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EPA asks D.C. Circuit to stay refiners’ RFS waiver suits

The agency wants consolidated litigation over denials of renewable fuel standard (RFS) waivers for small refiners put on hold pending the resolution of a Supreme Court suit over EPA’s waiver policy.

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D.C. Circuit Rejects Call To Force EPA Restoration Of 2016 RFS Biofuel Goal

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has rejected biofuels producers’ request to force EPA to swiftly restore a biofuels blending target that the agency cut from the 2016 renewable fuel standard (RFS), although the eventual fate of the fuels volume is unclear and the Biden administration will have to resolve it.

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Biden Order Might Spur Carbon Cost Hike, Helping Justify EPA GHG Rules

President Joe Biden's recent climate change executive order (EO) is expected to spur a significant increase in the interim social cost of carbon (SCC), the metric used to quantify the benefits of greenhouse gas rules, with key advocates pressing it to be set as high as $125 per ton, up to four times the Obama-era value, which would help EPA and other agencies to justify sweeping new GHG polices.

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Biofuels Supporters Launch Campaign Against Biden’s Push For EVs

Biofuels advocacy groups are launching a campaign against President Joe Biden’s push for greater use of electric vehicles (EVs) to help combat climate change, arguing that the administration should create a major role for biofuels to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions through EPA’s renewable fuel standard (RFS) and other programs.

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C2ES, Companies Urge Quick EPA Start To Talks On Cutting Utility GHGs

The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) think tank and several major companies are urging EPA to quickly convene stakeholder talks on options for reducing power plant greenhouse gas emissions given uncertainty about prospects in Congress for a clean energy standard (CES) or other policies that could replace agency utility GHG rules.

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Trump EPA Supporters Likely To Seek High Court Review Of ACE Vacatur

Supporters of the Trump EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant greenhouse gas rule that was vacated by a federal appeals court are likely to ask the Supreme Court to reverse the decision and reinstate the rule, source say, potentially complicating the Biden administration’s plans for regulating GHGs from the utility industry.

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Refiners seek to exclude biofuels groups from RFS waiver suit

The ‘gap filling’ renewable fuel standard (RFS) waivers are necessary to circumvent a key judicial precedent that may block EPA from issuing any RFS compliance exemptions to small refiners.

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Industry sets condition for direct EPA methane rules for oil & gas

Major oil and gas industry groups say EPA must first make a threshold risk finding that the sector’s emissions of the greenhouse gas methane are “significant” enough before regulating them.

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D.C. Circuit Stays RFS Waivers, Biden EPA Plans Future Of Fuels Program

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is staying three last-minute renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers that the Trump administration granted to small refiners, freezing the exemptions at the same time as the Biden EPA is weighing its policy on waivers and the broader future of the RFS program.

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Biofuels Groups Vow To Fight Wheeler’s 11th-Hour RFS Waiver Approvals

Biofuels groups are planning litigation to challenge former Trump EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler’s last-minute approval of three renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance waivers, an action that one industry group calls a “sucker punch” for biofuels producers even though the approvals are much more limited than previously expected.

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