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State Lawmakers Oppose Administration Delays To EPA Diesel Rules

The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) is urging EPA to prevent any delay in implementing strict new rules limiting diesel emissions, fearing that the White House may bow to industry pressure to amend or delay the rules before they take effect over the next few years.

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NAS Study Boosts Administration's Revamping Of Vehicle Efficiency Program


New research supports the Bush administration's reorganization of a fuel economy partnership with the auto industry, with a new emphasis on sport utility vehicles instead of economy cars, according to a new report by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS).

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California Sues EPA To Lift Ethanol Mandate In Clean Gasoline

California Gov. Gray Davis (D) is asking a federal appeals court to overturn EPA's oxygenate requirement for reformulated gasoline (RFG), saying that the Bush administration's decision earlier this year to reject a waiver request from the state is based on "politics" and forces California to buy hundreds of millions of gallons of ethanol each year.

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California Pollution Could Increase As Mexican Power Plants Come Online

State air regulators in California are worried that cross-border emissions will increase as a result of two new natural gas power plants that may be built in Mexico to bring electricity to California. As a result, local officials are negotiating with the plant owners to encourage the use of emission controls more stringent than those normally imposed in Mexico.

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Unocal Facing Federal Investigation For "Unfair" RFG Patent

Oil companies and California officials have convinced the federal government to launch two inquiries into the validity of five reformulated gasoline (RFG) patents held by Union Oil Co. (Unocal) that are nearly identical to the state's fuel formula. The inquiries were launched despite the fact that the oil companies and government agencies lost a court battle over the issue earlier this year.

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EPA Staff Propose Stringent Utility Emissions Cuts For Administration's Multipollutant Bill


EPA staff have developed a preliminary set of emissions targets for the Bush administration's multipollutant bill and recommend strict emissions limits on three pollutants over the next decade, including limits for nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) that industry sources say will likely be more stringent than those called for in legislation introduced by Senate Environment & Public Works Committee Chairman Jim Jeffords (I-VT), according to a copy of the plan obtained by Inside EPA.

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Senate Struggles To Find Funds To Pay For House Energy Tax Credits

The Senate may have a much harder time passing the $33.5 billion in energy tax credits approved by the House late last week, now that the Bush administration's massive income tax cut has left the chamber with little left in its budget blueprint to reduce revenue before being forced to dip into Social Security and Medicare trust funds, according to House and Senate budget sources.

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Governors Endorse Voluntary Carbon Reduction, New Source Review Reform

As Congress and the White House struggle to produce a strategy to limit power plant emissions of greenhouse gases, state governors are endorsing voluntary reductions of carbon dioxide (CO2), along with an overhaul of EPA's New Source Review regulations under the Clean Air Act.

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California Regulators Enter Talks On Disputed Expedited Permit For Power Plant


California air regulators canceled a public hearing this week on a power plant application to allow the city of Huntington Beach and AES Corp. to negotiate a possible agreement over a disputed environmental permit for the company's 450-megawatt expansion of an existing generating station. The dispute stems from the company's desire to be allowed to sell the power outside the state after the permit was approved under an expedited review intended to ease the state's power crunch.

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Tensions Build Over Threatened Senate Filibuster On Arctic Drilling

Momentum in the Senate is building for a likely showdown and possible filibuster over a Republican-backed plan to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas drilling. After the House passed an energy bill earlier this week that contained the controversial measure, leading Democrats have threatened to stop the measure by blocking its floor consideration with a filibuster.

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