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Judge Questions Push For Programmatic Climate Review Of Coal Leasing

A federal district court judge appeared skeptical of environmental groups’ argument that the Trump administration must conduct a programmatic environmental review of the federal coal lease program because officials offered what the groups say is an inadequate response to a prior court decision faulting the administration’s resumption of leasing.

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Refiners, Biofuels Groups Clash In Suit Testing EPA Approval Of E15 Fuel

Refiners and biofuels supporters in new court filings are clashing over the legality of EPA’s approval of 15 percent ethanol fuel (E15) for year-round use in most vehicles, with refiners challenging the agency’s justification for the approval while biofuels groups support it but say EPA should have approved higher blends of ethanol.

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EPA misses deadline for CWA section 401 rule

President Donald Trump’s April 10, 2019, executive order required the agency to finalize by May 10, 2020, regulatory changes to how states determine whether federally permitted projects protect water quality.

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Judge Narrows Scope Of NWP Vacatur, Bolstering Ruling Ahead Of Appeal

A federal district court judge has narrowed his landmark vacatur of a Clean Water Act (CWA) general permit governing construction of pipelines and other utility projects while providing a lengthy defense of his modified remedy and underlying ruling that appears aimed at bolstering his decisions during almost certain appeals.

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Environmentalists Blast Proposal To Weaken Oil Pipeline Spill Rules

Environmentalists are blasting the Trump administration’s proposal to weaken rules governing oil pipeline spill preparation and response, suggesting they may challenge the measure and arguing the revisions would diminish key protections and let petroleum companies off the hook for failing to report many oil spills.

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Legal filings detail RFS critics’ attacks on 2020 fuel targets

Refiners, biofuels groups, retailers and others are detailing the arguments they expect to make in pending litigation challenging EPA’s final rule setting 2020 renewable fuel standard targets.

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Analysts question DOE plan to exclude LNG from NEPA

An analysis from the firm ClearView Energy Partners notes that DOE is seeking to exempt gas export approvals from environmental review, despite its successful track record in defending such reviews.

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Judges Weigh Suit Over EPA Policy Denying Cellulosic Ethanol RFS Credit

Appellate judges at May 11 oral argument weighed ethanol giant POET’s suit challenging EPA’s policy denying the company’s request for renewable fuel standard (RFS) credit for its cellulosic ethanol, asking both sides detailed questions but giving no indication of whether they will grant POET’s bid to scrap the policy.

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Environmentalists Suggest Judge Narrow CWA Pipeline Permit Vacatur

Environmentalists are proposing a federal judge narrow the scope of his high-profile ruling vacating a Clean Water Act (CWA) general permit used for pipeline and other utility line construction, which could ease some industry concerns, but they maintain the judge’s rationale for his ruling is correct and will be upheld on appeal.

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DOE Proposes To Exempt LNG Export Approvals From NEPA Review

The Energy Department (DOE) is proposing to exempt its process for approving liquified natural gas (LNG) exports from National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) reviews, a plan that is already raising eyebrows from both environmentalists and industry sources.

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