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EPA Urges High Court To Decline Suit Over Vague Duty For 'Jobs' Review

EPA is urging the Supreme Court to reject coal companies' suit aiming to force a Clean Air Act-mandated review of employment impacts from the agency's air rules, saying the law's requirement is a vague duty and that taking the case would require judges supervising EPA's day-to-day actions even though they are “ill-equipped” to do so.

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Pruitt Vows To Issue Replacement Rule After Scrapping Clean Power Plan

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt for the first time firmly is pledging to replace the high-profile Clean Power Plan (CPP) utility greenhouse gas rule, siding with many industry groups that are seeking a replacement rule once the administration finalizes its plan to repeal to Obama-era CPP GHG standards for existing power plants.

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API Touts Voluntary Methane Reduction Effort But Hedges On EPA Rules

The oil and gas sector's main trade association, the American Petroleum Institute (API), is touting its new voluntary program for members to reduce emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane from onshore production facilities, though officials are hedging on the role of EPA rules on the issue, which the Trump administration is seeking to roll back.

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District Court Rejects Refiner's Suit Aiming To Shift RFS 'Obligation' Point

A federal district court in Texas has rejected refiner Valero's suit aiming to force EPA to shift the renewable fuel standard's (RFS) “point of obligation” compliance mandate from refiners to fuel blenders, saying the court cannot compel the agency to assess the change by a “date certain” -- a decision other courts weighing similar suits might adopt.

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Court Slated To Hear Arguments Over States' CWA Powers To Block Pipelines

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit is poised to hear arguments in a dispute between federal energy regulators and New York over the state's effort to block a natural gas pipeline by withholding its approval under the Clean Water Act (CWA), a case that could set a precedent for North Carolina's efforts to block a different pipeline.

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Texas seeks RFS waiver ahead of Cruz, Trump meeting

Texas is asking EPA for a renewable fuel standard (RFS) waiver based on severe economic harm, ahead of a meeting between President Donald Trump and GOP Senate critics of the RFS.

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Sen. Barrasso urges EPA to issue RFS environment studies

Senate environment panel Chairman John Barrasso (R-WY) is pressing EPA to release overdue environmental reports on the renewable fuel standard.

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Sharply Criticizing Obama EPA, Pruitt Pledges 'Lots Of Rollback' Of Rules

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is underscoring what he sees as the failures of the agency under the Obama administration, sharply criticizing a host of regulations and signaling that his administration will continue its aggressive program to roll back a host of measures he believes create industry uncertainty.

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Final EPA RFS For 2018 Prompts Criticism From Refiners, Biofuels Groups

EPA has met its Nov. 30 deadline for issuing the final 2018 renewable fuel standard (RFS) blending targets for alternative and renewable fuels, prompting criticism from all sides as refiners argue that goals are too high and show why Congress should reform or repeal the RFS while biofuels groups say the targets are too low.

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EPA says methane ICR withdrawal shows 'deregulatory' success

EPA is meeting its targets for “deregulatory actions” required by executive orders from President Donald Trump, a top agency official says.

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