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Senate bill seeks to reduce estimates of biofuels’ GHGs

Lowering the estimated greenhouse gas emissions from biofuels could provide justification for EPA to take steps to promote increased biofuels consumption.

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EPA defends push for abeyance in E15 litigation

If a federal appeals court grants abeyance in the suit as the Biden administration is requesting, oil-sector groups claim they will be harmed by summertime sales of 15-percent ethanol fuel.

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‘Mostly Dead’ Clean Power Plan Could See Limited Revival By Biden EPA

A new legal analysis of the Biden EPA’s options for reviving the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP) greenhouse gas rule for power plants says an appeals court ruling vacating the Trump EPA’s narrower Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) replacement rule means the CPP is “only mostly dead” and could eventually return in a more-limited form.

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Reversing Trump Policy, Biden Supports Citizen Clean Air Act Enforcement

Reversing a Trump-era policy, the Biden EPA and Department of Justice (DOJ) are supporting citizen groups’ ability to pursue Clean Air Act enforcement by deciding not to appeal a recent federal district court order approving an air suit settlement between Sierra Club and utility DTE that the Trump administration had opposed.

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Oil industry opposes delay for suit over EPA approval of E15 fuel

EPA wants to postpone litigation over the Trump-era approval of year-round 15 percent ethanol fuel sales, but oil industry groups say a delay would be unfair to their suit over the action.

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Biofuels Producers Seek Role In Providing Near-Term, Low-GHG Fuels

Biofuels advocates are seeking to carve out a role for their industry as a provider of near-term cuts in greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector, pressing the Biden EPA to allow higher ethanol blends in motor fuel as the administration balances its support of biofuels with a push to greatly expand the use of electric vehicles (EVs).

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DOJ seeks to pause suit over EPA oil & gas methane rollback

The Trump EPA’s September rule at issue in the case scrapped direct methane standards for new oil and gas sources, though the Biden administration has signaled it hopes to reverse the policy.

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Vilsack pledges support for RFS, biofuels if confirmed as USDA chief

Tom Vilsack, President Joe Biden’s nominee for secretary of agriculture, is offering support for biofuels that may counterbalance an expected Biden administration push to boost electric vehicles.

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DOE reorganization shifts cleanup program to secretary’s office

The Biden administration has shifted the Department of Energy’s environmental management cleanup program from within the science office to now report directly to the energy secretary’s office.

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Refiners, Biofuels Groups Battle Over EPA’s 2020 RFS Production Goals

Refiners and biofuels groups are sparring in legal briefs over whether the Trump EPA’s renewable fuel standard (RFS) production goals for 2020 were too low or too high, in a case that poses significant implications for the Biden administration’s approach to setting RFS volumes for future compliance years.

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