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California Waiver Bid Could Return EPA Vehicle CO2 Policies To Court

California's request for EPA to waive Clean Air Act requirements to allow the state to regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from vehicles appears likely to return the issue to federal court, weeks after the Supreme Court ruled that the agency has authority to regulate the emissions.

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EPA Water Report May Spur House Action On Nonpoint Source Pollution

EPA is preparing in the coming weeks to release an eagerly awaited report to Congress detailing the quality of the nation's waters, and its findings could spur House lawmakers to ramp up pressure on the agency to impose stricter regulations on nonpoint source pollution including agricultural runoff.

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House, Senate Face Farm Bill Fight Over Key Environment Program

The House Agriculture Committee's decision to eliminate new funding for a key Farm Bill environmental protection program --- in part to free up funds for programs that help farmers comply with EPA rules --- is already drawing fire from the Senate agriculture committee chairman and could signal a protracted battle over the bill.

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Senate Leader Reid's Energy Bill Sets Clash Over Vehicle GHG Emissions

Upcoming Senate consideration of Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-NV) energy bill, which could come as soon as next month, is likely to intensify a growing congressional debate over how to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the transportation sector, which contributes as much as a third of domestic GHG emissions.

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Dingell Presses EPA For Clarity On Controversial Air Toxics Policy

The House energy committee chairman is pressing EPA for more information about what the agency considers to be the consequences of its change to a policy governing pollution control requirements for industrial facilities, following the agency's own admission that the policy could lead to an increase in toxic air emissions.

At the same time, many industry and environmental groups and some states submitted comments to the agency weighing in on the policy.

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Environmentalists Eye Cleanup Alternatives To Superfund Tax Legislation

Environmentalists and some Democrats may push legislative proposals aimed at speeding up cleanups at toxic sites and ensuring that polluters are held financially responsible as alternatives to reinstating the long-expired Superfund tax, activists close to the issue say.

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Democrats' Plan For EPA Budget Hike Draws White House Veto Threat

Democratic lawmakers' latest funding blueprint, which includes a $900 million boost for EPA's fiscal year 2008 budget over the administration's requested levels, is facing a veto threat from the White House and sparking opposition from congressional Republicans.

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Committee Clash Over Superfund Waiver Could Stall House Farm Bill

As the House Agriculture Committee prepares to begin marking up the 2007 Farm Bill, other House committees are vowing to block the bill if agriculture committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-MN) attaches an amendment exempting concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) from federal Superfund law.

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Environmentalists Rally Around Boxer After Breach On Climate Change

Environmental groups are rallying around Senate environment committee chairwoman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) after some activists questioned her ability to move climate change legislation and many others declined her request to tamp down lobbying on the Senate's first vote this year on climate change, which posed a dilemma for the senator.

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EPA Plans Alternative Fuels Rule In Response To High Court CO2 Ruling

EPA is developing a major rule to encourage use and development of controversial high-emitting alternative fuels, such as coal-to-liquids (CTL) fuels, as part of its response to the Supreme Court's ruling granting the agency authority to regulate carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

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