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Electric utility readies Supreme Court appeal of key NSR case

DTE Energy will appeal to the Supreme Court its recent appeals court loss in a case that will test EPA's ability to enforce Clean Air Act new source review permitting.

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Suit Over EPA Air Law 'Jobs' Review May Set Precedent For Other Statutes

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit is set to hear oral argument May 9 in coal companies' suit aiming to force EPA to craft a sweeping study of how Obama-era Clean Air Act rules affected jobs in the sector, a case that could set a precedent for groups to sue the agency to force similar reviews under other environmental statutes.

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Pruitt touts grid benefits of coal power

His remarks appear to show a willingness by the federal government's chief environmental regulator to wade into issues related to grid regulation, an area EPA does not oversee.

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RFF suggests tweaks to fuel economy program to cut costs

“Rather than changing the standards themselves, we suggest that the new administration focus on ways to reduce the costs to both automakers and consumers of meeting them,” say researchers at Resources for the Future.

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Ethanol supporters push for E15, threatening methane rule repeal

Four corn-state Republican senators have conditioned support for scuttling the BLM rule on congressional action to waive EPA rules that limit higher concentrations of ethanol.

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6th Circuit rejects utility's call to rehear suit testing NSR enforcement

The appellate court's ruling preserves EPA's power to enforce the Clean Air Act new source review program, although it is unclear whether the Trump administration will pursue such cases.

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D.C. Circuit's Pause Of Power Plant GHG Suits May Ease EPA Rule Rewrites

The federal appellate court ruling pausing litigation over EPA's high-profile power plant greenhouse gas rules for 60 days signals that the court is unlikely to issue a ruling on the Obama administration's signature climate change policy, potentially giving the Trump EPA more leeway as it seeks to scrap or substantially weaken the rules.

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Oklahoma Report Urges States To Speed Permits For Produced Water Reuse

Oklahoma's full report examining reuse of produced water from oil and gas extraction, seen by other states as a potential guide to their own efforts, urges states to speed Clean Water Act (CWA) permitting of discharges of purified produced water and potentially seek to expand the permit powers that EPA delegates to state regulators.

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Auto Sector Said To Press EPA, DOT To 'Get Moving' On Vehicle GHG Review

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers met April 27 with both Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, discussing topics including “consumer and market trends,” which automakers have cited as one reason to pursue more flexibility under vehicle greenhouse gas and fuel economy regulations.

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D.C. Circuit Pauses Power Plant GHG Suits But Weighs Rule Remand

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, in an April 28 order, has delayed for 60 days litigation over EPA's Clean Power Plan for existing power plants. In a separate order, it is also pausing for 60 days the agency's companion greenhouse gas rule for new power plants.

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