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D.C. Circuit severs suit over EPA ethanol policy from E15 challenge

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is separating litigation over EPA’s ‘Tier 3’ fuel rule from suits over the agency’s approval for year-round sale of 15-percent ethanol fuel (E15).

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Aiming To Speed Reviews, White House Seeks To Curb NEPA’s Reach

White House officials are proposing a sweeping overhaul to National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) implementing rules, with the plan scaling back the reach of environmental reviews under the law in an effort to speed major infrastructure projects and other federal actions.

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EIP Warns Of Massive GHG, Pollution Increases From Oil & Gas Boom

One day after the oil industry sought to tout the greenhouse gas and other benefits of oil and gas drilling, environmentalists are warning that planned expansions throughout the industry could bring a 30 percent increase in GHGs over the next five years, along with corresponding increases in conventional air pollutants that harm public health.

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API touts GHG cuts but sidesteps queries on ethanol’s benefits

The American Petroleum Institute’s President and CEO Mike Sommers says the oil and gas sector is cutting greenhouse gases but demurred on questions about why it opposes ethanol as a GHG reduction option.

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API Touts Sector’s Economic, Climate Role As 2020 Scrutiny Escalates

The oil and gas sector is ramping up a public campaign touting economic benefits of energy development -- including reduced carbon dioxide emissions by displacing coal power -- in an effort to push back against Democrats’ election-year push for new limits fossil fuel production and sweeping climate change policies.

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Refiners Ask Supreme Court To Review RFS Compliance ‘Obligation’

Refiners are petitioning the Supreme Court for review of EPA’s policy on the renewable fuel standard’s (RFS) compliance mandate, which they say wrongly falls on fuel refiners and importers and not on other entities such as fuel blenders that mix biofuel into the country’s fuel supply.

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Duke pledges to excavate waste coal ash despite EPA’s rule revisions

The power company cut a deal with environmentalists to remove all stored ash from its North Carolina disposal sites even as EPA is loosening requirements in the federal ash disposal rule.

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Refiner Sues EPA For Rejecting Waiver Of 2018 RFS Biofuel Blending Goal

Canadian refiner Suncor is suing EPA for rejecting its application seeking a small refiner waiver that would exempt two of its Colorado-based plants from having to meet the 2018 renewable fuel standard’s (RFS) biofuel blending goal, contesting the agency’s finding that these adjacent facilities are in fact one unit ineligible for an exemption.

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EPA Floats Permanent ‘Streamlining’ For Utah Oil & Gas Drilling Air Permits

EPA is floating a proposed federal air quality plan that would establish a permanent process to streamline Clean Air Act permit approvals for regulating ozone from oil and gas operations in part of Utah that is one of the most active drilling areas in the West, where wintertime ozone levels often exceed federal limits.

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EPA expands self-audit to all upstream oil, gas facilities

The agency is seeking to expand the program that previously allowed new owners to win penalty and other relief after states and industry groups expressed skepticism about it.

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