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EPA announces hearing on proposal to allow year-round E15 sales

The hearing slated for March 29 in Michigan will pit supporters and opponents of EPA’s proposals to allow year-round sale of 15 percent ethanol fuel and to reform renewable fuel standard credits against each other.

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Public health advocates preview attacks on EPA’s MATS rollback

Supporters of the Obama-era air toxics standards for power plants are previewing arguments they are likely to make at a March 18 EPA hearing on the agency’s planned rollback of the rule.

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EPA raises procedural, substantive bars to EAB fracking permit case

The agency says challenges to a hydraulic fracturing permit in Michigan suffer from serious procedural flaws and should be rejected even before reaching their merits.

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EPA Approval Of Small Refiner RFS Waivers Signals Unchanged Approach

Biofuels groups are criticizing EPA’s March 14 approval of five more waivers to refiners from having to meet renewable fuel standard (RFS) biofuel blending obligations, warning the decision signals the agency will not change its approach that has already resulted in dozens of waivers that the groups fear weaken demand for ethanol.

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Judge Allows Environmentalists' Landmark Climate Permit Suit To Proceed

A federal judge is allowing environmentalists to proceed with potentially precedent-setting litigation alleging oil giant ExxonMobil violated federal water and waste law provisions because one of its terminals is not doing enough to prevent pollution releases caused by climate change impacts like rising sea levels and frequent severe storms.

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EPA Said To Split Controversial NSR Changes From Looming Final ACE Rule

EPA appears to have decided to split its controversial plan to essentially exempt most coal-fired power plants from new source review (NSR) permitting requirements from its broader, pending final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule to limit coal plant greenhouse gas emissions, according to several sources.

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Environmentalists seek rehearing of CWA 401 ruling

Environmentalists say the D.C. Circuit's ruling that states have a strict one-year limit to make decisions about water quality certifications creates a split among appeals courts that affects numerous energy projects.

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EPA releases 2016 study finding no need to address coal ash fills

EPA quietly posted its two-year-old assessment that existing regulatory authorities are enough to remedy any harms from structural fills using coal ash only under query from the Office of Inspector General.

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As Politics Shift, Colorado Energy Sector Faces Emboldened Opposition

Colorado’s new Democratic-controlled legislature is advancing a sweeping bill that would restrict oil and gas development by affirming public health as the state’s top priority instead of energy production, while the sector faces twin pressures in the form of planned environmentalist lawsuits arguing state drilling permits are too weak.

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Litigation: EPA pushes back on suit over ‘small refiner’ RFS waivers

EPA’s defense of its retroactive grant of RFS compliance waivers for small refiners may signal future arguments in other litigation targeting small refiner exemptions.

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