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Utilities defend EPA's SO2 NAAQS designations

Power industry groups are pushing back against environmentalists' attacks over EPA's sulfur dioxide national ambient air quality standard designations in Colorado and Ohio.

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As RFS Vexes GOP, Some See High-Octane Fuels Bolstering Ethanol

As the Trump administration struggles to develop consensus fixes to EPA's renewable fuel standard (RFS), some Republican lawmakers are outlining a long-term vision for fuel and vehicle policy that would allow for increased use of various ethanol blends in higher-octane fuels to spur greater vehicle fuel efficiency and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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States Ramp Up Review Of Legal Barriers To Innovative Methane Controls

State environment officials are planning to take fresh look at ways to minimize legal or regulatory barriers to approval of innovative technologies for curbing the potent greenhouse gas methane and other pollutants from oil and gas operations, but which may not be recognized as compliance options in existing rules, according to state sources.

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EPA rejects Alabama residents' landfill civil rights petitions

The decision “represents a miscarriage of justice, but not the end of the road,” says a press release from lawyers representing the petitioners.

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House sets votes on bills to ease Obama EPA air rules

House legislation aimed at easing regulatory compliance with with EPA air rules for brick kilns, wood heaters, and coal waste-burning power plants are slated for floor votes March 7 and March 8.

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5th Circuit Judges Doubt EPA's NSR Enforcement For 'Ongoing' Violations

A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit appears to be doubting EPA's long-running claim that it can enforce alleged violations of its Clean Air Act new source (NSR) permit program as “ongoing” rather than one-time events, which could significantly limit NSR enforcement if the court rejects EPA's position.

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Environmentalists oppose transfer of ELG delay suit

Environmentalists are trying to preserve their challenge to EPA's delay of its utility effluent rule even after the stay in question was superseded by another rulemaking.

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Sullivan urges infrastructure bill push

Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) is urging Senate leaders to commit to working on infrastructure funding legislation this year.

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Trump Appears Open To RFS Credit Cap But Seeks More Reform Meetings

President Donald Trump appears open to backing administrative or legislative steps to cap the price of renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance credits, refining sector sources say, but is pushing for a third meeting of stakeholders in his ongoing drive to try and reach a compromise on credit prices and other steps to reform the RFS.

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Critics Warn 'Limited' EPA Role In Possible CPP Replacement Is Unlawful

States and environmental groups are warning that the “very limited role” the Trump EPA is envisioning for itself in overseeing state programs under a possible replacement for the Clean Power Plan (CPP) would be unlawful if finalized because it would give states enormous leeway to impose weak greenhouse gas limits or impose no restrictions at all.

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