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EPA, DOJ At Odds Over Whether Biomass Proposal Undercuts ACE Rule

EPA and the Justice Department (DOJ) are at odds over whether the agency’s long-pending proposal to declare woody biomass to be carbon neutral for Clean Air Act stationary source permits would undercut the legal justification for the agency’s narrow greenhouse gas standards for power plants.

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GAO flags climate adaptation concerns for DOD, USAID

The Government Accountability Office is urging the Defense Department to better consider climate risks in its supply chain, while also calling for improved data reporting on foreign assistance for climate adaptation.

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Feinstein bill floats EPA-led bid to cut Mexico border water pollution

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is introducing a bill to make EPA the lead agency for water pollution at the U.S.-Mexico border, breaking what she says have been decades of “confusion” on the subject.

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EPA Biomass Carbon Rule Delayed Over Potential Ties To RFS, ACE

EPA’s long-pending proposal to declare woody biomass carbon neutral for stationary source permits under the Clean Air Act is facing delays, with sources suggesting Trump administration officials are concerned that the plan could create a precedent that might affect the agency’s power plant greenhouse gas rules or its biofuels policies.

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Sen. Durbin seeks information on EPA COVID-19 reopening plans

Durbin, who serves as the Democratic whip, is urging EPA to ensure that its COVID-19 office reopening plan is done “at an appropriate time, based on scientific data” to protect agency employees.

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OIG Launches Review Of EPA’s Process For Final Auto GHG Rule Rollback

EPA’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) is launching a review of the agency’s process for crafting its final rollback of Obama-era vehicle greenhouse gas standards, saying the measure is self-initiated but partially in response to Sen. Tom Carper’s (D-DE) claim that the process is “fundamentally and legally flawed.”

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Senate approves reauthorization of EPA’s diesel retrofit program

Congress is moving closer to reauthorizing the popular EPA diesel engine retrofit funding program, but House lawmakers are seeking more funding than the Senate.

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House approves FY21 EPA spending bill in 224-189 vote

The “minibus” bill including fiscal year 2021 appropriations for EPA boosts overall agency funding by 3 percent while also targeting several Trump administration environmental policies.

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GOP senators seek clean energy financial aid in COVID bill

Seven GOP senators, including five running for re-election in November, call clean energy investments “fiscally prudent” because they would leverage private funding to boost job gains and economic growth.

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House Democrats’ FY21 Bill Votes Signal Post-Election Priorities For EPA

House Democrats have approved policy riders to EPA’s fiscal year 2021 funding bill limiting the implementation of Trump administration environmental policies while creating new rules for emerging contaminants and boosting water infrastructure funds, signaling Democrats’ early priorities for EPA if Joe Biden wins the 2020 presidential election.

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