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3rd Circuit Probe Of EPA-Approved State NOx Air Plan Might Set Precedent

Appellate judges at recent oral argument probed the legality of EPA’s approval of a Pennsylvania rule setting nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions limits for coal-fired power plants in the state, in a case that could set a precedent on the adequacy of state air plans in the region that has struggled with high levels of ozone-forming NOx.

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Mining Firm’s Suit Over MATS Cost Finding Creates Jeopardy For Air Rule

A coal mining firm is suing EPA over its just-published final rule scrapping the cost-benefit review underpinning the Obama administration’s landmark mercury and air toxics standards (MATS), a lawsuit that environmentalists and others predicted would be filed and that places the fate of the overall utility emissions regulation in jeopardy.

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Republican oil state senators urge EPA to issue 2020 RFS waiver

GOP senators from mostly oil-producing states are ramping up pressure on EPA to waive RFS biofuel blending obligations, but face strong opposition from corn-state biofuels advocates in Congress.

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DOJ, Energy Sector Seek To Stay Landmark Ruling Blocking Pipeline Permit

The Justice Department (DOJ) and the energy industry are asking an appellate court to stay the landmark district court ruling that vacated the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) general permit for constructing pipelines, with DOJ and industry citing numerous alleged errors in the lower court’s ruling that they say are likely to be overturned on the merits.

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California seeks dismissal of DOJ’s last claim in cap & trade suit

The Trump administration is advancing a claim that California’s decision to link its climate cap-and-trade program to Quebec’s market violates the Foreign Affairs Doctrine.

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EPA sends proposed 2021 RFS for OMB review

The agency’s pending proposal will float the annual production targets under the 2021 renewable fuel standard for alternative and renewable fuels, including ethanol.

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EPA extends comment deadline for coal ash permit rule

EPA has delayed the comment deadline for its coal ash permit program after the Navajo Nation warned that addressing the COVID-19 pandemic left it with few resources to analyze the proposed rule.

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Supreme Court declines review of suit testing RFS compliance ‘point’

The justices’ decision shifts focus to pending appellate court cases in which refiners will again attempt to secure a ruling shifting the compliance ‘obligation point’ in EPA’s renewable fuel standard.

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Ethanol sector urges SAB COVID-19 panel to weigh fuel’s air benefits

Ethanol producers are urging EPA science advisers to consider the benefits of biofuels when they issue a pending report on the potential links between COVID-19 and air quality.

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Utility Groups Call For CEMS Compliance Waiver In MATS Monitoring Rule

Power sector groups are calling on EPA to provide additional compliance flexibility in the agency’s forthcoming rule to extend the transition to a single electronic emissions reporting system for power plants under its mercury and air toxics standards (MATS), including an exemption for continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS) breakdowns.

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