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EPA, USGS Remove Policy Recommendations From Final Water Flow Report

EPA and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) have removed policy recommendations from a final technical report intended to help states preserve aquatic life and habitat from the effects of “hydrologic alternation,” after some states and industry raised concerns the policy recommendations would infringe on western states’ water rights.

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D.C. Circuit Backs EPA Approval Of Argentinian Biodiesel Imports For RFS

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has upheld EPA's approval of Argentinian biodiesel imports to qualify under the renewable fuel standard (RFS), rejecting challenges filed by U.S. biodiesel producers to the approval decision and to an underlying agency rule establishing methods for tracking fuels' RFS compliance.

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Revised Deadline For CRA Repeal Votes Excludes Oil & Gas Methane Rule

Congressional Research Service (CRS) staffers have issued a new projected date of June 13 after which Obama administration regulations would be vulnerable to repeal under Congressional Review Act (CRA) votes, which would appear to exclude from the CRA's reach EPA's final rule cutting methane from new oil and gas sector sources.

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Biofuels: Trump reportedly tells Pruitt to support RFS

EPA nominee Scott Pruitt is going to continue to support the renewable fuel standard, Trump reportedly told Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad.

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Final DOI Stream Protection Rule Draws Criticism Over Provisions, Timing

The Interior Department (DOI) has finalized its controversial rule increasing mitigation requirements for coal mining activities in and near streams, drawing industry calls for Congress to overturn the rule and pledges from GOP lawmakers to work with the incoming Trump administration to scrap the regulation.

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EPA Defends Power To Waive Fuel Production Targets In Multi-Year RFS

EPA is broadly defending its power to waive statutory fuel blending volume targets for its contested multi-year renewable fuel standard (RFS) volumes rule and also touting its technical expertise in setting the blending goals, as it seeks to fend off legal attacks from the oil industry, ethanol groups and others over various provisions in the rule.

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Ethanol Groups Give Cautious Praise To EPA RFS Fuel 'Enhancement' Plan

Ethanol groups are giving cautious praise to EPA's proposal to "enhance" the market for higher blends of ethanol in fuel through which the agency would take a number of technical steps to boost sales of ethanol blends between 15 and 85 percent, but have concerns about the plan's impact on sales of lower ethanol blends, among other issues.

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Small Oil Refiner Sues EPA Over Denial Of RFS Economic Hardship Waivers

The Sinclair Companies, owner of the Sinclair Wyoming and Sinclair Casper Refining Companies, is suing EPA in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit over EPA's denial of economic hardship waivers from the renewable fuel standard (RFS) fuel blending requirements that have previously been available to small refiners.

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California: Is the state's grid expansion plan in trouble under Trump?

Will Trump's promised elimination of EPA's power plant GHG rule remove a driver for California's grid expansion plan?

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Biofuels: Fearing picks, ethanol groups ask Trump to renew RFS support

Ethanol producers are concerned that some of Trump's top cabinet picks could undermine the renewable fuels program.

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