congress if lawmakers are unable to agree this year on the measure.

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IRS Issues CCS Tax Plan With Split Decision On Key Reporting Issues

The IRS has issued a long-awaited proposed rule outlining how carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects can claim crucial tax credits, rebuffing some industry demands to ease monitoring requirements for oil recovery projects while also rejecting several groups’ calls for full transparency on reporting.

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Wheeler goes on offense against Senate critics of virus response

The EPA chief is pushing back against Democrats’ claims that Trump officials are exploiting the coronavirus crisis to continue environmental rollbacks with particularly damaging consequences during the pandemic.

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House members bolster push for NDAA PFAS measures

In a May 26 letter, 116 House members urge the House Armed Services Committee to include comprehensive per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) provisions in the annual defense authorization bill.

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Adviser Says GOP Could Mull Carbon Tax To Offset COVID-Related Debts

A House Republican strategist says the party might be open to backing a carbon tax if the proceeds were used to pay down debt amassed during the COVID-19 pandemic or boost major indebted programs, even though existing proposals have no chance of enactment in the current Congress.

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Democratic lawmakers query EPA on condition of air monitor network

Democratic lawmakers are pressing EPA to ensure that air quality monitors nationwide are operational, following studies linking air emissions with worsened COVID-19 outcomes.

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Senate Democrats Press Wheeler For PFAS Cleanup Plans At 180 Sites

Senate Democrats are pressing EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler to provide details on cleanup plans and contamination levels at the 180 Superfund sites the agency says are contaminated with per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), as well as pushing for clarity on the agency’s cleanup authorities for these chemicals.

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Wheeler Rejects Democrats’ Attacks On EPA Rollbacks Amid Pandemic

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler is defending the agency’s enforcement discretion policy and deregulatory actions against Democrats’ charges that the agency is exploiting the coronavirus crisis to continue environmental rollbacks with particularly damaging consequences during the pandemic.

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IG weighs investigation of Trump EPA’s state enforcement oversight

The possible investigation responds to congressional concerns about the Trump administration’s dispute with California’s environmental policies that led to EPA allegations of Clean Water Act violations.

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Wheeler Says EPA Will Miss TSCA Deadlines For First 10 Risk Reviews

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler told the Senate environment committee the agency will miss its June statutory deadline for issuing all of the first 10 risk evaluations for high-priority chemicals under the 2016 amendments to the Toxic Substances Control Act, saying getting “them right” was more important.

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