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Officials Urged To Prioritize EPA Rule Rollbacks, Not Coal Leasing Appeal

A top deregulatory advocate is urging the Trump administration to prioritize rollbacks of EPA policies rather than spending limited resources on appealing the recent ruling finding Department of the Interior (DOI) officials unlawfully skipped environmental reviews when they lifted an Obama-era moratorium on new coal leases, though environmentalists say they expect an appeal.

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EPA Rejects Petition To Update Oil, Gas Waste Rules, Sparking Criticism

Sparking strong criticism, EPA has rejected environmentalists' petition seeking to revise federal waste rules for the disposal of oil and gas wastes, leaving in place generic standards that apply to all non-hazardous solid waste and deferring to existing state programs as better able to handle the management of such wastes.

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Environmentalists decry 'preordained' changes to CWA 401

Trump's order “creates serious doubt over whether any subsequent public notice and comment period will be meaningful if the changes EPA or other agencies must make to their regulations have been preordained,”environmentalists say.

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Virginia completes rule to allow trading with RGGI

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam (D) faces a May 3 deadline to issue a line-item veto of a GOP-crafted provision in the state budget that would block participation in RGGI.

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Study Warns California About Methane Levels From New Mexico Gas Imports

A study by University of Wyoming researchers and a major environmental group is warning California and other states that import natural gas from New Mexico that oil and gas drilling in the state may generate up to five times as much methane emissions than previously estimated by EPA.

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Quote-Unquote: EPA’s MATS proposal draws strong reactions

Select quotes from supporters and opponents of EPA’s proposal to undo the cost-benefit finding underpinning the Obama-era mercury and air toxics standards for power plants.

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EPA’s CCS Reversal In NSPS Could Face Hurdles From Technology Gains

A slew of environmentalists, legal experts and states are citing mounting evidence that carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology is becoming increasingly advanced, arguing that poses a major hurdle to EPA’s attempt to no longer base its greenhouse gas targets for new coal plants on CCS with partial capture.

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Former EPA Air Chief Sees Standing Bar For Lawsuits Over MATS Rollback

Former Bush EPA air chief Jeffrey Holmstead is warning environmentalists and Democratic states that they lack legal standing to challenge the agency’s effort to scrap the “appropriate and necessary” cost-benefit finding underpinning the Obama-era utility air toxics rule, because they cannot show any injury from undoing the finding.

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Former Officials Warn EPA Lacks Legal Power To Scrap MATS Finding

Former EPA officials, including several who helped craft the Obama-era mercury and air toxics standards (MATS), are warning the Trump administration that it lacks legal authority for its proposal to scrap the cost-benefit finding underpinning the MATS rule, unless it pursues a major new cost review that the agency has so far avoided.

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5th Circuit Vacates Parts Of Obama EPA Utility Effluent Rule As Too Lenient

A federal appeals court has vacated portions of the Obama EPA’s Clean Water Act (CWA) power plant effluent rule as too lenient, agreeing with environmentalists that the agency acted “arbitrarily” when it left in place decades-old technology standards designating impoundments as the “best” technology for treating some forms of waste.

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