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Environmentalists Argue Pausing CPP Suit Bends Court Stay 'Out Of Shape'

Environmentalists are poised to file a brief opposing the Trump administration's requests to pause litigation over EPA's power plant greenhouse gas rules, arguing in part that such a move in the high-profile suit over its existing plant rule would bend the Supreme Court's stay of the rule “completely out of shape.”

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States Raise Specter Of Suit Over EPA's Withdrawal Of Oil & Gas Methane ICR

A coalition of eight states is hinting it may take legal action against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's decision to scrap a data collection effort intended to inform methane standards for existing oil and gas drilling equipment, arguing Pruitt has not explained how EPA will “fulfill its legal obligation” to limit the sector's emissions of the potent greenhouse gas.

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EPA Fights Utility's Call To Rehear Suit Upholding NSR Enforcement Power

EPA is fighting a utility's call for a full federal appeals court to rehear a three-judge panel's decision upholding the agency's power to enforce its Clean Air Act new source review (NSR) air permit program based on a facility's projected future emissions, a case the agency's lawyers warn would “eviscerate” NSR enforcement if the utility won.

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Coal Firms Urge 4th Circuit To Reject EPA Defenses In 'Jobs' Review Appeal

Coal companies say that the Trump EPA is misstating facts and prior court precedent in its bid for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit to overturn a district court judge's order requiring the agency to quickly complete a sweeping review of Obama-era air and climate rules' impacts on employment in the energy and coal sectors.

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EPA fights environmentalists' intervention in 'jobs' review suit

EPA says environmentalists have no right to intervene in the suit over its duty to study job losses caused by Clean Air Act rules, in part because the Trump administration continues to contest the case.

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Following Trump Order, EPA Launches Review Of Oil & Gas Methane Rule

EPA is formally kicking off its review of its first-time methane limits for new oil and gas drilling operations, along with a host of other climate rules and policies, as directed by President Donald Trump's recent executive order targeting the Obama-era climate mitigation measures.

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Trump, Pruitt Comments May Harm Them In Court Fight Over CPP Rollback

President Donald Trump and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's public comments questioning the existence of anthropogenic climate change might harm them as they eventually defend against lawsuits challenging their rollback of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), which cuts power sector greenhouse gases, environmental lawyers and other sources say.

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Hedging Against Court Approval Of CPP, EPA Withdraws Related Proposals

EPA, as it initiates review of its power plant greenhouse gas rules, appears to be hedging against the limited possibility that a federal appellate court will issue a ruling upholding the existing plant rule -- withdrawing several pending proposals for related programs and rules and emphasizing it intends to delay any deadlines that become relevant.

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Environmentalists Urge Court To Settle 'Live Controversy' On Utility GHG Rules

Environmentalists and a state coalition in the coming days will file briefs opposing Trump EPA requests to halt suits over the agency's climate rules for new and existing power plants, arguing such a move would not conserve judicial resources and that there is still a “live controversy” that a key appellate court should resolve.

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Democratic senators query Icahn on RFS role

Senate Democrats continue to press for answers on the role played by billionaire investor Carl Icahn in the Trump administration, and his possible conflicts of interest.

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