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Biofuels Advocates Seek To Protect RFS From Possible EPA Reductions

Defenders of the biofuels industry are heightening their calls for EPA and the White House to reject proposed reductions to the renewable fuel standard's (RFS) biofuels blending goals, in response to recent agency actions hinting at such reductions and failing efforts in Congress to bolster the sale of ethanol.

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District Court Urged To Preserve Utility ELG Suit Despite Delay Withdrawal

Environmentalists are urging a federal district court to preserve their suit over EPA's “interim” indefinite delay of the 2015 Clean Water Act (CWA) utility effluent rule despite the agency withdrawing it in favor of a more limited two-year stay, saying the withdrawn rule is not moot and that they should be able to litigate the new stay in the same case.

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EPA Bid To Repeal, Replace CPP Faces Legal Hurdles From Many Sides

EPA's plan to begin moving as soon as this week on a repeal of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan (CPP) and seek input on a replacement faces legal hurdles from many sides, with environmentalists eyeing the legal justifications and details of any replacement while some conservatives may seek to target the agency's broader greenhouse gas endangerment finding.

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Conservative Group Eyes CPP Repeal To Resolve GHG Risk Finding Dispute

A conservative policy group is urging EPA to use its pending proposal for repealing the Clean Power Plan (CPP) greenhouse gas standards for power plants to seek input on the GHG endangerment finding that underpins the rule, arguing that the Obama EPA wrongly issued the rule without a risk finding specific to the power sector.

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Coal Firms Seek High Court Review Of Suit Over Air Law 'Jobs' Evaluations

Coal firms are asking the Supreme Court to reinstate a district court's mandate for EPA to evaluate the employment effects of Obama-era Clean Air Act policies on the energy sector and other industries, saying an appellate ruling that overturned the lower court's decision creates a “blind spot” in judicial review of agency duties.

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EPA finalizes weaker haze emissions plan for Texas

The agency's plan for Texas to meet regional haze reduction mandates through emissions trading is drawing fire from environmentalists for being too weak.

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Environmentalists Push Ahead With ELG Suit Despite EPA Reconsideration

Environmentalists are pushing ahead with their lawsuit hoping to win a ruling forcing EPA to tighten its 2015 Clean Water Act (CWA) effluent rule for power plants, although power sector and water utility groups suing over the rule are suspending their legal challenges while the agency reworks the rule.

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Maryland sues EPA over ozone transport

Maryland is the third state to sue EPA seeking a response to a section 126 petition targeting out-of-state power plants.

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RFS Data Notice Prompts Questions Over Possible Cuts To Biofuels Goals

EPA's release of a notice of data availability (NODA) on possible further cuts to advanced biofuel and biodiesel blending targets under the renewable fuel standard (RFS) is prompting questions about whether the notice might spur last-minute changes to EPA's looming 2018 RFS and how it might influence the pending 2019 RFS.

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Court orders EPA to release more ethanol emissions data

A district court judge says EPA improperly limited the scope of its response to a Freedom of Information Act request for data on ethanol's air pollution impacts.

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