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Groups Ramp Up Bid To Obtain EPA Vehicle GHG Rule Cost Assumptions

Environmentalists are joining Capitol Hill Democrats in an effort to obtain more information on EPA cost assumptions related to the Trump administration's planned rollback of vehicle fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards, arguing the agency has improperly ignored its own data in favor of more pessimistic estimates from the Transportation Department.

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Senators, EV Backers Redouble Deployment Calls To Tackle Climate Change

Two Senate Democrats are re-introducing legislation to create an ambitious national zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) mandate to be overseen by EPA, offering a rebuttal of calls to scrap state ZEV and greenhouse gas rules and joining broader calls from electric vehicle (EV) supporters to hike deployment of the cars to address climate change.

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New FOIA suit queries Wheeler's contacts with energy lobby

The suit undercuts recent policies from Wheeler and other officials seeking to speed disclosures and increase transparency.

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Carper seeks EPA data downplaying climate report

The top Democrat on the Senate environment committee charges that Andrew Wheeler's comments downplaying the climate assessment contradict his confirmation pledge not to “distort” scientific studies.

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GOP Voters, Senators Shift Climate Views Even As Trump Downplays Issue

President Donald Trump and his supporters continue to downplay threats from climate change but nascent signs are emerging of a potential shift on the issue from Republicans, with some federal and state GOP lawmakers calling for policy to address such risks and new polling data showing nearly two-thirds of Republicans say global warming is a problem.

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EPA IG grants Senate Democrats' call to review 'glider' repeal rule

The watchdog says it will review whether the controversial plan violated long-standing policies requiring analysis of costs and benefits -- as well as children's health implications -- of environmental rules.

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Industry Scrambles To Renew PRIA After Renewal Fails To Make Farm Bill

Industry officials are urging lawmakers to renew EPA's expiring authority to collect industry fees to support timely pesticide reviews, either through a stand-alone bill or by attaching it to a broader appropriations package, after lawmakers declined to extend the Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) program in the Farm Bill.

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EPA Easing 45-Year-Old Enforcement Policy For Aftermarket Vehicle Parts

EPA's enforcement office is moving closer to updating a 45-year-old policy for how the agency enforces against tampering of aftermarket engine parts, including catalytic converters, clarifying that if manufacturers can demonstrate with test data that their products meet emissions requirements, then EPA will exercise discretion to limit enforcement.

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Senate GOP Eyes Speedy Confirmation For Dunn After TSCA Pledges

Senate Republicans are eying a speedy confirmation for Alexandra Dunn, President Donald Trump's second nominee to lead EPA's toxics office, after a confirmation hearing where Democrats welcomed public and private pledges the nominee has made though they signaled they still need additional commitments before allowing the nomination to advance.

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Wheeler's Transparency Pledges Win Rare Praise Ahead Of Confirmation

Acting EPA chief Andrew Wheeler is winning praise from some environmentalists for recent pledges to improve transparency, including policies limiting political reviews of disclosures and mandating decisions be documented, measures that could aid his pending confirmation even as he faces criticisms over the Trump administration's deregulatory agenda.

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