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California: GHG bill 'codifies' LCFS, supporters say

But CARB and oil industry officials downplay the significance of the language that lawmakers included in the landmark greenhouse gas cap-and-trade bill.

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EPA Faces Competing Attacks Over Proposed Offshore Drilling Permit

EPA is facing competing attacks from environmentalists and industry groups over a draft general permit for offshore oil and gas drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, with industry groups pledging to lobby EPA to ease the permit to comply with recent Trump executive orders while environmentalists are threatening to sue because the plan violates the Clean Water Act (CWA).

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Senate committee calls off vote on bill to boost E15

The decision is a loss for the ethanol industry, which has long sought year-round sales of E15.

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Inhofe seeks broad GOP plan on energy, environment

Inhofe says he may seek a deal with fellow Republicans on energy and environmental issues, using a bill to increase ethanol use as a vehicle -- though the ethanol issue remains deeply divisive.

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CARB Faces Host Of Decisions After Lawmakers Back Post-2020 GHG Bill

Just-passed landmark legislation to extend California's greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program to 2030 presents state air regulators with a host of critical policy and regulatory choices about the program, which will have major implications for costs to regulated entities and consumers, the state's broader economy and how it reduces GHGs to meet declining emissions limits.

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DOE grid study may challenge Pruitt's push for baseload

The EPA administrator and other officials have made the case that baseload coal and nuclear plants require support.

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Environmentalists seek rehearing in utility ELG FOIA case

Environmentalists say a three-judge panel erred when it backed EPA's decision to withhold data on it utility effluent rule from a Freedom of Information Act request.

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Environmentalists Make Case For Broader 'Block 1' Power Plant GHG Rule

Amid expectations that the Trump EPA will scrap the Clean Power Plan (CPP) by arguing its power plant greenhouse gas regulatory authority is limited to actions “inside the fence” of plants, some environmentalists are pushing back against the notion that such an approach would necessarily result in a rule requiring miniscule emissions cuts.

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California Governor Fights To Achieve Two-Thirds Vote For Cap & Trade

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) and legislative leaders are fighting to persuade two-thirds of lawmakers in the Senate and Assembly to support legislation to extend California's greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program to 2030, but it remains unclear whether their effort will succeed ahead of floor votes scheduled for July 17.

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EPA Sees Potential For Long-Term RFS Obstacle With Ethanol 'Blend Wall'

EPA's proposed rule setting renewable fuel standard (RFS) blending goals for 2018 indicates that the agency sees the potential for a progressively worsening long-term obstacle to increased ethanol use in the "blend wall," the limit on how much ethanol can be blended into the fuel supply given infrastructure and vehicle constraints.

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