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Clean energy supporters urge lame duck Congress to advance incentives

A variety of clean energy and environmental groups are urging lawmakers to adopt tax breaks for various low-carbon technologies in must-pass legislation, while carbon capture proponents are pitching separate measures.

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GOP-led states, oil sector ask high court to overturn RFS waiver ruling

Seven Republican-led states and two oil industry groups are urging the Supreme Court to overturn an appellate ruling barring many small refiners from receiving renewable fuel standard compliance waivers.

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Court Again Blocks BLM Oil & Gas Leases Over Insufficient Climate Review

A federal district court for the second time is rejecting the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) climate change analysis for hundreds of oil and gas leases in Wyoming, blocking the leases and ordering BLM to redo its National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) review, possibly allowing a Biden administration to entirely cancel the leases.

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Environmentalists seek stay of revised EPA oil and gas NSPS

Almost a dozen environmental groups are urging an appellate court to stay part of EPA’s “reconsideration rule” that weakened or eliminated several air mandates for new oil and gas facilities.

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Biden-Aligned Group Floats Options For EPA To Boost Clean Power

A group of clean energy backers who supported Joe Biden’s presidential bid is floating a compendium of policy options for the Biden administration and Congress, including specific permit policies and analysis EPA might undertake to spur development of clean energy separately from revisions to power plant greenhouse gas rules.

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EPA to formally find states’ delay over oil & gas air plans

The agency is determining that five states failed to submit plans for implementing Obama-era control techniques guidelines for curbing emissions of ozone precursors from oil and gas facilities.

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Maryland, Environmentalists Press For Tougher Interstate Ozone Curbs

Maryland officials and environmental groups are pressing EPA to toughen its interstate ozone pollution efforts, praising a planned tightening of state nitrogen oxides (NOx) caps under a landmark emissions trading program while also urging the agency to craft daily limits to prevent short-term ozone spikes as well as target vehicles and other industrial sources.

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Utilities, boiler operators fault EPA air pollution cost control estimates

Power companies and industrial boiler operators say the agency must revise its draft update to air pollution cost control estimates, in order to account for the true costs of installing controls.

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Automakers Accelerate Shift To EVs But Major Deployment Hurdles Remain

Automakers are accelerating their shift to ramping up production of a growing range of electric vehicles (EVs) in response to state incentives and the incoming Biden administration’s expected push to promote the low or zero-emission cars, but major deployment hurdles remain for the sector to overcome, say industry officials and legal analysts.

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Biden Administration Might Help Boost CARB’s Sweeping Climate Plans

The California Air Resources Board (CARB), the state’s air regulator, could get a significant boost from President-elect Joe Biden’s administration for its efforts to implement Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D) sweeping climate policy agenda, legal experts say, because Biden is likely to support such efforts in contrast to the Trump administration.

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