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White House Meeting Produces Agreement With Environmentalists On Renewable Energy


Environmentalists are claiming to have found common ground with the Bush administration on boosting renewable energy production over the next 20 years. Both sides have agreed to increase renewables to a 20 percent share of total domestic energy production, but the details of how to achieve that goal are expected to be worked out in upcoming meetings.

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White House May Accept Congressional Boosts To Energy Efficiency Spending


A high-ranking Department of Energy official says the Bush administration will offer tacit support for congressional efforts to boost funding for energy efficiency and renewables, despite the president's proposal to cut spending in these areas. With Democrats assuming the reins of power in the Senate, sources anticipate congressional pressure to hike spending in these areas as part of a broader effort to address the nation's energy crisis.

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Gov. Davis Lacks Consensus On Expanded Use of Diesel Generators

Despite intense behind-closed-doors negotiations in California, sources say the Davis administration has failed to forge a consensus on the use of backup diesel power to help ease energy shortages. The dispute over diesel generators was ignited late last month when environmentalists protested what they called an imminent plan by Davis to pay companies to use the dirtier backup power source on a broader scale.

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California Utility Regulators To Endorse Backup Power Despite Air Quality Concerns


California utility regulators are expected to approve a proposal by San Diego Gas & Electric Co. (SDG&E) to pay companies to use backup diesel generators, despite objections by state air regulators over the air quality impacts of the plan. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is expected at its June 7 meeting to endorse a draft ruling on the SDG&E proposal, which is intended to reduce the state's power shortages.

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EPA Opposition To Offshore Drilling May Scuttle Bush Efforts To Expand Exploration


EPA opposition to offshore drilling may derail Interior Department efforts to boost oil and gas exploration. EPA is being joined in its opposition by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), resulting in gridlock over a proposed drilling permit that the industry views as an important test case on the administration's resolve to expand the number of offshore projects.

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Alleged Bush Ties To Energy Companies Prompts Calls For Investigation


Recent reports that a Texas energy executive pressed a key federal energy regulator to support certain policy initiatives have re-ignited allegations by environmentalists and other public health advocates about the undue influence of energy companies within the Bush administration.

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Conservatives Heighten Pressure For Bush Energy Strategy

As the debate intensifies over crafting a national energy strategy, prominent conservatives have announced the formation of a new group intended to push for President Bush's proposals to boost supplies of fossil fuels and nuclear power. In announcing the group, members took a hard line against Democrats, who they accused of pandering to the interests of environmental groups.

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Labor Grapples With Bush Energy Strategy In Decision Critical To Democrats

Labor organizers are meeting next week to determine whether they should support President Bush's proposed energy strategy or a Democratic alternative. The position of labor leaders on energy issues could be critical to Democrats in keeping together a powerful coalition of labor activists and environmentalists.

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Nevada Democrat Wins Key Slot For Blocking Construction Of Nuclear Waste Disposal Site


A shift in Senate control to the Democrats will put Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in a key position over nuclear waste issues, giving him greater authority to undercut Department of Energy efforts to construct a nuclear waste repository in his home state of Nevada. Nuclear power advocates have argued that construction of the site is critical to the continued viability of the industry.

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Gov. Davis Cites Soaring Gas Prices In New Plea To Bush For Clean-Fuels Waiver


In an apparent attempt to recast the debate over California's request for a waiver from EPA's clean-fuels requirement, Gov. Gray Davis is arguing that granting the waiver would help bring down gasoline prices.

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