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Trump taps new international environment advisers

President Trump has nominated a Ford executive to head EPA's Office of International and Tribal Affairs, and shifted an Energy Department official to a top White House energy advisory spot.

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Biofuels Group Attacks EPA 'Sue-And-Settle' RFS Deal With Bankrupt Refiner

Biofuels advocacy group Growth Energy is attacking EPA's proposed settlement with a bankrupt refiner to resolve its renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance obligations as a “sue-and-settle” pact that agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has prohibited, warning it would set a major negative precedent for enforcement of the RFS.

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Environmentalists' Objections To Oklahoma's Ash Plan Preview Likely Suit

Environmentalists are previewing their likely court challenge to Oklahoma's first-of-its-kind permit program for coal ash disposal, arguing in comments on EPA's proposed approval of the permit regime that regardless of its technical mandates the state's lack of enforcement resources and public-input policies constitute fatal flaws in the plan.

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Legal Briefs Highlight Wide-Ranging Attacks On EPA's CSAPR 'Update'

A series of new legal briefs from several states, power companies and environmental groups highlights wide-ranging and often competing attacks on the Obama EPA's “update” to its Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) emissions trading program, a program that the Trump administration is defending in ongoing appellate litigation.

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EPA Planning Streamlined Audit Policy For New Oil & Gas Facilities

ST. PAUL, MN -- Seeking to increase compliance with environmental rules, EPA is crafting a new audit policy for streamlining disclosure of non-compliance by new oil and natural gas facilities and is seeking states' input on the issue, though environmentalists and others are cautioning that strong enforcement will still be needed to deter non-compliance.

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EPA proposes technical changes to refinery air rules

EPA is proposing a series of technical amendments to its air rules governing the refinery sector, which it says will ease regulatory burdens and save the industry millions of dollars.

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D.C. Circuit Backs EPA's Approval Of States Using CSAPR As Haze Control

A federal appeals court in a unanimous ruling is backing the Obama EPA's policy allowing states to rely on their participation in the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) emissions trading program to satisfy regional haze air pollution control mandates, rejecting challenges to the policy from environmentalists and utility industry groups.

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Pruitt's Short-Term RFS Waivers May Relieve Pressure For Credit Price Cap

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is expected to issue waivers for individual refineries from having to meet renewable fuel standard (RFS) mandates, which could reduce the price of RFS compliance credits in the short term and ease oil sector pressure on the agency to cap credit prices, say biofuels sources and a recent economic analysis.

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Pro-Ethanol Lawmakers Call On Trump To Oppose RFS Credit Price Cap

Pro-ethanol lawmakers are calling on President Donald Trump to oppose calls from the oil sector and others for EPA to impose a short-term cap on renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance credit prices, warning that a cap would make it “impossible” to achieve the RFS' goals for production of alternative and renewable fuels.

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Vehicle rule rollbacks could block 'energy dominance'

An associate with the Council on Foreign Relations says Trump administration plans to roll back vehicle rules would drive up domestic oil consumption, undercutting officials' goal of “energy dominance” to boost exports.

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