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Diverse Groups Defend EPA On Crucial Aspects Of Multi-Year RFS Rule

A diverse range of oil, ethanol and other fuel groups are defending various aspects of EPA's 2014-2016 renewable fuel standard (RFS) program in litigation against the rule, including an oil sector defense of EPA's basis to exercise its authority to waive statutory blending targets and biofuel groups' defense of the agency's method of projecting levels of cellulosic ethanol production.

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EPA Downplays ESPS Stringency As Trump Prepares To Target Regulation

Citing updated internal and third-party analysis, EPA is substantially downplaying the stringency of its landmark power plant greenhouse gas rule, arguing ongoing power sector trends will make compliance easier and cheaper than anticipated, just as the Trump administration is poised to take office and target the rule.

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Litigation: North Dakota appeals oil & gas waste rule settlement

North Dakota is continuing to fight a settlement between EPA and environmentalists on reviewing oil and gas waste rules.

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California: Landmark oil, gas methane rule delayed amid federal upheaval

Environmentalists grow anxious over California's delays in approving the pioneering regulation.

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USDA Finds Large GHG Cuts From Corn Ethanol, Potentially Boosting RFS

The Agriculture Department (USDA) is out with new findings that corn ethanol has far lower lifecycle greenhouse gases (GHGs) than previously thought and is projected to see further decreases, potentially boosting EPA's renewable fuel standard (RFS) by greatly expanding fuels considered “advanced” biofuels with very low GHGs.

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Judge Sets July 1 Deadline For 'Jobs' Review Of EPA Power Plant Air Rules

A federal district judge is giving EPA until July 1 to craft a sweeping review of how its Clean Air Act rules for power plants and the coal sector may have affected jobs across the entire economy, rejecting the agency's push for at least two years to convene an advisory panel to help it determine how to obtain the information necessary for the study.

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Litigation: D.C. Circuit orders argument plans for power plant NSPS case

The letter is yet another signal from the court that it is not planning to slow or halt the case due to the pending change to the Trump administration.

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Congress: House CRA resolution targets EPA's oil & gas methane rule

The rule may be exempt from rollback under the CRA because it was issued before the expected cutoff date.

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Judge Doubts Coal Sector's Bid For Broad Stay Of EPA Rules In 'Jobs' Suit

A federal district judge appears unlikely to grant coal companies' bid for a stay on all new of pending EPA Clean Air Act rules for their sector until the agency reviews the existing policies' impact on jobs in the industry, while also signaling that he will require a broader jobs study covering the entire economy and not just the coal sector.

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Some States Eye ESPS Model Trading Rules To Aid GHG Reduction Efforts

States intent on moving forward with greenhouse gas (GHG) regulation despite an expected slowdown at the federal level are looking to EPA's draft model trading rules for its power plant GHG standards as a resource to develop new or expand existing state clean energy initiatives.

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