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Former EPA Administrators Will Urge House To Revive EPA After Trump

A bipartisan group of former EPA administrators is expected to urge House lawmakers to plan on reviving the agency after President Donald Trump leaves office by boosting its budget and using EPA to tackle climate change, steps the former chiefs say are vital to address growing environmental threats and to undo Trump’s rule rollbacks.

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Major union endorses Green New Deal

The Service Employees International Union has become the first national union to endorse the Green New Deal, though energy and construction sector unions have voiced significant concerns.

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Manchin sole Democrat not sponsoring Paris climate bill

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is the sole Senate Democrat not to co-sponsor a bill that cleared the House, with unanimous Democratic backing, barring the United States’ exit from the Paris Agreement.

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Carper steps up call for PFAS legislation following FDA findings

“It is abundantly clear that Congress must take heed of what we do know and act now to begin addressing PFAS contamination,” the top Democrat on the Senate environment committee says.

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Johnson eyes Senate to push EPA to fund children’s research centers

House appropriators’ calls for EPA to fund the program is a “step in the right direction,” say staff for the science committee chair, adding that she “hopes the Senate can have similar language in their report.”

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EPA Rule Exempts Farms From EPCRA Reporting, Teeing Up New Suit

EPA June 4 issued its final rule exempting animal feeding operations (AFOs) from air emissions reporting requirements under emergency response and community right-to-know law, a policy that will tee up fresh litigation from

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Shaheen to introduce Paris climate bill in Senate

The House is advancing a similar plan but the measure is likely dead on arrival in the GOP-controlled Senate and has already drawn a veto threat from the White House.

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GAO report raises doubts on RFS’ environmental, economic benefits

The Government Accountability Office’s findings add to debate over the future of the RFS, with oil industry groups calling for its reform or repeal while biofuels groups are strongly defending the program.

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Former EPA official urges reliance on air act to curb vehicle GHGs

Margo Oge, EPA's former transportation air quality chief, says that Trump officials are “cynically using” the Energy Policy and Conservation Act to try to block state greenhouse gas controls.

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Environmentalists see fallout from Trump’s Paris departure

It’s been two years since President Donald Trump pledged to leave the Paris Agreement, and some experts say the damage to the country’s influence on international climate policy could be hard to recapture.

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