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House Democrats offer bill to reverse EPA, BLM methane rollbacks

The bill would codify the Obama EPA’s methane rules for new oil and gas equipment, while also reinstating Obama BLM methane limits for operations on federal land.

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EPA, NRC Craft MOU To Clarify Powers To Regulate Uranium Mining

EPA and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) officials are discussing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would clarify the agencies' authorities to regulate uranium mining, signaling EPA may give further concessions to the NRC that could limit the agency's power to set groundwater protection standards for the sector.

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EPA extends deadline for Wheeler decision on EPA-DOE cleanup fight

The agency is giving its administrator more time to resolve a fight between Region 4 and the Energy Department over using Superfund law authorities to regulate nuclear waste at federal facilities.

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Texas rules raise questions on benefits, harm from oil and gas sector

“If we're going to see change, it has to be a new rule,” Bo Vizcaino, an engineering tech with the Texas Railroad Commission, said at a recent discussion about drilling in the Permian Basin.

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Environmentalists to appeal adverse pipeline NEPA ruling

A local environmental group says it will seek rehearing of the D.C. Circuit’s decision to scrap its case on standing grounds, charging the decision is “erroneous.”

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UARG’s Demise Shifts Focus To Utility Waste, Water Groups’ EPA Influence

The demise of the long-time Utility Air Regulatory Group (UARG) that litigated many EPA air rules for the power sector and imploded following congressional scrutiny over its ties to the agency’s current air chief is shifting focus to other utility sector groups that are involved in legal challenges and advocacy on waste and water regulations.

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Carper seeks five GAO studies on climate impacts

 The Democratic senator is urging the Government Accountability Office to prepare five studies examining how climate change threatens waste storage, energy infrastructure, chemical facilities and flood-related infrastructure.

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UARG Announces Plans To Dissolve Amid Ongoing House Investigation

The Utility Air Regulatory Group (UARG), the power sector organization that often challenges EPA air rules, is dissolving after 40 more than years -- even as House Democrats are pledging to continue their investigation into the group over its ties to EPA air chief Bill Wehrum.

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Seeking Broad Support, Democrats Float CES To Achieve Utility Carbon Cuts

Supporters of the new clean energy standard (CES) proposal in Congress say it is a politically achievable roadmap for major power sector greenhouse gas cuts, and that the plan could get a political boost by building on numerous similar state programs and by including support for a broad suite of low-carbon technologies.

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EPA faces increasing pressure to halt ‘small’ refiner RFS waivers

House lawmakers are urging EPA to stop granting renewable fuel standard waivers to refiners, while biofuels producers are asking a federal appeals court to bar issuance of any new waivers.

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