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Environmentalists defend EPA's utility MACT cost finding

Supporters of the utility air toxics rule, including environmentalists, might have to defend the regulation if the Trump administration drops its defense of the Obama-era regulation.

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States, 'Clean' Utilities Defend Power Plant MACT As Vital For Air Quality

Several states and “clean” utilities that generate power from lower-emitting sources than coal are urging a federal appeals court to uphold EPA's cost assessment that justifies its maximum achievable control technology (MACT) air toxics rule for power plants, saying the rule continues to be vital to ensure good air quality nationwide.

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Coal firms downplay difficulty of EPA air rules 'jobs' study

Coal companies reject EPA's claim that it will be too difficult to meet a July 1 legal deadline to complete a review of the impact its Clean Air Act rules have had on industry employment levels.

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Utility MACT opponents reiterate call for lawsuit briefing delay

Critics of EPA's power plant air toxics rule say the time extension is necessary to see how the Trump administration will respond to the pending litigation.

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D.C. Circuit rejects requests for delays in utility MACT suits

The appellate court rejected without comment requests from states and utilities to delay litigation by 45 days due to the potential that the Trump administration could take steps that would moot the lawsuits.

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EPA Will Pursue Appeal Of Deadline For Study Of Air Rules' 'Jobs' Effects

EPA is signaling that it will ask an appeals court to at least extend the deadline a district judge set for a sweeping review of how its Clean Air Act rules have affected power sector employment -- the first indication that the Trump administration will continue litigating the case despite environmentalists' concerns that it would reverse course.

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Litigation: D.C. Circuit sets argument in utility ELG FOIA suit

The appellate court will hear argument April 10 in environmentalists' suit aiming to force release of data EPA gathered when crafting its power plant effluent rule.

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States Urge White House To Lift Halt On Corps' Nationwide Water Permits

State environment regulators are urging the White House to lift a regulatory halt barring the Army Corps of Engineers from implementing its Clean Water Act (CWA) nationwide permits (NWPs), saying that ongoing infrastructure projects such as pipeline construction face regulatory “confusion” from the prohibition.

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Environmentalists, States Fight Effort To Delay Utility MACT Suit Briefing

Environmentalists and states that support EPA's utility air toxics rule are fighting a request from the power sector and other states to delay briefing in litigation over the agency's cost review for the regulation, rejecting the claim that the transition to the Trump administration warrants the delay to allow time for potential new settlement talks.

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Refiner's Suit Eyes Alternate Path To Shift EPA's RFS 'Point Of Obligation'

Refiner Valero Energy is suing EPA in federal district court in Texas eyeing an alternate way to force the agency to shift the renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance mandate, or “point of obligation,” from fuel refiners and importers to blenders, saying EPA has failed to meet a Clean Air Act mandate to ensure the duty is “appropriate.”

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