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Environmentalists Wary Of Judges' Suggestion To Take CPP Stay To High Court

Environmental groups defending the Obama EPA's Clean Power Plan (CPP) appear wary of a recommendation by two judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to return to the Supreme Court and ask the justices to address the status of an extraordinary stay they placed on the rule's implementation back in 2016.

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As EPA Faces Doubts, API Floats Options For 2-Year Methane NSPS Delay

As EPA faces doubts over its authority to delay Obama-era methane limits for new oil and gas drilling operations, a major oil and gas industry group is presenting a menu of legal authorities the agency could use to justify the proposed two-year delay in a likely attempt to shore up vulnerabilities following the agency's court loss over its 90-day stay of the rule.

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Utilities seek four-month delay for suit over revised CSAPR

Power companies want a four-month delay in litigation over the Obama EPA's revised Cross-State Air Pollution Rule due to the agency's slow response to their petitions for reconsideration.

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Judges Suggest High Court Path For CPP Supporters To Win Rule's Release

A federal appellate court has again put a hold on litigation over the Obama EPA Clean Power Plan (CPP), another loss for supporters who had sought the rule's release, though two judges suggest a possible strategy for winning such release by asking the Supreme Court to consider whether its long-running stay of the rule conflicts with EPA's duty to regulate greenhouse gases.

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Environmentalists fault EPA over utility MACT suit delay

Environmentalists are criticizing EPA's justification for delaying litigation over Obama-era denials of petitions to reconsider the agency's utility air toxics rule.

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Oil & Gas Official Fears Months Of Uncertainty Regarding Methane NSPS

AUSTIN, TX -- A top oil and gas sector official is raising the specter of months of compliance uncertainty regarding EPA's methane standards for new drilling equipment, saying that the agency has not explained how it will enforce major aspects of the rule after a court rejected its effort to pause those provisions and ordered officials to implement them.

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Utilities join litigation over EPA's power plant ELG delay

A group representing power plants has successfully intervened to defend EPA against environmentalists' claims that the agency acted unlawfully in staying the 2015 Clean Water Act effluent rule for the sector.

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After Controversy, Congress Limits EPA Power On Small Refiner RFS Waivers

Congress in its final fiscal year 2017 spending law restricted EPA's discretion in granting waivers to small refiners from the renewable fuel standard (RFS) following a long-running controversy, language that may have allowed Administrator Scott Pruitt to overcome legal objections and grant some waivers that EPA and the Energy Department (DOE) staff had initially recommended against because they did not comply with requirements in place at the time.

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Emboldened Environmentalists Seek Vacatur Of Landfill Methane Rule Delay

Environmental groups are asking a federal appeals court to overturn what they say is another unlawful effort by EPA to pause a climate change rule, this time targeting Administrator Scott Pruitt's suspension of Obama-era limits on emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane from landfills.

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Survey Shows EPA Moving Ahead With Potential Refinery ELG Revisions

EPA is moving ahead with the Obama administration's plan to study oil refineries' wastewater discharges to inform a possible rulemaking to strengthen the 1985 effluent limitation guideline (ELG) for the sector, a blow to industry hopes that the Trump administration would drop the plan even though EPA is not committing to an ELG update.

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