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Environmentalists Eye Litigation Challenging EPA Rejection Of Mining Rule

Environmentalists are eyeing litigation over EPA's decision to scrap plans to issue financial responsibility requirements under the Superfund law for the mining sector and are "very likely" to file suit in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit over the agency's final action not to issue a rule, according to an environmental attorney involved in the issue.

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Coal Firms Say Vague EPA Vow On 'Jobs' Review Warrants High Court Suit

In a new brief to the Supreme Court, a group of coal companies is rejecting what they see as EPA's vague pledge to conduct legally mandated studies of how its Clean Air Act rules have affected employment, saying the agency’s wording of the pledge shows a hollow promise and that only a court order will guarantee that the reports are completed.

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Exxon Fights Novel Climate Suit As 'Speculative' Despite Amended Claims

ExxonMobil is again urging a federal district court to throw out environmentalists' novel amended suit claiming the company has a legal duty to upgrade an oil terminal as a safeguard against climate change, saying the plaintiffs' amended complaint defies a court order to avoid basing the suit on “speculative” climate impacts like long-term sea-level rise.

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Biofuels Groups Praise Agency's Approval Of Grain Sorghum Oil For RFS

Biofuels groups are praising EPA's proposed approval of grain sorghum oil as a feedstock for general biofuels production that qualifies for use under the agency's renewable fuel standard (RFS), countering prior suggestions from some observers that the Trump administration is hesitant to approve new RFS “pathway” fuels.

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EPA sends coal ash rule remand for OMB review

EPA has sent its first of two planned proposals to revise the 2014 coal ash disposal rule for White House pre-publication review.

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Critics Signal Suit Over EPA's Methane Rule Delay Due To Air Law Conflicts

Previewing almost certain litigation, state and environmentalist critics of the Trump EPA's proposal to delay implementation of its methane standards for new oil and gas equipment are charging that the plan is unlawful because it conflicts with a Clean Air Act requirement to significantly limit emissions and lacks a sufficient technical basis.

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EPA Eyes Dropping Ozone Guide In Face Of Oil & Gas Industry Criticism

EPA is seeking White House approval of a proposal to withdraw Obama-era guidelines states use for reducing ozone-forming emissions from the oil and gas industry in areas out of attainment with the agency's ambient air quality standards for the pollutant, after the sector attacked the guidelines as an unnecessary extra layer of regulation.

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Academics Fault EPA's Revised Methane Damage Values As 'Biased,' 'Flawed'

Academic supporters of greenhouse gas regulations are criticizing the Trump EPA's “interim” estimates of climate-related damages from methane, the potent GHG, charging that they ignore a series of recommendations from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) on similar damage estimates and are “biased” toward finding few damages.

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EPA Touts Discretion For Legal Defense Of Obama-Era Power Plant ELG

EPA is touting its statutory discretion for its legal defense of various provisions in an Obama-era Clean Water Act (CWA) rule for power plants against environmentalists' attacks, saying it had authority to set relatively loose standards for stored “legacy” wastewater and for leachates that make up a comparatively small amount of power plant waste.

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EPA floats ANPRM to replace Clean Power Plan

EPA “is soliciting information on the proper respective roles of the state and federal governments” in crafting new emissions plans for existing units, “as well as information on systems of emission reduction that are applicable at or to an existing” unit.

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