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EPA cites compliance burden in air rule 'jobs' review appeal

The agency is using methods from a defunct Reagan-era program to study air policies' impacts on jobs ahead of a July 1 target, but says the methods are burdensome.

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Clean energy groups resist officials' support for baseload power

Four clean energy groups push back on suggestions by Perry and Pruitt that coal and other baseload power sources require support.

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Mindful Of CPP Stay, Groups Spar Over Possible D.C. Circuit Rule Remand

Supporters and opponents of EPA's power sector greenhouse gas rules are clashing over whether a federal appellate court should pause litigation over the rules or remand them to the agency as it mulls whether to revise or rescind the regulations, a question that could determine whether the Supreme Court's stay of the rule remains in place.

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Energy Industry Opposes Adding Some Natural Gas Facilities To EPA's TRI

Energy groups are opposing an Obama EPA proposal to expand the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) environmental release reporting program to include some natural gas processing facilities, saying the rule would be at odds with President Donald Trump's executive order (EO) that aims to limit the number of new rules agencies issue.

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Trump EPA Advances First RFS Policy For OMB Review With 2018 Targets

The Trump EPA has sent for White House pre-publication review its proposed 2018 fuel blending targets under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), which will be the first explicit statement of the agency's approach to setting RFS goals in an administration where cabinet officials are split over whether to oppose or support the program.

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EPA Budget Plan Could Require Four-Fold Fee Increase On Vehicle Makers

Trump administration plans to slash funds for EPA's vehicle and fuel programs in fiscal year 2018 would not only undercut the agency's Ann Arbor, MI, testing lab but could “decimate” EPA's broader transportation office, prevent it from complying with statutory obligations and require a potentially unlawful quadrupling of current fees imposed on automakers to compensate, according to a forthcoming analysis.

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OMB Guide Seeks To Strictly Enforce Trump's Energy Independence Order

New guidance from the White House Office of Management & Budget (OMB) on implementing President Donald Trump's energy executive order indicates the administration intends to strictly enforce the order's mandates that EPA and other agencies address potential burdens on the energy sector from their existing rules and policies.

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EPA Hears Competing Arguments Over Revisions To Texas Haze Air Plan

EPA is hearing competing arguments over whether to tighten or weaken the Obama agency's proposed emissions plan for reducing Texas' contributions to regional haze air pollution, with the state and utilities urging EPA to soften the plan while environmentalists say the proposal is the minimum required and the final plan should be stricter.

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Democratic senators seek probe of Icahn's RFS trading

Senate Democrats seek a multi-agency probe into whether Trump's special advisor sought to manipulate the RFS's credit trading program as an owner of a fuel refinery.

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4th Circuit Judges Skeptical Of Ruling Forcing EPA Air Rules 'Jobs' Review

RICHMOND, VA -- Appellate judges at May 9 oral argument appeared skeptical of a lower court judge's ruling forcing EPA to complete by July 1 a review of the impact its Clean Air Act rules have had on coal sector jobs, raising a host of procedural criticisms of the decision even though it is unclear what remedy the judges might require.

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