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Attorneys Expect Supreme Court To Resolve Groundwater Liability Dispute

ORLANDO, FL -- Attorneys including the Obama Department of Justice's (DOJ) top environment official say there is a “high probability” the Supreme Court will have to resolve ongoing legal fights over Clean Water Act (CWA) penalties for groundwater pollution, despite EPA's plan for a rule to clarify federal policy on the subject.

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Pipeline Firm Calls On 4th Circuit To Overturn Novel Groundwater Ruling

A pipeline operator facing Clean Water Act (CWA) liability for an underground gasoline leak that reached protected surface waters through groundwater is urging the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit to overturn the novel decision, saying it rests on “an Alice in Wonderland fiction” that deems a long-stopped spill to be “ongoing."

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Seeking Trump Order, Sen. Cruz Downplays Legislation To 'Reform' RFS

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), the leading Senate advocate for capping the price of renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance credits, is significantly downplaying House and Senate efforts to overhaul the program in the short-term, pushing instead for an immediate order from President Donald Trump to cap credit prices.

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Amid Trump's E15 Support, Ethanol Sector Seeks To Raise California Limit

The ethanol industry is seeking further discussions with California Air Resources Board (CARB) officials about raising the state's current 10 percent limit on ethanol in gasoline (E10) to 15 percent (E15) as a way to help the state achieve its proposed 2030 low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS) goals, as well as its longer-term greenhouse gas targets.

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EPA Faulted For Justifying Oil & Gas CTG Repeal By Citing Methane NSPS

Environmentalists are criticizing EPA for justifying its proposed withdrawal of oil and gas sector volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction guidelines by saying the CTG are “fundamentally linked” to methane and VOC standards for new oil and gas drilling that EPA is reconsidering, previewing possible lawsuit arguments if EPA finalizes the withdrawal.

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Pruitt's Backing For High-Octane Standard May Boost GOP Bid For RFS Fix

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt says creating a national standard for higher octane in motor fuel is a “tremendous idea” that would benefit ethanol, farm, and auto industries, support that could bolster a push by some House GOP lawmakers to use the standard as a fix for what they see as problems with the agency's renewable fuel standard (RFS).

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EPA defends discretion in setting 2017 RFS targets

EPA in a new legal filing is rejecting attacks on its process for setting the 2017 renewable fuel standard targets, saying a federal appeals court should defer to its discretion in how it sets the goals.

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5th Circuit prepares to hear ELG delay challenge

An appeals court is starting up a case over EPA's delay of an Obama-era power plant effluent rule after a district judge blocked environmentalists' bid to keep an identical suit in a lower court.

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Compliance Costs Create Dilemma For Wehrum's Bid To Kill Utility MACT

ORLANDO, FL -- EPA air chief William Wehrum is acknowledging that he faces a dilemma over whether to grant calls from utilities and others to scrap the regulatory justification for the Obama-era utility air toxics rule as a “satisfying” move, or retain it as even some of its staunchest industry critics have spent millions in compliance costs.

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For Now, EPA Plans NSR Guide To Define 'Maintenance,' Despite Rule Petition

ORLANDO, FL -- EPA is signaling that, for now, it plans to issue guidance to revise the new source review (NSR) program's definition of when facility changes are “routine maintenance” exempt from the requirements despite West Virginia's petition to adopt the change in a Clean Air Act rule -- a move that would revive a legal fight from 2006.

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