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Zero-Emission Power Standard Builds On House Democrats’ GHG Plans

New legislation from a key House lawmaker is elaborating on prior Democratic proposals to boost deployment of low-carbon power, floating a “zero-emission electricity standard” and major incentives for non-emitting generators while incorporating new provisions to aid workers’ transition to a low-carbon economy.

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House Members Push Major PFAS Measures For Floor Debate Of Defense Bill

A bipartisan group of House lawmakers, with backing from House Democratic leadership, is pushing for inclusion of a comprehensive package of policy measures to regulate per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the fiscal year 2021 defense authorization bill when it reaches the floor, while attempting to win much-needed Republican support in the Senate.

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GAO Highlights Trump Inaction on ‘Interim’ Carbon ‘Cost’ Estimates

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is faulting the Trump administration for lacking a plan to update its aggressively scaled-back social cost of carbon (SCC) estimates even though they are ostensibly labeled as “interim,” while also casting the Trump figures as out of step with many states and countries.

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Critics float arguments in suit over EPA’s HFC leak rules

States and environmentalists are challenging EPA’s decision to rescind 2016 leak repair mandates for equipment that uses hydrofluorocarbons, arguing the move is based on an “erroneous” legal interpretation.

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Trump Poised To Unveil Final Overhaul Of NEPA Implementing Rules

President Donald Trump later this week plans to unveil a final rule that makes a suite of controversial changes to how agencies implement the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in an effort to speed permit reviews, with the president poised to tout the measure as a boost to the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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House Democrats Eye Plastic Sector’s Broader Environmental Impacts

House Democrats at a recent briefing on plastics’ environmental impacts focused on pollution from making the materials by offering support for a bill that would “pause” building new production facilities while EPA tightens pollution limits for the sector, broadening a debate that previously focused on waste disposal and recycling.

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Water utilities object to House’s proposed FY21 WIFIA changes

Groups representing drinking water and wastewater utilities say rescinding previously appropriated funds for the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loan program would cripple it.

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Amid Sparring Over EPA Policies, House Democrats Advance FY21 Bill

House Appropriations Committee Democrats are advancing their fiscal year 2021 spending bill for EPA after adding a new provision blocking the agency’s controversial science “transparency” rule and rejecting Republicans’ attempts to scrap existing provisions in the bill that block other Trump administration environmental policies.

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In FY21 Report, House Democrats Renew Concerns With EPA’s Agenda

Democratic appropriators in the House are reiterating and amplifying multiple concerns with EPA’s deregulatory efforts and resistance to Hill oversight, pressing the agency for action or information on numerous topics, including water contamination, toxic chemical risk assessment and agency enforcement.

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Senators Press For Federal Probe Into PFAS Exposure, COVID-19 Risks

More than a dozen senators are pressing federal health agencies to probe any links between exposure to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and COVID-19 risks, including through an upcoming large, multi-site PFAS study that will examine drinking water exposure and a variety of health outcomes.

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