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Trump EPA Critics Question ACE Rule RIA, Flagging Uncertain Benefits

Environmentalists and other critics of the Trump administration are questioning EPA’s cost-benefit analysis for its Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant climate rule, charging that the agency’s official projections of modest benefits could be inflated and that the rule might even result in higher carbon emissions.

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EPA Sees Only ‘Small’ GHG Reductions From ACE Utility Climate Rule

EPA is projecting only “small” cuts in greenhouse gases from its final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule governing existing power plants, with the regulation potentially shaving just a fraction of 1 percent of the emissions from the country’s second-largest source of GHGs.

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EPA Hikes Biofuel Goals In 2020 RFS But Falls Short Of Statutory Targets

EPA’s just-released proposal for 2020 renewable fuel standard (RFS) targets includes slight increases for several categories of alternative and renewable fuel production compared to its 2019 requirements, but the goals still fall far short of statutory targets and the potential for new compliance waivers could undermine the proposal.

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EPA opts to leave oil, gas ELG unchanged

The agency says a new review of information confirms all facilities subject to the unconventional oil and gas rule, including those in Pennsylvania, can meet its zero-discharge standard.

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EPA Drops Biomass Co-Firing As Compliance Option In Final ACE Rule

Over industry objections, EPA is dropping biomass co-firing as a compliance option in its final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule that seeks to limit greenhouse gas emissions from coal-fired power plants, saying the decision is required under its interpretation of the Clean Air Act despite the agency’s policy of promoting biomass as carbon neutral.

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EPA Declines To Set CERCLA Financial Assurance Rule For Power Sector

EPA is proposing to decline financial responsibility requirements for the electric power generator sector under the Superfund law, saying the existing regulation of coal combustion residuals (CCR), the financial stability of the sector and other factors suggest a low level of risk that does not warrant a mandatory federal regulatory requirement.

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States Seek Data To Enhance Produced Water Reuse As EPA Eyes New Rules

State regulators are outlining research needs that, if answered, could increase the feasibility of reusing produced water from oil and gas drilling, an approach that stands in contrast to EPA plans to ease regulatory requirements as a way to encourage the practice.

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Environmentalists target CWA permit for Keystone XL

In new litigation, environmental groups claim the Army Corps of Engineers violated environmental laws when it used a Clean Water Act general permit to approve construction of the tar sands pipeline.

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EPA Faces Dilemma Over RFS Waivers Days Before Releasing 2020 Goals

EPA faces a dilemma over whether to curb its increased issuance of waivers exempting some small refiners from having to comply with annual renewable fuel standard (RFS) blending goals, just days before the agency’s anticipated release of its proposed 2020 targets for production of alternative and renewable fuels under the RFS.

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Experts Spar Over Whether ACE Litigation Will Resolve EPA GHG Authority

Clean Air Act experts are sparring over whether a looming lawsuit over EPA’s final Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) power plant climate rule will ultimately result in a court decision that determines the scope of the agency’s authority to regulate greenhouse gases from stationary sources.

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