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'Clean Coal' Promises To Be Major Clean Air Policy Battleground

A major energy policy battle has begun over whether or not the federal government should promote the development of "clean coal" as a solution to increasingly urgent electric power generation needs over the next decade. A recent Senate bill and a new initiative from the Department of Energy indicate a renewed interest in developing cleaner coal technology. But environmentalists are warning that even discussing clean coal is a threat to the Clean Air Act.

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Bush Energy Policy Seen As Driven By Political Donors

Consumer activists argue that President Bush's response to California's energy crisis has been influenced by major energy companies that have contributed to his campaign. The activists claim that Bush received large contributions from power companies that have a vested interest in opposing price controls on electricity and advocating eased environmental requirements for power plants. In a Feb.

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House GOP Lawmaker Rejects Calls For Drilling To Meet Energy Demands


In an apparent challenge to the Bush administration's efforts to develop a national energy strategy that relies heavily on boosting fossil fuel supplies, a key House Republican is advocating alternative fuels and energy efficiency as a centerpiece to meeting the nation's rising energy demands. Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), chairman of the House Science Committee subcommittee on energy and environment, also says he will try to institute tax credits for research into energy-efficient technologies.

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Senate Energy Chairman Outlines Strategy To Address Supply Crisis

The following is an excerpt of a Feb. 15 floor statement by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Frank Murkowski (R-AK) outlining his anticipated energy bill. The bill is being drafted in coordination with the Bush White House in response to the nation's energy crisis. In his floor remarks, Murkowski defends key controversial elements of his proposal, including oil and gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and increased consideration of nuclear power.

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Power Crisis Debate Settles On Permitting Requirements

California's power crisis has sparked renewed debate over environmental permitting rules that sources say will likely have national implications. While most experts agree that the crisis will likely not lead to a wholesale weakening of environmental regulations, the situation could still create a precedent for speeding permitting procedures around the country and offer environmental flexibility in the short term, contingent on the promise by power companies and other industries of future emission cuts.

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Senate Energy Bill Faces Collision With Budget Priorities

Budget pressures could force senators to narrow the scope of energy legislation being drafted that is expected to include tax breaks and other incentives to boost energy supplies. Sources note that lawmakers may ultimately have to confront the tension between an array of potentially expensive proposed energy and efficiency incentives for various industries, and competing pressures from the White House to pay for President Bush's proposed $1.6 trillion tax cut.

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Environmentalists Press Congress To Establish Clean-Energy Funds

Midwest environmentalists and energy efficiency advocates are throwing their support behind legislation to establish an investment fund to support conservation measures by utilities and appliance manufacturers. Support for the fund is articulated in a broad strategy released by the Environmental Law and Policy Center (ELPC) to boost the use of clean sources of energy to avoid power shortages in the Midwest similar to those experienced in the West.

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Growing Method Of Gas Extraction Sparks Legal Dispute

Environmentalists are planning to file a lawsuit claiming that an increasingly used method to extract natural gas throughout Western states is in violation of the Clean Water Act. The dispute could have national implications as policymakers at the federal and state levels look for ways to boost energy supplies, including natural gas drilling. Sources say that the contentious gas extraction process is experiencing a boom throughout the West, and that environmentalists are taking a more aggressive legal stance to avert what they say is a serious threat to surface water quality.

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Environmentalists Blast California Efforts To Ease Power Plant Controls


Environmentalists have come out swinging for the first time since California's energy crisis prompted state officials to look at ways to ease environmental regulations -- including emission limits, permitting requirements and siting rules -- in an effort to boost electricity generation. The environmentalists are particularly concerned about a series of recent executive orders by Gov. Gray Davis (D) to approve the construction of "peaking" power plants in 21 days and to allow existing plants to exceed pollution limits if they pay the state a mitigation fee.

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Waste Disposal Court Case Threatens Natural Gas Extraction Technique


Federal appeals court litigation challenging EPA waste disposal standards could have nationwide implications on the supply of natural gas, sources say. The case focuses on the agency's approval of Alabama's underground injection control (UIC) program for the disposal of liquid wastes. But environmentalists say that a widely used method for retrieving natural gas threatens underground sources of drinking water and should be regulated under the waste injection program.

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