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Democrats, GOP retain key Energy & Commerce leadership slots

The committee's environment and energy panels will see the same top Democratic and Republican lawmakers as the prior Congress.

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Appellate Court Backs States' 'Broad' Discretion In Setting CWA 401 Criteria

A federal appellate court has upheld Virginia's Clean Water Act (CWA) section 401 certification approving a federally permitted natural gas pipeline and emphasized states' “broad discretion when developing the criteria” for such certifications, a ruling that could undermine efforts by GOP policymakers to limit states' discretion.

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EPA defends 2018 RFS from diverse legal attacks

EPA is defending its 2018 renewable fuel standard (RFS) fuel blending volumes rule from a broad range of legal attacks in final briefs, ahead of oral argument in litigation slated for next month.

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New GHG Findings Clash With Industry Defense Of Gas As Climate Strategy

New findings of a sharp spike in domestic greenhouse gas emission levels are clashing with the oil and gas sector's argument that increased use of natural gas, a lower carbon fuel source than coal, is an effective climate strategy, an argument that Trump administration officials have generally echoed.

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Before Confirming Wheeler, Carper Seeks EPA Vow On Safeguarding MATS

Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE), ranking member of the environment panel, might seek to pressure acting EPA chief Andrew Wheeler into agreeing to safeguard the Obama-era utility air toxics rule and other major regulations in exchange for Democrats not attempting to block his confirmation if he is nominated to head the agency permanently.

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Biodiesel Sector Says EPA Must Account For Small Refiner Waivers In RFS

Biodiesel producers in new legal filings are claiming EPA must assess the impact on its renewable fuel standard (RFS) from several RFS waivers the agency has granted to small refiners, faulting the Trump administration for ignoring what the producers say are adverse consequences such as hindering the program's biofuels production goals.

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GOP picks new members for Senate environment, energy panels

New GOP members include Sens. Kevin Cramer (ND) and Mike Braun (IN) on the environment committee, as well as Sens. Martha McSally (AZ) and Cindy Hyde-Smith (MS) on the energy panel.

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MATS Proposal Spurs Uncertainty On Role Of 'Co-Benefits' In Future Rules

EPA's plan to scrap the Obama-era finding that the costs and benefits of the utility air toxics rule make the rule “appropriate and necessary” is spurring uncertainty on how the agency will count “co-benefits” that result from reductions in non-target pollutants to justify future rules' costs because the plan downplays such benefits but does not prohibit their consideration.

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Some Oil & Gas States Urge EPA To Limit Rollback Of Methane Rule

Some oil- and gas-heavy states are pushing back on aspects of EPA's proposal to roll back Obama-era methane standards for new oil and gas equipment, particularly on the key issue of how frequently operators must check for emissions leaks at wells.

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EPA Says Air Permit Policy Shift Not National Rule Subject To Judicial Review

EPA is fighting environmentalists' claim that a landmark decision on a Utah coal-fired power plant's Clean Air Act permit represents a broader unlawful reversal of the agency's policy on issuing “Title V” permits, arguing in a new legal brief that the Utah permit decision is not a “nationally applicable” rulemaking eligible for judicial review.

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