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Little Policy Advocacy At EPA Hearing On Clean Power Plan Repeal

The first day of EPA's hearing on the Trump administration's plan to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CPP) was consumed by competing rhetoric over the Obama administration's alleged “war on coal,” with little policy advocacy beyond industry renewing its calls for a replacement and environmentalists reiterating their push to preserve the rule.

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Army Corps Eyes NWP Revisions To Meet Goals Of Trump's Energy Order

The Army Corps of Engineers in a new report on regulatory reform says changes to nine Clean Water Act (CWA) general permits covering dredge-and-fill activities associated with domestic energy production and use could help achieve the goals of President Donald Trump's executive order promoting energy independence.

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Environmentalists Seek Compliance Reports For EPA's Methane NSPS Rule

Environmental groups are asking EPA to provide compliance reports on an Obama-era oil and gas methane rule that the Trump EPA is trying to pause, a request the groups hope will force the agency to show whether it is implementing the regulation that legally remains in effect.

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EPA finalizes denial of shift in RFS 'obligation' point

EPA has as expected denied refiners' efforts to shift the renewable fuel standard's “point of obligation,” which will likely spur fresh litigation over the issue.

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Sierra Club to hold 'alternative' EPA CPP hearing

The environmental group plans to submit a transcript of its hearing to EPA so it can become part of the official regulatory docket for the agency's proposal.

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Utility Downplays EPA's Past Positions In Appeal Of CWA Coal Ash Ruling

A Virginia power company is downplaying EPA's past statements that implied leaks to groundwater from coal ash impoundments and other sources can be “point sources” subject to the Clean Water Act (CWA) by saying the agency's position fails to meet a Supreme Court test for judicial deference, as the company seeks to overturn a lower court ruling finding the utility liable for groundwater contamination from coal ash disposal.

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Senate GOP urges EPA to ease compliance for waste coal plants

Senate Republican appropriators in a fiscal year 2018 bill are pressing EPA to ease compliance with Clean Air Act emissions limits for power plants burning coal waste.

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Refiners seek to sever suit over EPA RFS 'obligation point'

As EPA prepares to finally disapprove petitions to shift the RFS “point of obligation,” refiners are looking to consolidate challenges over the issue into its own lawsuit.

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Rep. Sensenbrenner floats reformulated gasoline waiver bill

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) is sponsoring a bill to allow state waivers from reformulated gasoline requirements based on the “excessively high” cost of the fuel relative to conventional gasoline.

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EPA Eyes 2019 For Completing Two-Step Plan To Overhaul Coal Ash Rule

EPA is pledging to finish an overhaul of the Obama-era Resource Conservation & Recovery Act (RCRA) coal ash disposal rule no later than December 2019 but could finalize a first step of revisions much sooner by combining them with another set of revisions the agency started work on in 2016 but is yet to formally propose.

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