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Grassroots Group Eyes Push To Revive Superfund's 'Polluter Pays' Taxes

A national grassroots citizens coalition is planning once again to push for reinstating long-expired Superfund 'polluter pays' taxes, seeking to press the Democratic-controlled House into action, but one industry source doubts such a measure will secure widespread backing.

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Senate Expected To Vote On EPA's 'Integrated Planning' Water Policy

The Senate is expected to approve legislation, long sought by municipalities, to codify EPA's “integrated planning” policy that allows local authorities to address their Clean Water Act (CWA) wastewater and stormwater requirements on a pollution priority basis -- rather than all at once.

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Carper, Schumer press methylene chloride ban

Top Senate Democrats renew criticism of Trump administration's TSCA implementation in calling for EPA to “immediately finalize” ban on paint strippers containing methylene chloride.

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EPA Says It Can Remain Open For 'Limited Period' During Likely Shutdown

EPA has sufficient funds to weather a short government shutdown with relatively minimal disruption to its operations, according to a new contingency plan and assurances from acting Administrator Andrew Wheeler sent to agency staff.

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Deal averting EPA shutdown in doubt as Trump vows to block CR

President Donald Trump is again refusing to sign a spending measure that would keep EPA open past Dec. 21 unless Congress includes $5 billion for his signature border wall.

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Congress Poised To Extend EPA Funds, Chemical Programs, Until Feb. 8

Congress is poised to vote in the coming days on a stopgap bill that will extend level funding for EPA and six other federal agencies into February, a move that will avoid a partial government shutdown while creating an early test for the new Democratic Congress to negotiate a longer-term deal with Senate Republicans and the White House.

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Democrats Launch Inquiry Into EPA Approval Of 'New' PFAS Under TSCA

Even as EPA grapples with how to manage past and ongoing releases of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), House Democrats are pressing the agency to explain its actions in approving hundreds of “new” PFAS under its Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) authorities before they enter commerce.

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White House appears to drop government shutdown threat

“At the end of the day we don't want to shut down the government, we want to shut down the border,” said White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

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Republicans weigh stopgap bill to avert EPA shutdown

The Trump administration is said to be considering a two-week stopgap funding bill that would avert a shutdown of EPA and other agencies until early 2019.

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Senators urge CDC to study firefighters' exposure to PFAS

“We urge you to take additional steps to ensure that the health implications of occupational exposure to these chemicals, particularly in firefighters, are sufficiently studied,” the senators say.

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