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DOE Oil Group Seeks Carbon Price, Tax Credits To Adopt CCUS ‘At Scale’

A group that advises the Energy Department (DOE) on petroleum policy, including companies across all facets of the oil sector, is for the first time calling for an eventual carbon price and a suite of other federal policies to deploy carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) technologies “at scale."

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EPA faces second suit over oil & gas smog limits

Two environmental groups are threatening suit over EPA’s alleged failure to reduce smog-forming pollution from oil and gas drilling in Colorado, California and Arizona.

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EPA plans February release of water reuse implementation plan

The final National Water Reuse Action Plan will focus on approximately 20 actions to encourage water reuse, a narrowing of the 46 possible actions in the draft plan, an agency official says.

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Biofuels, refining groups wage 11th-hour lobbying effort on 2020 RFS

Biofuels and refining groups are hoping to sway White House and EPA officials over the fate of the agency’s final 2020 renewable fuel standard rule, which EPA is expected to issue before Dec. 31.

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Biofuel Maker Seeks To Scrap EPA Barrier For Cellulosic Fuel Under RFS

A major ethanol producer in a new legal filing says EPA is arbitrarily blocking approval of its cellulosic ethanol production method under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), with the dispute affecting both the broader biofuel industry and potentially the agency’s forthcoming proposal to slash statutory RFS blending volumes for cellulosic fuels.

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Study links fossil fuel companies to ocean acidification

Researchers with the Union of Concerned Scientists say the newly published study is the first to track how much any one fossil fuel company contributed to the problem and in what way.

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Climate Suit Backers See Differences With New York’s Failed Fraud Case

Supporters of a variety of novel climate change lawsuits are stressing the differences between their cases and New York’s failed securities fraud suit against oil giant ExxonMobil after a state trial court decisively rejected the Empire State’s case.

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Amid CCS Advances, EPA Coal Plant NSPS Rollback Nearing Completion

EPA plans to send a draft final rule rolling back greenhouse gas limits for new coal-fired power plants to the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) in late January or early February, with the signature element likely to remove a de facto requirement that new coal plants install partial carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.

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Environmentalists detail early to-do list for next president

Among other steps, the groups want the next president to declare climate change to be a national emergency, set a “science-based” national greenhouse gas cap and significantly limit fossil fuel production.

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Democratic AGs tout actions opposing Trump environment rollbacks

In their efforts to challenge Trump rollbacks, state attorneys general are pointing to 28 “decided actions” to date in which they prevailed in all but one.

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