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DOE Pushes Expansion Of Nuclear Power To Support Hydrogen Clean Fuels

In an apparent attempt to boost arguments for a revived U.S. nuclear power industry, the Bush administration is proposing research dollars for the extraction of hydrogen fuel from commercial nuclear reactors. The push is consistent with the administration's support for the creation of a hydrogen-based economy as a way to reduce U.S. dependence of foreign sources of oil.

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DOT Poised To Offer Administrative Solution To CAFE Standoff

The Department of Transportation is poised to take the first step in offering a possible administrative solution to a longstanding political standoff in Congress over federal fuel economy standards.

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EPA Headquarters Overturns Region IX Controls On Proposed Power Project

EPA headquarters has overruled a region IX decision by rejecting the need for tougher discharge requirements on a proposed power plant project in the San Francisco area, raising concerns among environmentalists that the agency will allow a number of energy projects proposed during the state's power crisis to circumvent the tighter controls imposed on new plants.

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Senate Finance Chairman Eyes Superfund Tax Renewal As Part Of Energy Bill

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) is mulling an amendment to an upcoming Democratic energy bill that would reauthorize expired Superfund taxes in an effort to offset the cost of energy tax incentives, congressional and industry sources say. But Democratic sources concede levying any new taxes during an economic recession may be politically difficult.

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House Democrats Look To Clinton Probes In Forcing Release Of Data On Industry Influence Over Bush Energy Policies

Senior Democrats in the House have detailed their legal stance in attempting to wrest free information from the White House on industry influence in developing the president's national energy strategy, effectively turning the tables on the GOP by pointing to the legal precedents won by Republicans in investigating the Clinton administration.

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Bush Energy Official Backs CO2 Sequestration To Maintain Dominant Role For Coal

A high-ranking Department of Energy (DOE) official told key Senate lawmakers Jan. 29 that the Bush administration is committed to developing carbon sequestration to achieve environmental benefits while ensuring the continued use of coal as a dominant fuel source for electricity. Assistant DOE Secretary for Fossil Energy Robert Kripowicz said carbon sequestration is "one of the highest priorities of our program."

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EPA Cooling Water Rule Poses First Major Test Of Bush Energy Order

An upcoming EPA proposal to regulate cooling water towers at existing power plants will provide the first real test of the strength of a Bush executive order requiring federal agencies to do special analyses for all regulations impacting the energy industry, environmentalists and industry representatives say.

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NRC Finding Excludes Groundwater Contamination From Further Review Of National Nuclear Waste Dump

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has determined that there would be a one-in-100,000 chance of groundwater contamination at the federal government's proposed nuclear waste disposal facility at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. The determination has led the NRC to designate the chance of groundwater contamination as an "unlikely" scenario, which means that it will not be considered in further analysis of the controversial waste site.

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Enron Debacle Could Place New Limits On Deregulatory Efforts

The widening investigations into the fallen energy giant Enron Corp. are raising the prospect that deregulation proponents -- as well as advocates for the administration's energy policy -- could face significant difficulties in their efforts, according to congressional sources, industry officials and environmentalists.

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Architect Of Original CAFE Rules Urges Single Standard For Cars And Trucks

One architect of the current system for establishing federal fuel economy standards recommends that Congress raise the standard for light trucks and sport utility vehicles to create a single standard for all vehicles, and also establish a federal fuel economy credit trading system to help industry meet increasing standards.

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