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Biofuels Groups, Refiners Spar Over 2021 RFS In Meetings With EPA, OMB

Biofuels groups and refiners are meeting with EPA and White House officials in a bid to sway the outcome of the agency’s looming proposed 2021 renewable fuel standard (RFS) rule, with a fight over whether the agency should approve RFS waivers for prior compliance years emerging as a central issue affecting the outcome of the rulemaking.

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EPA, New York clash over cross-state air ruling’s impact on petition suit

New York, environmentalists and EPA are trying to persuade a federal appeals court that its recent ruling on interstate pollution transport supports the litigants’ contrasting positions in similar litigation.

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Rejecting Criticism, EPA Touts CWA 401 Rule’s ‘Cooperative Federalism’

EPA is defending its final Clean Water Act (CWA) rule limiting the scope of state reviews of federally permitted projects’ water quality impacts as defining the appropriate parameters of the agency’s “cooperative federalism” policy balancing EPA and states’ regulatory powers, rejecting calls from critics that the rule undercuts states’ authority.

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States seek to intervene in CEI suit over vehicle GHG rollback

“CEI Petitioners’ objective of forcing . . . even more lenient standards would result in increased emissions and even greater harms for [states],” the motion adds.

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CARB Eyes Much Stricter ZEV Rules, GHG Limits For Vehicles From MY26

California air board officials are eyeing much tougher zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sales mandate requirements and greenhouse gas tailpipe standards on the auto sector for passenger vehicles in models year 2026 and beyond, in part to help the state achieve its GHG reduction target for 2030 and its goal of achieving “carbon neutrality” by 2045.

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EPA finalizes rule limiting state CWA 401 reviews to water quality

The final rule stipulates that certifications apply only to discharges from a point source into a water of the United States and can only address water quality impacts.

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EPA Study Finds No Need To Mitigate Air Emission Increases Due To RFS

EPA in a new determination finds the renewable fuel standard (RFS) has a mixed impact on air quality but says there is no need for the agency to mitigate any emissions increases because its separate Tier 3 fuels and vehicles rule largely achieves the air pollution cuts that such mitigation would secure, and no additional air controls are available.

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Fuels Streamlining Rule Spurs Calls For EPA To Protect Refiners, Biofuels

EPA’s proposal to streamline its extensive suite of fuels rules is spurring calls for the agency to help biofuels makers by removing what they see as barriers in the rule that would hinder sales of higher ethanol blends, and a plea from refiners to scrap a plan that they fear could unlawfully force them to reveal confidential business information (CBI).

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9th Circuit Denies Stay Of NWP Ruling Barring New Pipeline Construction

In a major setback for the energy sector and Trump administration, an appellate court has denied an emergency request from the Justice Department (DOJ) and industry to stay a landmark district court ruling that vacated the federal Clean Water Act (CWA) general permit for constructing new oil and gas pipelines.

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Supporters Eye ‘Creative Things’ To Sidestep DOJ’s Settlement Ban On SEPs

Supporters of supplemental environmental projects (SEPs) believe they may still be able to include such projects in settlements despite the Justice Department’s (DOJ) prohibition because they see crossover with mitigation projects that are still allowed, along with state SEPs, that DOJ does not prohibit, and a high court ruling that might boost their ability to use SEPs.

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