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Methane NSPS Delay Faces Same High Bar As Vacated Effort, EPA Critics Say

EPA's proposal to delay implementation of Obama-era methane rules for new oil and gas facilities for two years faces the same legal problems as the agency's earlier 90-day pause that was vacated by an appellate court, according to formal comments from former agency officials, environmentalists and legal experts.

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10th Circuit rejects EPA denials of small refiner RFS waivers

The ruling may help refiners win waivers from blending requirements that many have sought.

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EPA Backs Utilities' Push To Rework Key Provisions Of Power Plant ELG

EPA is preparing to start a rulemaking to rework three key portions of the contested Obama-era Clean Water Act (CWA) effluent rule for power plants, backing utilities' push to soften mandates they say are unjustified -- even while the power companies in litigation defend other parts of the rule against environmentalists' attempts to tighten them.

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States Say EPA's Court Loss Proves Methane NSPS Delay Proposals Unlawful

A coalition of state attorneys general (AG) is charging EPA's proposed two-year delay of Obama-era methane limits for new oil and gas drilling operations is “blatantly unlawful” because it suffers from the same “fatal defect” as the agency's 90-day administrative stay of the standards recently vacated by a federal appellate court.

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EPA agrees to CSAPR suit delay but opposes status reports

The agency says it should not have to file status reports with a federal appeals court on its process for reviewing the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule update.

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Pruitt's Reluctance To Increase RFS Goals May Get Help From Court Ruling

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is signaling reluctance to increase future renewable fuel standard (RFS) production goals for advanced and cellulosic biofuels based off what he sees as limited infrastructure and demand for the fuels, and his position may get a boost from an appellate ruling backing EPA's method for setting some RFS targets.

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D.C. Circuit rejects requests for en banc review of methane NSPS suit

In an 8-3 vote, the court rejected rehearing of its ruling vacating EPA's stay of methane limits on new drilling operations.

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D.C. Circuit suspends briefing in suit over CSAPR update

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has granted power companies' request to postpone litigation over Obama-era revisions to the Cross-State Air Pollution rule.

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After Extending CPP Suit Pause, Court Puts NSPS Case On Indefinite Hold

A federal appellate court has placed litigation over the Obama-era greenhouse gas standards for new and modified power plants -- the legal prerequisite for the Clean Power Plan (CPP) for existing sources -- on indefinite hold, just days after the court extended for 60 days its prior order placing litigation over the CPP into abeyance.

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EPA Coal Ash Permit Guide Limits States' Flexibility But Avoids New Rule

EPA's guidance for how states' coal ash permit programs should comply with the agency's ash disposal rule limits states' flexibility from the regulation's various provisions in their programs -- a potential win for environmentalists seeking strict adherence to the rule, although EPA is not codifying the guide through a new rulemaking.

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