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EPA submits methane NSPS stay plan for review

The rule is likely to face a host of legal challenges after EPA's first attempt to delay the rule was scrapped in court.

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EPA Says New Rulemaking Moots Challenge To 'Interim' Stay Of Utility ELG

EPA is asking a federal district judge to end litigation over its now-withdrawn “interim” stay of compliance deadlines in the Obama-era Clean Water Act (CWA) effluent rule for power plants, saying the challenge is moot due to a separate recently finalized rule that codifies many of the same compliance deadline extensions.

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Inspector General Details Upcoming Reviews Of EPA Air Quality Programs

A top EPA Office of Inspector (OIG) official says the office is working on several reviews of major agency air quality programs, including previously announced research into the accuracy of EPA's methods for estimating methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, and a long-pending review of ambient air monitoring data.

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EPA Plans 'Key Revisions' To CSAPR Methods As States Criticize Program

EPA is making “key revisions” to its methods for projecting interstate air pollution from power plants and the oil and gas sector under its Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) emissions trading framework, but several Southern states are criticizing the overall framework as inappropriate for mitigating cross-state air pollution.

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Utilities Push Narrow CPP Replacement As Pruitt Seeks To Avoid 'Vacuum'

A utility group is urging EPA to develop a replacement for the Clean Power Plan (CPP) greenhouse gas rule, with new, scaled-back targets based on actions taken “inside the fence” of regulated power plants -- an approach that EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says he is strongly considering.

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EPA sends RFS 2018 volumes rule to OMB

In its proposed regulation, EPA said it would leave the “implied” volume requirement for conventional renewable fuels unchanged while lowering the mandates for cellulosic biofuel.

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Court Rejects Market Analysis Of Coal Leases, Boosting GHG Review Calls

An appellate court is rejecting the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) environmental reviews of several massive coal mining leases in Wyoming, finding that it “irrationally” concluded that rejecting the leases would have “no appreciable” affect on national carbon dioxide emissions because the same amount of coal would be sourced elsewhere.

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FERC Sets Pipeline Precedent On States' Deadlines For CWA Reviews

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has issued a first-of-its-kind decision holding that state officials waited too long in denying a Clean Water Act (CWA) approval for a proposed natural gas pipeline, setting a precedent for similar battles brewing across the country, though the issue is likely headed to federal court.

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Judges Weigh EPA's Discretion In Challenge To CWA Cooling Water Rule

Judges weighing the legality of EPA's 2014 Clean Water Act (CWA) permit rule for cooling water intake structures appeared to doubt the power sector's claims that the rule was too strict while sympathizing with environmentalists' attacks on the regulation, yet suggested they might ultimately defer to the agency on how it wrote the rule.

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EPA Grants Ash Rule Reconsideration, Seeks Delay For Suits Over Policy

EPA is formally granting utilities' request to reconsider parts of the Obama-era Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) coal ash rule and will soon ask a federal appeals court to delay oral argument schedule for next month in consolidated lawsuits filed by environmentalists and the power sector over the same regulatory provisions.

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