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EPA Hedges On Changes To Carbon Cost, Health Benefits In CPP Analysis

Despite making many significant departures from Obama EPA cost-benefit analysis used to justify the Clean Power Plan (CPP), the Trump EPA's analysis of its proposed CPP repeal hedges on some key issues, including possibly using Obama-era estimates for the social cost of carbon (SCC) due to “uncertainty.”

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Environmentalists Raise Broad GHG, VOC Issues Over Biomass Pellet Plants

Environmental groups are broadly raising concerns about excess emissions of greenhouse gases and toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at biomass pellet plants, which are being built rapidly to provide fuel to European power plants that are counted as zero-carbon energy sources in that continent's GHG trading program.

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Senators Target RIN Prices, Biofuels Concessions In Draft RFS Reform Bill

Senators crafting draft bipartisan legislation to overhaul EPA's renewable fuel standard (RFS) may soon float a discussion document that is expected to include efforts to reduce the price of RFS compliance credits and give the biofuels sector guarantees on fuel blending targets, but biofuels industry groups and others are opposing the reform bid.

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D.C. Circuit sends utility ELG delay suit to 5th Circuit

Despite environmentalists' bid to keep the two cases separate, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is sending suits over EPA's utility effluent rule to the 5th Circuit.

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D.C. Circuit rejects FERC request to retain pipeline permits

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit had vacated key permits for a natural gas pipeline after faulting federal energy regulators for not analyzing the project's downstream greenhouse gas emissions.

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EPA downplays high court CWA ruling's impact on ELG rule suit

EPA says the Supreme Court's recent decision on Clean Water Act jurisdiction rule suits has no bearing on whether other cases should be heard in district or appellate courts.

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Pruitt Cites Need For RFS Reform To Reduce Price Of Compliance Credits

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is adding to growing calls from oil industry and state officials calling for action to curb the price of renewable fuel standard (RFS) compliance credits, as lawmakers on Capitol Hill explore options for reform and Delaware becomes the latest state to seek an RFS waiver due to the high cost of the credits.

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Environmentalists ask EPA IG to probe refinery's waste violations

Environmentalists claim that EPA is intentionally ignoring alleged Resource Conservation & Recovery Act hazardous waste storage violations at a California refinery.

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CBD files new suit over EPA's delay of power plant CWA rule

The new suit challenging EPA's delay of the Obama-era effluent rule for power plants claims that the agency should have reviewed the environmental impacts of staying parts of the rule, including on listed species.

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Refiner facing bankruptcy sues EPA over RFS compliance 'point'

A Philadelphia refiner that has filed for bankruptcy protection due to compliance burdens under the renewable fuel standard is suing EPA to change the program's compliance “point of obligation.”

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